two stripe dresses by Boden

Three Things Friday

I’ll be honest: I almost gave up on my “write down three positive things every day,” project this week.

It’s just the same old reason, really: it’s not that there aren’t any positive things in my days, it’s just that when I’m basically chained to my desk all the time, it gets harder and harder to be creative with them, and not just keep repeating the same old things, like, “Dinner was nice tonight,” or “Thank God wine exists,” or whatever. Also, I can’t help but notice that an awful lot of my positive things revolve around shopping, so my little ‘gratitude’ journal is full of entries saying, “OMG, that Boden dress I’ve wanted for months now went on sale AND came back into stock in my size!” Speaking of which…

two stripe dresses by Boden01.

OMG, that Boden dress I’ve wanted for months now went on sale AND came back into stock in my size!

First up: yes, I know there are two dresses in this photo, but it’s OK, because one of them (The Iris Ottoman) was a gift from the brand, so it totally doesn’t count. The other one, meanwhile, is the Elsa Ottoman (Because I love any dress with the word ‘”Ottoman” in its description, apparently…), and it was ALSO a gift, it’s just that it was a gift from ME. To, er, me. No, I’m not proud.

As some of you might remember, though, I bought the green version of this dress last summer, and it’s seriously one of the best dresses I’ve ever owned: just a perfect fit, a fabric that never, ever creases, and a colour selection that made it really, really tough for me to pick just one. I ended up going for the green (Because, obviously.), but while green is always going to be my first choice in dresses, stripes come a close second, so when I saw that the stripe version was down to £26, I just couldn’t resist. I mean that literally. It was weak of me, I know, but you know what? I’d do it again – and I mean that literally, too, because if the black version was still available in my size, I’d totally buy it. It would be the perfect little black dress, I swear.  God, I wish they still had it in black…

02.  Fun food

Last weekend, my parents bought a candy floss (or cotton candy, as you probably know it, if you’re not from around these parts…) maker, so we decided to give it a bit of a test run when we went to visit them on Saturday. Unfortunately, it turns out that my lack of cooking ability also extends to cotton candy: here’s Rubin’s verdict on my strangely elongated attempt:

candy floss and dog


He was much more interested in this small, but perfectly formed, creation from my dad, though:

Laughing dog

Yes, this entire post is basically just a thinly-veiled excuse for me to post this photo of Rubin, because seriously, lookit his laughing face! I can’t look at it without smiling, so if that’s not a positive thing, I don’t know what is.


fairy lights in living room03.

The Walking Dead

(That’s not a photo of the Walking Dead, obviously, it’s a photo of my living room while I was watching The Walking Dead. No Dead were photographed for this blog post, because that just ain’t happy, is it? Terry strung these fairy lights around the room instead of Christmas decorations last year, and I liked them so much I just “forgot” to take them down. I’ll do it soon. Maybe. Probably. Never.)

So, I know flesh-eating zombies aren’t exactly a ‘positive’ thing, really, but let’s just roll with this, OK?  Now, I know everyone in the entire world has seen The Walking Dead, but, until this week, I’d been avoiding it in much the same way I’d avoid the ACTUAL zombie apocalypse, because, well, it’s (obviously) about zombies. I don’t like zombies. Not just because they’ll eat your brains out, and that’s not how I intend to go (I actually don’t intend to “go” at all: I’m just going to live forever. Because that’s roughly how long it’ll take me to finish this blog post, at this rate…), but also because they’re boring and a bit silly, really, and because I’ve yet to learn that when everyone in the whole world likes something, it’s usually because it’s quite good, really.

Anyway, this week Terry persuaded me to watch The Walking Dead with him, and who’da thunk it: it’s quite good, really. In an “I will binge-watch the hell out of this, and, hey, I wonder if it would be rude to cancel all my plans this month, so I can binge-watch some more?” As I said, I’m still stuck to my desk most of the time right now, so I’m not getting to spend as much time watching people rip each others faces off as I’d ideally like, but although we watched a ton of TV over Christmas, this is the first long-running series I’ve gotten really into a while, so it’s good to know we’re not going to run out of episodes anytime soon. (No spoilers, btw – we’re only up to season 2 right now!)

How’s your week been?

  • Love a bingewatch! We did that with Walking Dead as well (Seasons 1-3 in the space of a couple of days and not much sleep), also did it with Once Upon A Time and Nashville. Your living room looks lovely, really like the colour palette and Rubin’s lil face put a big grin on mine this cold morning! Hope you have a good weekend Amber xx

    February 10, 2017
  • I’d LOVE to have a cotton candy maker myself! I used to love getting them from carnivals when I was a kid, and to this day I still reminisce those days whenever I get the same thing at fairs.

    Charmaine Ng
    Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    February 10, 2017
  • Those photos of Rubin are just THE BEST!! Anyone who says that dogs and cats don’t smile is lying – look at his laughing face 😀 That has definitely brightened my day! I’d love to try a candy floss making machine, I bet I’d get myself in a right mess but it still looks fun 🙂
    Sian xx

    February 10, 2017
  • Myra Boyle


    My daughter has a candy floss machine and brings it out for birthday treats (cos sugar) and has a line up of kids waiting to scoff it. Rubin’s smiley face is fab – of course dogs emote facially. You should have seen Teddy’s face when he was in the huff with us.
    One thing I’d like to ask is about Game of Thrones: everybody I know raves about it, but I’ve never seen it. Is it only available on Sky because we don’t have Sky? Is there any other way I can see it?

    February 10, 2017
  • Karlie


    I have a cotton candy maker and I love it. Try crushing hard candies to dust and using them instead of plain sugar. We made butterscotch over Christmas and it was surprisingly good.

    February 10, 2017
  • Aww, Rubin is adorable! Never mind the binge watching of tv shoes, lately I tend to binge read blog posts – yours specifically. I enjoy catching up over a Friday morning cup of coffee, or two. ? Hope you have a great weekend.

    February 10, 2017
    • *shows not *shoes, ugh!

      February 11, 2017
  • Natalie


    Ooohhh….both of the dresses are fab!! I might get the Iris Ottoman because pockets. Rubin is very cute. I love cotton candy. My week…..very frightening here in the US.

    February 10, 2017
  • That sale dress was out of stock in my preferred size and length, else I would have snaffled it for £26! Great buy there, and I remember just how gorgeous you look in that green one. Bit of a rollercoaster week here to be honest, but three things I’m grateful for today:
    1) My niece had a successful operation (she’s in intensive care… on the other side of the bloomin’ world in Australia, which is a bit of a worry to say the least)
    2) I found out there’s money to extend my job for another year, big relief!
    3) This is completely frivolous, but I found a pair of genuine Gucci shoes in a charity shop today for £1.50. In my size!!
    Have a super weekend xx

    February 10, 2017
  • Genevieve


    I’m in northern Canada and we’re on our third stint of -30ish weather this winter so I’m ALSO struggling with the whole “good things” list this week. On a side note I have that same little white horse decoration! I know a million other people do too but sometimes internet friends feel like real life friends so when I saw that picture of your living room I actually kind of reacted like I was visiting a buddy and was like , ” Oh hey! Good taste! Me too!”

    February 10, 2017
  • D. Johnson


    When an object you have been stalking goes on sale, and is available in your size, it is a small miracle so of course you buy it! Congratulations! One of your blog posts inspired me to go to a Kohl’s here in the U.S.. I found two PERFECT handbags on sale! So now I am set for summer! And summer is a bright thought this time of year. Love those pics of Rubin, especially paired together. So expressive! I “finished” a song that had been giving me trouble (It’s more like “remembering” than finishing.) and put it into the computer. I was able to add that, and another song & poem, to the book I’ve been compiling. The song still needs a bit of work though. I dislike a certain verb but I need the rhyme. I’m disheartened that I have no one to share my artistic side with, and I was going to go to a concert tonight, but writing this reminded me of the credit card bill that will come due for those purses. Oh, and leave those lights up. They are lovely.

    February 10, 2017
  • Ellen


    I bought the exact same dress this week and it’s a perfect fit, fully lined and obviously well made. I love it. I bought some trousers too, my first ones from Boden, and it’s like they were made to measure. Just need some warmer weather now….?

    February 10, 2017
  • I also write one thing that was positive about my day every day and I get what you’re saying about sometimes repeating things. But hey, even one little thing is better than nothing right?!

    xx, Pia

    PS. I’m obsessed with that blue light! So pretty!

    February 11, 2017
  • Lori


    Love this post. Thanks for making me smile.

    February 12, 2017
  • Cassie H


    Hi Amber,

    I discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago and it’s fast become my favourite blog. I’ve binge read your blog back about a year!

    Love your style so much! #stylegoals My BARGAIN striped Boden dress came today which I order on your recommendation (£27!!!) and it’s love at first sight!

    Looking forward to your next post! X

    February 13, 2017