Wednesday, May 1st, 2006

So, if I were to ask you what would be THE WORST thing that could happen in your relationship right now, what would you say?

Short of adultery and, y’know, death, mine would be having my fiancé go through all of my credit card bills and paypal statements for the past year, finding out exactly what I spend on ebay and, worse, what I spend it on. And then questioning me about it.

Which is pretty much how we’ve spent today.

It’s tax time, people. That time of year when Terry and I traditionally don’t speak to each other without shouting for, ooh, a week, maybe? More? Because I? Am bad. Bad to the bone. I didn’t keep my bank statements. I threw away my credit card statements. (Un.Opened.)  I’m scared. Hold me.

Sample conversation:

Terry: White peasant dress so boho Sienna BNWT . Do you recognise this at all?
Me: Umm. No. Nope, don’t know what that was for.
Terry: Jade green dress, not Karen Millen. Was this a business purchase?
Me: Uh-huh. Absolutely it was.
Terry: La Prairie eye cream 5ml…
Me: You know what I think has totally happened here? What has happened is that someone has hacked into my ebay account, bought a whole heap o’crap and tried to pass it off as mine!
Terry: “…..”

Except he didn’t say that last bit because he doesn’t yet know how much the La Prairie eye cream cost, and if he did, he totally wouldn’t understand how very, very important it is to me, and how the smooth, unwrinkled eyes I will soon have will all be SO. VERY. WORTH.IT.

Let’s not even talk about the shoes…