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Three Things Friday

It´s been a strange kind of week.

As I mentioned in my Blogging Goals post , the first week of January is always quite busy for us socially, which makes it a bit of an odd, “in between” kind of time. So, while everyone else on my Boglovin´ list has been wholeheartedly embracing the whole “new year, new me” thing, I´ve mostly just been continuing to eat chocolate coins for breakfast, and scrubbing coffee stains off everything I own. It´s been fun, don´t get me wrong (well, OK, maybe not the spilt coffee bit…), but I gotta admit, I´ve reached the stage now where I´m really looking forward to getting back into some kind of normal routine for the first time in weeks. I´m even thinking of hunting down my Fitbit and seeing if I can become unhealthily obsessed with it again, but, you know, maybe not.

Anyway! Here are three happy things that happened this week: oh, and before I go any further, I should probably say that I´m still using the wonky keyboard, and it´s still doing that weird thing with apostrophes, so apologies for the formatting of this post …

alm_836701. The first week without hospital visits

I know I´ve already talked about this a bit, but this was the first week in over two months when I haven´t had at least one hospital appointment looming over me, and I can´t even begin to tell you how much of a relief it´s been to wake up every morning and know that I´m NOT at risk of sudden death, and that I don´t have to go in to have my blood taken, or wait for the results to come back. (I mean, I´m going to TRY to tell you anyway, obviously: well, there wouldn´t be much point in mentioning it otherwise, would there?) At one point in this whole, horrible process, I was having to go to hospital every second day, but even when the appointments went down to just one a week, I was still finding it incredibly stressful… People always tell you that what doesn´t kill you makes you stronger, but health anxiety doesn´t work like that, unfortunately, and when it´s not death you fear so much as the hospitals, medical tests and all that other fun stuff that comes with a serious health issue, it´s more like “What doesn´t kill you only serves to confirm that you were totally right to fear all these things, because they´re pretty damn scary, really”. Or that´s how it was for me, anyway.

As I said, though, this was my first hospital-free week since the start of November, and even when I was standing there drenched in coffee, or starting to stress about all the work I was falling behind with, I did my best to remind myself that, hey, at least I´m not sitting in that depressing hospital waiting room, listening to Adele´s mournful tones, and wondering if fear can actually kill you. In other words, things could be a whole lot worse, couldn´t they?

02. A whole New Year

If you´re a longtime reader, you probably know that New Year is my least favourite time of year. Actually, I don´t really do well with ANY reminder of the passing of time (See also: birthdays, and people who ask me what age my dog is every time I see them, then look at me as if I´ve committed some kind of terrible faux pas by permitting my dog to age…), so New Year´s Eve always feels a bit like getting drunk at a funeral to me, no matter how bad the old year was, or how glad I am to be able to put it behind me. (Hey, I´m really good at keeping these posts nice and cheerful, aren´t I? I just don´t understand why people are always telling me I need to be a bit more positive?)

With that said, this year we spent New Year´s Eve with Terry´s family, and New Year´s Day with mine, and it was all very fun, and not remotely depressing: imagine! Also, no one crapped on the dining room floor this time, which isn´t something we can always take for granted these days, so I´m calling it a win. And, in all seriousness, I was very grateful that this particular New Year felt like a real fresh start for me, after everything that had come before it: you can´t say better than that.

black Zara ankle boots03. I cheated on my shopping diet

Yeah, I know, I know: this technically shouldn´t count as a positive thing AT ALL, given that I promised not to spend any un-necessary money on clothes ever again, but … meh. I just can´t seem to make myself care, you know?

I didn´t MEAN to do it, either. When I agreed to go shopping, I REALLY just wanted to find a new pair of black jeans, as my existing pair really needed replacing (And by that I mean they GENUINELY need replacing: I wasn´t just saying that to give myself an excuse to shop, even although that totally sounds like the kind of thing I´d do…). But I hit up the Zara sale, and after a fruitless search for black jeans, I turned a corner, and there, sitting on top of a random pile of clothes, and looking for all the world like they were saying, “Hi, Amber, we´re your new boots: please give us a home!” was the most perfect pair of ankle boots I ever did see. Now, it just so happens that I´ve been on the lookout for a pair of black leather ankle boots for a while now (Because my existing pairs are all suede, you see. So a leather pair is, like, TOTALLY different and justified?), so I tried them on, and here´s the kicker: even although they were a size smaller than I usually wear, they fit perfectly. Almost as if they´d been made for me, in fact. They were the only pair in the entire store, too, so I took that as A Sign that they were worth breaking the shopping diet for, and took them to the register to pay.

I mean, I KNEW I shouldn´t have done it, really, but, well, remember that scene in Friends? The one where Rachel is totally broke, but she buys herself some new boots anyway, and she´s all, “They’re my new “I don’t need a job, I don’t need my parents, I’ve got great bootsboots!” These are my “I´ve got great boots” boots. And I don´t care what anyone has to say about that. Also,  I had some Christmas money to spend, and although I may be failing at my spending diet, I feel like I´m definitely winning at shopping, and, as a wise woman* once said, “To win at shopping is to win at life.” Yes.

(*OK, it wasn´t a wise woman, it was just me. Sorry.)

(I might also have bought a dress. Whoops.)

(No jeans, though. I´m at the stage now where I don´t even know whether that´s a good thing or a bad one. This whole “spending diet” business is confusing: remind me why I did this to myself again?)

How was your week?

(Three Things Friday is my attempt to focus on the good things in life, however small, rather than dwelling on the negatives. Every day, I write down three positive or happy thoughts in my journal, and every week I share three of those things here on my blog. You can read more about this project, and how it started, here.)

  • I feel like it’s a brand new start for you too! So it’s totally fine for you to cheat on your shopping diet. Don’t we all cheat on diets anyway? 😉

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    January 6, 2017
  • Annabel


    To be honest, I would have cheated on my shopping diet, my real diet, my (non-existant) husband, my whole family, the President and the Queen if that’s what it took to get those boots. They’re gorgeous! Who needs pants when you’ve got beautiful leather high heel boots? No one.

    January 6, 2017
  • Shopping diets probably have an even lower success rate than food diets in terms of actually working, so don’t feel too bad 😀 I’m really glad the year is off to a better start than the last one ended. I actually genuinely can’t find my Fitbit anywhere, so I’m taking that as a sign the world wants me to eat. Which is unfortunate with my wedding 5 months away…

    January 6, 2017
  • I absolutely love New Year as well, I always endeavour to try harder and it gives me such an energy boost to get stuff done, even if it’s something small like cleaning out one cupboard or hoovering under the sofa!! 🙂 xx

    January 6, 2017
  • Those boots are 100% worth it! And so glad to hear you went a full week hospital free! I really like the “3 things friday” idea. Everyone could use a little more positivity!

    xx, Pia

    January 6, 2017
  • I’ve been cheating on my shopping diet all week, but have two beautiful new shoes to show for it so it’s not all bad, right??

    January 6, 2017
  • Elaine


    Your new boots are fantastic! I had intended to join you on a shopping ban but yesterday I just happened to find the perfect jumper in the colour I’d been after for ages and it was half price. Of course I snapped it up. Why do we always find the perfect thing when we weren’t really looking? Enjoy your boots!

    January 6, 2017
  • I wasn’t going to buy anything in the sales……2 dresses, a skirt and a top later. Ooops!

    I had my final chemo this week. That is definitely worth 3 good things in my life ?

    January 6, 2017
  • Don’t worry Amber, I’ve been cheating on my shopping diet too. Everything I’ve bought has been in the sale though so it techically doesn’t count right?………….

    January 6, 2017
  • Maria


    I have tried to do shopping bans/diets in the past, but not being able to buy anything even remotely clothing-related for months on end was a bit of a disaster for me, because it actually made me think of clothes even more! I’ve discovered that letting myself buy something from time to time helped, but it had to be really special items that I loved to pieces. This helps to ‘quell’ the shopping feelings and now I can even go for an entire month without a single purchase. I think that figuring out what our ideal shopping paces are and respect them (unless you happen to have financial problems, then it’s more important to solve the money matters) is what’s really important, be it ‘I shop once a year’ or ‘I like to shop on a semi-regular basis’!

    January 6, 2017
  • Deanna


    I also was trying to do a shopping ban during December and January – what was I thinking??? I forgot all about the after-Christmas sales!! So I’ve lifted the shopping ban for January (its also my birthday month, so BIRTHDAY COUPONS!!) and will allow myself to buy a few items from the sales this month, then not shop during February instead. Life requires flexibility, right???!!

    January 6, 2017
  • See when it’s Christmas money, though? There’s nothing better than being able to pick out something special, something you REALLY like, and dropping the person who gave you the money a text or a card to let them know.

    Hurrah for happy things!


    January 7, 2017