50s-inspired summer outfit

Under the Weather

green sakura skater skirt and matching cardigan


summer outfit featuring floral skirt and fitted cardigan

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I’m going to complain about the weather. I’m just getting it out there upfront, so you can all be ready with the “back” button, because, look, I get it: it’s annoying when people talk about the weather all the time. I know. The weather is annoying too, though, so, you know, if you want to complain to someone, you should probably complain to IT, shouldn’t you?

Actually, can I do that? Can I complain to someone about the weather? Because I feel like that should be a thing: that there should be some way for me to complain about the summer I’ve been cheated out of. Other than just whining about it on my blog, I mean: that doesn’t count. But honestly: this has been the worst summer I can remember (and I grew up in Scotland, so I can remember a LOT of bad summers), and I’m sure that if I could just speak to someone about it, they’d surely agree with me that it’s JUST. NOT. FAIR. They’d be all, “Yes, Amber, you’re quite right: I can see from your file that we owe you a summer: now, when would you like to take it?”

Ideally, of course, I’d like to take it NOW. NOW would be a good time for summer. Because, look, I’ve been patient (well, sort of. OK, not REALLY, but humour me here…); I’ve done my time. I waited it out through autumn and winter: I read at least 5,000 blog posts starting with the words “autumn is my favourite season!” and I thought, “OK, then, enjoy it while you can, because summer is MINE, and soon my day will come!” And then I cackled like the villain in a really bad horror movie, and sat down to wait.

But my day DIDN’T come, did it? Because SUMMER didn’t come. Woe! So, I would like a do-over, is what I’m saying. Or a refund, at the very least. I vote we just move summer to later in the year (Sorry, autumn lovers, but you’ve had your fun: you got to have TWO “autumns” in one year, so you really can’t complain. No you can’t. Stop it.) and that way everyone gets a turn with the whole “favourite season” thing. Sound fair? OK, so who do I speak to to get the ball rolling?

ChicWish Sakura Skater skirt

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WEARING: Sakura skater skirt c/o Choies (last seen here); New Look cardigan (ancient); Vivienne Westwood x Melissa ‘Cherries’ shoes* (last seen here): necklace c/o Eclectic Eccentricity] [separator type=”thin”]

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  • Wow you do love green and you look so good wearing it.

    July 30, 2015
  • Can I join you in moaning about the weather please?! Summer is my thing too – I mean I don’t mind when autumn comes around, but really all year I’m just waiting for summer. So this year, I decided to do something I don’t normally do and book a couple of days off during said “summer” to enjoy being at home rather than having all my holiday days abroad. Of course, as soon as I booked it, summer…went. Not that it was really there in the first place mind, but the little bit of sun we’d had was gone. So I spent Monday and Tuesday, days I’d planned to sort out the garden, go for walks, visit the local agricultural show, sat inside while it poured with rain. I’m now hoping I can get a holiday refund from work (don’t think that’s happening!). Sigh.
    On the plus side though, this outfit is lovely! I have the white version of this skirt and LOVE the green version (of course you would have it in green!).

    July 30, 2015
  • Cute skirt and shoes! you look really nice. Gemma xx

    July 30, 2015
  • First off, I adore your outfit here. Secondly, I think I know what happened to your summer. Some intern at the Mother Nature department royally screwed up and accidentally added what was supposed to be YOUR summer, to MY summer. But the thing is, we already had a summer. So now we have TWO summers. Which means it’s hotter than hell here (mid-atlantic, US), and has been for the last three months.

    I plan on filing a formal complaint. Hopefully this will rectify the situation (however late in the season), and your summer will be returned to you, thereby sparing me from death by melting and you from having a summerless summer.

    July 30, 2015
  • Hear hear – I am so sad about the absence of summer this year 🙁 I’m not an autumn person either and I was patiently waiting for my season to come too… and it never has! If you find out who to complain to, please let me know!!

    July 30, 2015
  • Dare I say that I’m quite happy to have cooler days? I’m not a fan of very hot weather at all. My favourite season is spring when the flowers appear and the sunny days are cooler, plus I love the cherry blossom (all the more so for having lived in Japan where they have parties to celebrate its arrival) .

    I live in London but spend a lot of time in Glasgow. London’s a heat trap in the summer months, especially with all those high glass buildings and on the bus and the tube. I’m also loathe to go to the Med in the summer, preferring to wait till the temperature drops.

    Scottish summers are usually pleasanter affairs for me as they’re cooler than down south, plus those lovely light evenings last longer. That said, we could do with a few sunny days!

    Love that green outfit too. There’s a little cherry blossom theme going on too 🙂

    July 30, 2015
  • Loving the Green on Green!


    July 30, 2015
  • I can’t really explain what happened but we missed out on summer in Melbourne (Australia) as well. I can tell you that it seems those shoes were made for that skirt.

    July 31, 2015
  • Wow, this green dress is so gorgeous, I like this color.

    July 31, 2015
  • Jane


    Hee hee! You make me smile – keep up the good work!
    Jane x

    August 2, 2015
  • Summer is my favourite too but seeing as I’m the opposite end of the UK to you I’ve actually had one this year!

    I cannot believe people start talking about autumn (fall, whatever) in July. Shoot me now. We often get a glorious September so autumn can bloody well wait until October as far as I’m concerned! Bare legs, short sleeves, evenings in the back garden chilling out in the sun all the way for me….

    I’ll blow some good weather wishes your way!x

    August 2, 2015