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Forever Amber: UK influncer

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Just in case you haven’t seen enough of them, and you’re secretly thinking, “God, I wish I could see EVEN MORE of Amber’s wedding photos!” I’ve finally finished putting them onto Flickr, and you can see them here. Don’t say I’m not good to you…


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  • Erin
    April 22, 2007

    Beautiful! And, as an aside – omg, the shoes! Oh, the shoes!

    You've made me want to rethink my choice of footwear for my wedding 😉

  • mrs kcc (sexy_red_he
    April 23, 2007

    You look gorgeous in your photo's! congrats.

  • Caroline
    September 13, 2007

    You look beautiful in these pics! A quick question – where did you get your tiara? I'm getting married next March in light gold lace with pearls, and am looking for a delicate gold and pearly tiara – all the ones I've seen so far have been horribly clunky and cheap looking! Yours is gorgeous and (having similar hair colour to you) I think something like that would look similarly delicate on me!

Amber & Terry Get Married – photo extravaganza!