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Weddingy Weekend

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Yes folks, as you can probably guess from the title, it was a bit of a weddingy weekend Chez Amber. I picked up my wedding dress from the dressmaker (who, by the way, hasn’t called me "slutty" for ages now, so it’s all good), and paced around my parents’ living room in it for a good long while.  We took Maria (flower girl and niece) to my parents’ house to let her try on her dress. We talked obsessively about what the last dance music should be. We did not come to a decision. We searched the house for my missing birth certificate, but couldn’t find it so had to go and get a replacement. We would have gone to Moss Bros to get Terry’s suit fitted, but Terry wrecked his knee while running at 7am on Saturday morning (don’t ask) so that put paid to that idea. And, other than that, we pretty much sat around going "OMG what if no one comes to the wedding?!" Or rather, I did.

You see, last week, the invitations went out. It was both exciting and scary at  the same time: exciting because, WOO HOO WE ARE GETTING MARRIED! Scary, because…. well, what if no one comes? WHAT IF, people? So far, I think about 8 people have said they’ll come. This is not a lot of people though, so I’m starting to imagine scenarios in which I arrive at the venue and there’s JUST US because no one else came, because probably they all hate us or something. Gulp.

It’s all starting to feel very "real" now. And while I’m starting to get excited, it’s all a bit difficult because I still have a huge Project O’Doom to finish, and until that’s done I’ll barely have time to even think about the wedding, let alone plan for it, or get excited about it. My POD deadline is February 28th, though, and I think there will be only one more POD to go after that before I can finally draw a line under the workworkwork that’s been going on since the start of the year and actually, you know, clean my house and plan my wedding. Eeek.

Roll on March…



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