Thursday, April 16, 2006

That whole "getting up at 7am to go cycling" thing? Nah, that didn’t work out.

Well, it sort of did. Does every second morning count, do you think? Because at the moment that’s all I’m managing. I’m still going cycling on the other days, but it has to wait until it can be fitted into my hectic (*cough* ) schedule, because some mornings? Some mornings not even that photograph on me in my underwear will get me out of bed.

Today was one of those mornings. It’s not my fault though, for last night, for the second time in a month, I started to experience the tell-tale signs of the cold. Or maybe the bird flu, who knows? Gah. I can’t believe that I’m ill again. I just don’t have time for this, people! I really, really don’t. I mean, it’s hard enough to concentrate on work when my head is full of Vera Wang wedding dresses…

I’m having a really, really hard time motivating myself to do anything other than obsess about weddings and look at dresses on the internet at the moment. I have a lot of work on, but it’s all little, fiddly jobs of the type that I enjoy the least – press release distribution, article distribution. Basically anything with the word "distribution" in the title, then. All I want to do is lie around like a lady of leisure and relax. Oh, and eat chocolate, obviously. Which is a good point, actually, for how am I supposed to get fit and lose weight when there are two* easter eggs sitting in the kitchen? How?!

Ah well, maybe next week will be better…

*OK, one Easter Egg. I kinda ate the other one. Yeah.

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