‘Tis the season to spend a lot of money

Not to sound like one of those freaky, super-organised people who buy all their Christmas gifts in the January sales, but we have bought all of our Christmas gifts – and by “we” I obviously mean “Terry has done it”. I did offer a few suggestions, but given that I give the worst gifts in the world, ever, I decided it was ultimately better to let him take care of it. Also: I’m lazy. Oh, and busy. Very, very busy. Yes.

Anyway, this is such a huge weight off my shoulders, not least because I’ll now have a good answer to give those people who spend the three months leading up to Christmas saying, “So! Have you bought all your Christmas presents yet? Are you all ready?” every single time you see them. To those people:


It’s also a relief because it means that during the month of December, we won’t have to leave the house now AT ALL, ever. Well, not to go shopping, anyway. This is a huge relief, because while I love Christmas day itself, I often feel like the month that precedes it is some special form of torture devised just to torment me, what with the huge crowds of people all convinced that if they don’t rush out and buy every last loaf of bread that the supermarket has on its shelves, then they will surely starve to death during the ONE DAY that the supermarkets are closed, and the cheesy Christmas songs playing on a loop, and the fact that you have to somehow squeeze a month’s worth of work into the week before the holiday and all the rest of it. Bah, humbug.

This year it seems to be worse than ever, with people already starting to tell stories about how they went to the shops and had to spend three hours circling the car park before they could find a space. I shudder to think what it’ll be like in December – you know, the month that Christmas actually takes place in?

Anyway. This year we are organised to the max. Now we can totally forget all about it until December 24th.

  • Well done! We've bought gifts that we need to send to family back in SA (the last posting date is the 7th Dec or something insane like that!). But for people here… well, we have not been so organised yet 🙁 I will learn from your example so that I too can avoid The Christmas-Crazed Others!

    November 28, 2007
  • I'm impressed. I haven't done anything yet. Sigh…

    November 29, 2007