Topshop have made a dupe of Tibi’s stripe midi skirt, and I want it

Remember this skirt?

Tibi black and ivory stripe midi skirt

It was by Tibi, and I wore it back in January: I haven’t had many opportunities to wear it since then, but I do occasionally take it out of the closet just to stroke it, and then sometimes I’ll put it on, and pretend I’m in a glamorous black and white movie from the 50s, in which I play a poor girl from the backstreets of London, who swaps places with a wealthy young heiress (who has fallen in love with a chimney sweep, and and runs away to marry him), and finds herself thrown into the whirlwind of upper-crust society. In the end, I realise that home really is where the heart is, and return to my roots, but not before meeting and falling in love with a rich young earl, who turns out to ALSO be a pauper in disguise: imagine! We decide to turn our backs on the glittering-but-soulless society we’ve been occupying, and live humble, yet happy lives in a little cottage outside the city, but then it turns out that the wealthy young heiress is actually my secret twin, separated at birth (Because how else would I have been able to swap places with her without getting found out?), so I get half of her inheritance and am like, “Screw this, I’m buying a yacht!” I also get to keep all the clothes, obviously, because what would be the point if I didn’t get to keep all the clothes? Living a humble, authentic life is all well and good, but living a humble, authentic life in which you ALSO get to wear a fabulous skirt is even better, amiright?

Sorry, I got carried away again. I was talking about the Tibi stripe midi skirt, which brings me to this:

Topshop stripe midi skirt

Topshop, £55. Is it just me, or is it almost identical to the Tibi skirt at the top of the page? Almost. The Tibi skirt is made from a super-thick Duchesse satin, which is luxurious and beautiful, and just everything that’s awesome in the world of skirts, basically. (Also probably why it was so damn expensive.) It’s also pretty dressy: I mean, it’s perfect for a party, or some other special occasion, but it’s not exactly the kind of thing I’d throw on for a summer stroll, say, because it’s really eveningwear. (It’s also dry clean only and “dry clean only” and “summer stroll” isn’t a great combination for me. I’ve learned this the hard way.)

The Topshop version, by contrast, is cotton. (Well, it’s 93% cotton, 7% polyamide, if you want to be accurate) This makes it totes casual as far as I’m concerned. I’d wear the Tibi version to a party, or any time I was pretending to be my long-lost twin sister, but I’d wear THIS version ALL the damn time. I’d wear it on days out. I’d wear it on holiday. I’d wear it with flats and a plain top to walk the dog and run errands, and no one could say anything, because HELLO, IT’S JUST A COTTON SKIRT, PEOPLE.

I’d wear it, is what I’m saying. Which is why, even although I already have a near-IDENTICAL skirt hanging in my closet RIGHT NOW, I’m actually having to sit on my hands in order to stop myself buying it. Seriously, this is the kind of crazy I am, and this is what I do: I find something I like, and then I want to just keep on buying it, over and over again. Sometimes I’ll see something I already have on sale, and I’ll be all, “OMG, I LOVE it! I should buy it! In case something happens to the one I already have? So I have one to wear and one to wash? (Did I mention this Topshop skirt is machine washable? The Topshop skirt is machine washable.) Because I’m a crazy, out-of-control person who just wants ALL THE SKIRTS IN ALL THE WORLD.

I’m counting on you here, readers. You’re going to have to buy the skirt, to stop ME doing it for you. It’s the only way. Think of it as a service you’ll be doing, for the greater good. Or think of it as getting a really awesome skirt, for £45 – because it’s that, too, let’s not kid ourselves.

On a completely un-related note, does anyone know if there are any Topshop discount codes floating around right now? Asking for a friend…

  • Amanda


    Your story made me laugh! It’s a beautiful skirt! I’m afraid I don’t know of any codes, sorry.

    July 9, 2015
  • Ooo I really like that!

    July 9, 2015
  • You really are a funny chick 😉 You keep writing posts that become my all-time favorite!

    July 9, 2015
  • I’m totally a favorite item hoarder ~ what if I loose it? What if it gets stained/ripped/a hole in it? What if I totally need two just in case one is in the wash and I want to wear my favorite -insert name- RIGHT now?

    I mean, I totally need two identical petticoats right? Phssh. ‘Course I do. And yes, I’d buy the cotton version of that skirt for all the reasons you listed Amber. Because naturally, you can wear the heck out of a cotton striped skirt! ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

    July 10, 2015
  • Tess


    So hoping the sequel is coming up. If it does, will the ASOS 50’s belted white dress makes it into the big screen? I Google painstakingly to try to find blog post about this dress but to no avail. I’ve always love (off) white but I can’t wear stark white. Stark white washes me out.

    July 10, 2015
  • Selina


    I have been known to buy similar or the exact same thing just in case it wears out (5 button high waisted Krisp jeans I’m looking at you)

    July 10, 2015
  • Buying duplicates of a favorite item IS an essential activity. The button detail fell off my favorite black shoes last month, and it doesn’t matter that I also have them in Rose and Taupe, I just want them back in black and I can’t find them anymore.
    Also I’m giggling like crazy – great post

    July 10, 2015
  • oooh, that skirt is soo pretty! xx

    July 13, 2015
  • Buy it

    July 17, 2015