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Tired of mummy bloggers who seem to have everything sorted? Well, here’s one who doesn’t

The Awkward Girl’s Guide to Parenting is a UK parenting blog offering a realistic look at motherhood, for people who aren’t into baking and crafting, and are allergic to the words #soblessed. An antidote to the instamums, I’m here to talk about things like why you DON’T have to enjoy every minute of parenthood, how trying to leave the house with a toddler has the ability to warp time, and how we’ve really been coping with lockdown. Here are some of the things I like to write about…


mummy bloggers uk

Mum Life

A realistic look at parenting, without the Instagram filters.

mummy bloggers uk

Unsolicited Parenting Advice

A no-nonsense guide to what to buy, and how to survive.

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An honest look at pregnancy for anxious people.

The Awkward Girl’s Guide to Parenthood

As a lifelong introvert, social anxiety sufferer and all-round awkward girl, parenthood was always going to be a challenge for me. I didn’t want to join mum and baby groups, knew I’d hate soft play and would rather do almost anything else other than freaking crafting. I mean, seriously, though.

I couldn’t find any UK parenting blogs that seemed to be written for people like me, so I started writing my own take on parenthood here on my lifestyle blog, Forever Amber. Much to my surprise, the site is now a top 20 UK parenting blog (Vuelio), so who knows: maybe there are more awkward mums out there than I realised?

Some of my most popular posts here cover my journey into parenthood, from miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy to our decision to give it one last try, despite the crippling tokophobia and pregnancy anxiety I’d dealt with my entire life.

Fortunately for us, our story has a happy ending, with the birth of our son, Max, in December 2017, and I’ve continued to document our lives as parents ever since. Click here to read the full archive of my parenting posts…

UK parenting blog