20th Century Foxy Time for Tea dress
1950s day dress
Novelty print dress

retro-inspired full-skirted 50s style dress

 Time for Tea dress c/o 20th Century Foxy  ♥  New Look shoes (old)

This dress is called Time for Tea, so what would’ve been really awesome would’ve been if I’d worn it to afternoon tea in some appropriately retro-style tearoom. Unfortunately for me, there’s a shortage of 1950s-style tearooms here in the village, so here I am on a country road instead, and also in a field. Which just goes to show, you really CAN wear a great dress absolutely anywhere, can’t you? Next time you’re looking for a dress to wear in a hay field, I hope you’ll remember this post.

For once, my arch-enemy, The Wind, decided to work for me rather than against me for these photos. Well, OK, I mean, it DID work against me most of the time – there are plenty of shots from this set in which my skirt is approximately level with my waist, or my hair is escaping from its bun to fall right into my eyes, and there’s also a particularly bad one of me gripping a bobby pin between my teeth and grimacing as I attempt to put the errant hair back in its place. One for the photo album, for sure. I also, however, got a handful of photos where, rather than looking like I’m standing in a wind-tunnel, I just look like I’m wearing a gigantic petticoat. I’m not, I hasten to add – the skirt is full, but it’s not quite THAT full – but I liked the effect anyway, so at least that cruel wind I’m always complaining about has SOME use.

The full skirt is one of the reasons this dress stood out to me when I was browsing the 20th Century Foxy site last week (and trust me, there was some stiff competition), but let’s be honest: it was mostly the print. I mean, look at it: there are spoons, kettles, onions… there’s even a teapot or two in there, and who doesn’t love a dress with a teapot on it, I ask you?

I’m totally planning on wearing this to tea sometime, though. It would be a crime NOT to…

20th Century Foxy Time for Tea Dress


  1. That print is amazing! Ah dress + tea – two of my favourite things delightfully combined. I love the pale yellow with the blue too, colours you don’t see together often enough. Gorgeous – and gorgeous pics; the wind did you proud 😉

  2. The perfect Amber-dress! You look beautiful as always and my first thought was how you have used the wind to your advantage.
    I love your hairstyle. I always feel the wind is so awkward for my hair and putting it up is a fantastic option and it matches the style of your dress so well.

    Annette | Lady of Style

    1. Thanks, Annette! I must admit, the wind was one of the reasons for the hairdo – I knew if I left it down I’d just end up with a bunch of photos of me looking like a hair monster!

  3. I can’t think of any dresses of yours that I don’t love and this is no exception. In fact, I’m about to hunt the web for a similar style dress pattern so I can attempt to make one myself. I’ve set my standards high this time. 🙂

  4. There are a lack of tea establishments in the pacific north west as well. Also, your bobby pin photo makes me think of a any warhal priece of art. Have you and Terry ever put your photos in a gallery? Just saying …I would totally go and I bet the outakes are just as beautiful!

  5. That dress is incredible!! I have so many tea-themed novelty print dresses, but this one is utterly gorgeous! I have to check out their website!

    xox Sammi

  6. As always, your writing style has amused me and your outfit/hair/makeup has made me sigh and wish that I could be bothered to look nice. Particularly loving that bun!

  7. I remember when you posted this on shoeperwoman- it looks even more lovely on you! I wasn’t convinced by the print before, but I’m definitely converted now!

  8. Oh, Amber, these photos… this dress… you… so beautiful!
    You chose the perfect hairstyle for this dress (which is everything anyone could ask for in a dress, if you ask me!)

  9. Ah, I love that dress. I treated myself and ordered one a few months ago but their sizing seems quite small – the 14 was too tight and I didn’t have the heart to try a 16 so I just asked for a refund. It’s a gorgeous print 🙂

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