What's in my makeup bag: September

What’s In My Makeup Bag Right Now

Now that my clothes shopping activities have been seriously curtailed by my growing bump (I’m sure Terry would disagree with that statement, but hey!), I’ve been focusing my attention on makeup, instead. OK, and shoes. Well, boots, really. But hey, a woman cannot live on lipstick alone, can she, exactly?

Here’s a quick look at some of the products I’ve been trying out this month…

What's in my makeup bag: September

Although I’ve had a bit of a renewed interest in beauty products lately, I’ve been going for a slightly lower-maintenance look than usual. Don’t get me wrong, I still love a red lip as much as the next girl, but I’m also really aware that I’m about to have a lot less time on my hands, so I’ve been on the lookout for products that are easy to apply, easy to wear, and which don’t need to be touched up every five seconds. So, things like…

Bobbi Brown CC Cream in Pale Nude

This has an SPF of 35, so it does double-duty as a sunscreen (In summer, I’d always use a separate sunscreen, but this is more than adequate for the low light at this time of year!) and CC cream. It’s also super-pale, with pink undertones, which is great for my skin tone, and although a CC cream is never really going to give you the coverage of a foundation, I find that this really brightens up my complexion, and it can also be used as a primer, on days when I do want a bit more coverage.

Bobbi Brown CC Cream in pale nude - review

Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper & Hair Touch Up

My brows are in such bad shape (An unfortunate combination of natural bushiness, plus years of over-plucking), that my usual brow routine can take just as long as the rest of my makeup combined, so I loved the idea of this product, which colours and shapes the brows with just one swipe of the brush. Unfortunately, the ‘blonde’ shade I’d normally go for in brown products was out of stock, so I ended up getting ‘brunette’ instead, which is a little too dark for me, and requires a very light hand, plus a bit of blending, to be wearable. I do love how easy this is to use, though, and it holds my brows in place all day, so I’ll be re-purchasing in blonde when it runs out!

Bourjois Colour Boost Lipstick in ‘Red Island’

Although I’ll probably always love a matte red lip, which has the power to add instant glamour to any look, for day-to-day wear, I tend to go for a combination of lip stains and coloured balms, for a more natural look, which is easier to apply on my weird lips. (For the uninitiated, my lips are super-pale, and basically just blend into my face, with no discernible lipline, which makes applying lipstick, er, interesting, to say the least…) My favourite products here are those lip-stain pens that look a bit like magic markers (I’m currently using an old one by Seventeen, which has now been discontinued, so if you have any recommendations for something similar, I’d love to hear them!), which I’ll apply first, before swiping a balm stain over the top. I love Clinique’s Chubby Sticks for this second step, but they’re a little bit expensive, so this month I’ve been using Bourjois Colour Boots, which is more of a budget option. This colour is called ‘Red Island’, and it’s a little darker than I’d usually wear, but great for autumn/winter!

NARS ‘The Multiple’ stick in Orgasm

NARS ‘Orgasm’ has been my go-to blush for years now: I have it in both the powder formula and The Multiple (which is a creamy, stick version), and much prefer the latter – it has a slightly more luminous finish, and is just really easy to use, as you just twist up the stick and swipe. I also have this in ‘Copacabana’, which is the perfect highlighter for pale skin, but lately I’ve been using this instead:

Rimmel Insta Duo Contour Stick Review

Rimmel Insta Duo Contour Stick in 100 – Light

This is a double-ended product with a highlighter on one side and contour on the other. Although it’s the lightest shade available, the contour is too dark for me to be able to use without some serious blending: the highlight, however, is perfect, and while it’s not as shimmer as the NARS product I normally use, that does make it a bit more appropriate for day-to-day wear. I use this on my cheekbones, as well as under my brows and on the cupid’s bow of the lips, and have been really happy with it in the few weeks I’ve been using it.

Rimmel Volume Colourist Mascara

As I’ve mentioned once or twice or twenty times, my eyelashes are a complete mess right now, being both shorter and sparser than usual – lucky me! I’ve been trying to leave them mascara-free as much as possible, to give them a chance to recover, but as they’re super-pale, too, that’s not really an option for those times I’m actually going to be leaving the house and speaking to people, and don’t want to look completely lash-less, so I’ve switched my usual waterproof mascaras for Rimmel’s Volume Colourist.

I actually reviewed this product last year, at which point I was most interested in it due to the fact that it claims to gradually dye your eyelashes while you’re using it. As I discovered when I first tested it, it does nothing of the sort: it IS, however, a pretty decent budget mascara, and, most importantly for me right now, it’s easy to remove, so hopefully it’s not damaging my fragile lashes too much!


Marc Jacobs Daisy Blush Eau de Toilette Spray

I love the original version of Marc Jacobs’ ‘Daisy’, so thought this fresh, floral fragrance would be a good alternative for summer. I also, let’s be honest, thought it would look pretty on my dressing table, and there ain’t no shame in that, seriously. Well, it fulfilled the second one of those requirements, and it IS a gorgeous fragrance, that much is true. My one issue with it is that it’s not particularly long-lasting, so it does have to be re-applied if you want it to last all day: not a huge issue, obviously, but worth bearing in mind if you’re used to very string fragrances!

[This post contains PR samples]

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  • Daisy


    I got all excited about the CC cream as it sounded exactly what I’m after (love Bobbi Brown, been looking for a tinted moisturizer type cream with SPF, AND I’m super pale with pink undertones – Bobbi usually has yellow undertones).

    Aaaand it’s not on their website ๐Ÿ™

    Maybe the BB cream will do.

    September 29, 2017
  • Daisy


    Maybe the CC cream has been discontinued ๐Ÿ™ The Bobbi Brown website doesn’t have any CC creams, just BB creams.
    Shame as it sounded ideal!

    September 29, 2017
  • Anya


    Firstly i would like to say thay lately the lipsticks have been quite nice/ advanced. I personally just finished my first tub of armani lip magnet in 400 scalatto. It s a liquid lipstick but it s basically just a liquiefied cream one and weightless with a small and pointy and firm brush included in the cap and just perfect allover ๐Ÿ™‚ not at all super matte or super drying but very pigmented in a light spreadable layer. Besides that ๐Ÿ™‚ i ve been also using a l oreal balm stain (the red one) the colur is a clinique one but the formula is a bit more slippy imo. My other all over lip color easy thingy is the l occitane pivoine sublime one in prune something. It s in a metalic case. It a a pigmented lip balm stain thingie with spf and super nice moisture and smell. O. My lips it reads as a blue red with a hint of berry. Also i use a pink one from tonymoly that looks like a bunny. And now i m eyeing the toocool for school one ๐Ÿ™‚

    September 29, 2017
  • Myra


    Eau de toilette fragrances never last very long, so do they have it in eau de parfum as that lasts a bit longer, although pure perfume is best, but is rarely produced in modern fragrances

    September 29, 2017
  • Holly


    I have been using NYX Epic Ink Lip Dye for the last few months, I find the stain really long lasting. The only little issue is that it has a doe foot applicatior instead of a pen-like tip, it’s is only ยฃ6 though! So maybe worth checking out.

    September 29, 2017
  • I think I need to try that CC cream from Bobbi Brown – everyone says they are amazing!!! Unfortunately baby is still giving me major acne and redness (hey, at least the redness makes me look darker than I am, so there’s that!), so I will have to wait a bit with the low coverage items…

    And hey, Lipstick won’t keep your feet warm, so you sorta kinda HAVE to get those boots! Right? xD

    xo, Rosie //Curvy Life stories

    October 1, 2017
  • Cat


    Fellow pale skinned person here. For the last year or so I’ve been using the IT! Cosmetics CC+ cream as a foundation and I love it. Depending on how you use it, it can be sheer or have more coverage. I also love their Bye Bye Under Eye concealer and No More Pores powder. I don’t feel like I’m wearing a mask or have an orange face. I bought it in Ulta in the USA while I was on holiday, and since then have got it from QVC here in the UK. They do some pretty good kits with brushes included.

    October 10, 2017