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7 Things I Always Do on Fridays

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Friday rituals: things I do on Fridays to get the weekend off to a good start

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Friday is one of my favourite days of the week. 

There’s nothing quite like that feeling of knowing you have the whole weekend stretching out in front of you, and that when you close down your computer at the end of the day, you won’t have to switch it back on again until Monday. And, OK, when you blog for a living you know that’s totally not going to happen, and that you’ll be back online first thing on Saturday morning, obviously: there is that. But at least on Friday night you can PRETEND you won’t be lifting a finger all weekend, and that has to count for something, right?

Anyway, because I’m a creature of habit and routine, I have a few little Friday rituals which I use to get the weekend off to a good start, and seeing as it’s Friday, I thought I’d share them with you. Then you can share your Friday rituals with me, and it’ll be a real bonding experience. Or something. Here are 7 things I always do on Fridays…

01. Inbox zero

The first thing I do when I get up on Friday morning is to pour myself a mug coffee and sit down to tackle the email mountain that will have piled up during the week. I don’t always make it to inbox zero (I basically use my inbox as an extension of my ‘to do’ list, so if there are sponsored posts or something I’m still working on, I’ll leave the emails relating to them in the inbox until it’s complete), but I do make the effort to go through everything and make sure I’ve responded to all of those messages I filed under “I’ll deal with that later” when I first got them. So if you’re waiting for a response to an email you’ve sent me, you’ll probably get it on Friday, basically. Er, today, I mean. I better get on that, huh?

02. Write a ‘To Do’ list for next week

Speaking of ‘To Do’ lists, once I’ve tackled the email backlog (or tried to), I move on to writing an actual ‘To Do’ list for next week, as well as pencilling in posts in my editorial calendar. I know a lot of people like to save this kind of thing for Sunday evening/Monday morning, but I like to clear my head for the weekend, and because I will normally do some bits and pieces of work over the weekend anyway, it helps to know if there’s anything specific I need to remember.

03. Clean the house

I realise this is the second time I’ve talked about cleaning my house this week, which puts me in danger of sounding scarily obsessive about it, but… well, I am a BIT obsessive about it, but only a LITTLE bit, I promise. I do try to keep the house clean during the week, but on Friday afternoons I like to totally blitz the place, so I can wake up on Saturday morning in a clean house, knowing I don’t have to spend the weekend doing chores. Bliss!

04. Wear comfy clothes

That’s not to say I wear uncomfortable clothes during the rest of the week, obviously, but I’ve never really been a “change into PJs the second I get home” kinda girl, and even although I work from home, I like to do it in the kind of clothes I wouldn’t be ashamed to answer the door or run errands in. Well, most of the time, anyway. Not on Fridays, though. On Fridays I may not get into my PJs (I actually hate wearing nightwear if I’m not in bed: I have this paranoia that someone will come to the door, or I’ll have to leave the house in a hurry, and there I’ll be, wearing my old dressing gown and ratty sleep shorts. Note to self: buy nicer nightwear…), but I do normally change into what I guess you’d call loungewear – i.e. something stretchy and comfortable, to accommodate all the food I’m about to eat. Speaking of which…

05. Eat what I want

Well, not EVERYTHING I want, obviously: I have to leave some Cadbury’s ‘Marvellous Creations’ for the rest of you, don’t I? But given that I do my best to eat fairly healthily all week, I figure by Friday I’ve earned a little bit of whatever I fancy. I’m not saying I go crazy or anything (Everything in moderation, right?), but it wouldn’t be a Friday night in our house without a giant bag of popcorn, and maybe a few bars squares of the aforementioned Cadbury’s Marvellous Creations. Look, I don’t get out much, OK? I have to take my kicks wherever I can find them…

06. Light some candles

I’m always buying candles, and I’m always forgetting to actually light the damn things… except on Fridays. Friday is the one day of the week I remember I have candles in the house, then I tend to light them all at once, then forget about them for another week. At least they get used sometimes


07. Netflix marathon

You knew it was coming, didn’t you? I mean, I already had the popcorn and the chocolate (And, OK, the WINE…) out: there was only one place this was headed, and it starts with ‘Once Upon a Time’ and normally ends with ‘Homeland’, or whatever this month’s obsession happens to be.  And on that subject, I’m off to clean my house and switch on the TV. Oh, and to read your comments on the subject of your own Friday rituals: GO!

7 things to do on Fridays to get your weekend off to a good start


Wearing: La Redoute cardigan; Monrow dress*

  • Friday is my favorite day of the week too. My Friday rituals: I always do my nails on Fridays because then they are pretty during the weekend. Since I don’t have to go to university on this day Shopping is also a good idea (obviously not for my purse) because the stores aren’t as overcrowded as they are during the weekend. And I clean my flat on Fridays too. 😉
    And now: Happy Friday to you!

    November 20, 2015
  • Lauren


    Your Friday sounds amazing! I try to squeeze in a workout class right after work or else I won’t do it on my own. It also makes feel like I have a good start to my weekend, especially if I know I’ll be having some wine & popcorn of my own. Have a great weekend!

    November 20, 2015
  • I completely do the empty inbox thing, I’m off on holiday tomorrow so I intend to leave a To Do List to refocus me when I’m back and leave an empty inbox so that nothing is outstanding. *Wishful Thinking*

    Just a quick question though, the La Redoute cardigan I adore it! So I clicked on the site because can’t help spending all my money shopping on a Friday lunch break and all the reviews said it came up fairly big, did you go a size down as the reviewers suggest or have you just gone for your normal size?

    H x

    November 20, 2015
  • Deanna Debrecht


    Your Friday sounds SOOO much better than mine! I realized I have NO Friday rituals, but you’ve inspired me to create some!

    November 20, 2015
  • My Friday ritual is – tennis, while my cleaner blitzes the house (yes, I know :-/) followed by lunch with my tennis friends, followed by a tiny bit of work, then a quick supper and scenery painting for our village Xmas panto! Bliss

    November 20, 2015
  • First, I go to the gym in the morning for the last time of the week, because at some point during the weekend, I’ll be glad I burned off some calories. Second, I make sure I have something to read or some plans, even if it’s just making curtains or picking out flowers. Third, I make sure the menu is planned out (and groceries bought) for the weekend, and it’s either easy to fix or a meal that involves no cooking at all. Then if I’m not going anyplace, I park my butt on the sofa and relax with my husband and the kitties, and/or call family or friends.

    November 20, 2015
  • Myra


    Sounds like a good plan. As I am now retired and don’t have to work I can do whatever I like, with one or two exceptions. We have our grandson’s dog, Teddy (and he does look like a teddy) during the week when they are at school. That means my husband gets up to take him an hour and a half walk while I have a lie in. I get time to check emails (mostly junk) and FB. Sometimes we do food shopping. I do some housework, but not all as there’s no point until Teddy goes home. We go to our daughter’s house about 6pm, usually have a Chinese take away, then it’s child’s movie night until bedtime. We watch TV or go online. My husband goes to bed at about 10 but I am still up at 1am or later, depending on how the insomnia is.

    November 20, 2015
  • Mandy


    I just wanted to let you know that that adverts on your site are really intrusive – I had to click 7 times on today’s post before I got to the post – it took me to Aldi’s homepage six times! Then when I was scrolling down a full page advert for Nutella opened without me clicking on it.

    I totally get you have to have adverts but I am sure they aren’t supposed to be like that!! It might just be my computer but I thought you would want to know, if it is a glitch. Really enjoy your posts otherwise!

    November 20, 2015
    • Hi Mandy, really sorry about that, it’s absolutely not supposed to do that. We are working on a fix at the moment.

      November 21, 2015
  • D.


    Thanks for the idea to create a “To Do” list for the upcoming week. It should reduce my stress. And if I had to choose one thing for my Fridays… grocery shopping. That way I can stay in and cook/hibernate.

    November 20, 2015
  • I use the inbox as you do, as a to-do-list. I will try to make it an “Inbox zero” on Friday, it’s a great idea. xx

    November 21, 2015
  • Friday is my busiest day! It is the day I super clean my house. And also a day that finds me cooking more than usual. I sometimes use this day to get grocery shopping done, and if I really want groceries, things not just from Walmart, I’m 30 minutes away from decent stores. Friday is also the day I get to actually sit down and blog first thing in the morning. I make it a point to get something up, and it’s usually a weekly diary- style post. As busy as they are though, I really like this day because it just means I have a two day break ahead of me. ?

    November 22, 2015
  • Moira


    Ah, Fridays! On Fridays I wear my “own” clothes rather than my work wardrobe which adds a little spring to my step. I tend not to have meetings, so get caught up on my inbox. My husband and I take turns to be off on a Friday afternoon to pick our kids up from school. If it’s my Friday, I take them to our local coffee shop for hot chocolate straight after school. Afternoon is general housework/jobs. We meet at the shops at 6 (the other person coming straight from work), give the kids their tea & then I wander off by myself for half an hour to pick up some Friday night treats, and my husband takes the kids to get a comic. Once little ‘uns are in bed, it’s Netflix, wine & tasty food. Best night of the week.

    November 22, 2015