Tell me, readers: what would you do if you tipped an entire pint of water over your own bed? And the water soaked EVERYTHING: pillows, duvet, mattress, floor… isn’t amazing just how far one little pint of water will go, when given its freedom? AMAZING.

I’m guessing most of you would be all, “Well, pain in the ass, obviously, but I guess you’d just have to suck it up, take everything off the bed and let it dry out – maybe sleep somewhere else that night if it wasn’t dry by bedtime?”

What if this (totally hypothetical, by the way: asking for a friend…) incident happened at 2am, though, at the end of a long day, when you had just pulled back the covers to get into the now-soaked bed? And what if you don’t HAVE another bed? Or another duvet, for that matter? And your dazed husband emerges from the shower, having heard you emit an unearthly shriek of horror and rage, to find that his bed is now looking much like the shower he has just vacated, and his wife is throwing wet pillows around in a temper, ranting about how she is the most useless person who ever lived, and seriously, it’s just a few months since the LAST TIME I spilled liquid in this very room, and WHY CAN I NOT STOP DOING THIS?


Yeah, why not, dude?

Because that’s what I would do. The shouting and the ranting and the throwing around of wet pillows, I mean. And yes, you’re right, it could have been worse: I mean, the LAST time I spilled something all over my bedroom, it was blackcurrant juice, not water. IT didn’t land on the bed, though, which was one small mercy in that situation. This pint of, er, totally hypothetical, water, though? It did. Which meant that I had to remove all of the covers from the bed – at 2am – and then stand there with a hairdryer pointed at the mattress, trying to get it dry enough to sleep on. It was very un-fun, and I think the only thing that stopped Terry teasing me mercilessly about it was the fact that a couple of weeks ago he dropped and broke my favourite coffee mug, and I’m still not totally over it. Oh, and the fact  that it was 2am, obviously. Well, closer to 3am by the time the bed was sleep-able again.

He didn’t even dare to say “at least you’ll get a blog post out of it,” either, which is amazing, because that’s what Terry usually says when I do something stupid. I actually wasn’t going to bother blogging about it, because this is one of at least three posts I can think of in which I dramatically spill something on something, and the second to be called ‘Watergate’. (Oh, come on, YOU try to resist using that title when something involving ACTUAL water happens…) I mean, I know people are always saying bloggers should have a “niche”, but I don’t think that’s the kind of thing they were talking about, really…

So, THAT happened. That was pretty much it, though. Honestly, I’ve been doing my best to avoid complaining about the weather too much, because I know how annoying that is, but EVERYONE is talking about the weather right now. Even more than usual, I mean. Because it’s been so spectacularly terrible, I haven’t been doing much, and I also haven’t had the opportunity to take any outfit posts, because it’s raining all the time, and when it ISN’T raining, I’m mostly wearing some variation of this outfit:

casual outfit with mint leather jacket

Did you ever come across an item of clothing you didn’t even know you needed until you got it, at which point you started wondering how you ever lived without it? This mint green biker jacket (Which I got as part of the Dorothy Perkins promotion I wrote about earlier this week) is one of those items. I mean, I had NO idea I needed a mint green biker jacket. There definitely wasn’t one on my list of ‘wardrobe holes’ , and although I’d probably have guessed that I’d LIKE such a jacket (because, well, MINT GREEN, D’UH), it’s not like I was going to go out of my way to find one, you know? Then it arrived, and I’ve barely taken it off since. And, I mean, I like my jacket, but I’d also like not having to wear my jacket, because, summer. Remember summer? No, me neither. I think there was one sometime in the late 90s, though. Oh no, wait, my mistake: that didn’t happen either…

  1. Hi Amber, I’m in the middle of painting the bedroom at the moment. Try spilling paint onto the bed at 11pm at night!! lol Luckily the damage wasn’t that bad and didn’t stained the mattress so we (hubby and I ) took the cover off and put on a spare one. Only slight complaint the bed stink of paint that night. xxx

  2. I dropped nearly a full pint of water on the bed last night but luckily it wedged in between the bed and the side table! Had to sleep way over on hubby’s side, with a towel on my side and both my pillows. :/

  3. I’m sorry. In your shoes, I’d go sleep at my mum’s. (I know, 2 a.m. But she’s accustomed to my flirtatious relationship with disaster.) Sorry about you coffee cup, too. What is it with husbands and coffee cups? Mine broke my “favorite” as well a couple of months ago–he felt bad and bought me 3(!) near-facsimiles, thank you ebay, so he tried to make it up–but there does seem to be a bulls-eye effect associated with the label “favorite.” I’m thinking about clearing out and getting a dozen identical cups from somewhere that keeps and open stock and approaching obsolescence that way.

  4. I am totally guilty of doing this, a few weeks ago I threw a glass of squash across my bed. Had to improvise with towels and new bedding-at least I’m not the only one! Love the mint jacket as well.

  5. It’s probably a sad indicator of how terrible British weather is that I can remember almost every (glorious, wonderful) hot UK summer’s day of my life from childhood to adulthood.

    It was twelve degrees here on the south coast yesterday. Twelve degrees. I hate to think how cold it was up there.

      1. One of my mates in Dublin has just posted two weather reports side by side from yesterday. Dublin: 12 degrees. Reykjavik: 13 degrees.

        It’s a rubbish summer and no mistake.

  6. Oh Amber I’m so sorry! A couple of years ago, during a heavy tunderstorm, I had a leak on the ceiling of the bedroom: a river of water pouring directly on my bed (followed soon by a bit of the ceiling, one of that decorative oval chalk thing). In the middle of the night. So I totally understand you.

  7. Ah yeah…. I’ve been there (I really wish I hadn’t but…) I had to sleep on the other side of the bed and it was the worst thing ever and I couldn’t sleep and it was all cold and awful. I’m prone to dramatics, in case you can’t tell. That’s good commitment, drying it with the hairdryer though! 🙂

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