What’s your target market?

In order to know how to reach your prospective clients as a freelance writer, you need to think about who they are. It’s unlikely, for example, that the average man or woman on the street, who works in an office and has 2.4 children and a dog, will be interested in the services of a freelance writer (although they might!). Some people who may well be interested in your services, however, include:

Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies have a constant requirement for creative copywriting for their clients’ brochures, adverts fliers and other marketing materials. They need so much copy, in fact, that they may well need a freelance copywriting service to help them get it.

Web development firms

Web developers can create the design and programming for their clients’ websites, but only very rarely can they create the content for it too. Therefore, they need freelance writers.

Large businesses

Large businesses create brochures, reports, newsletters, sales letters, and a whole host of other pieces of paper with words on them. Who’s going to write those words? Why, a freelance writer, of course…

Small firms

Small firms have exactly the same requirements as larger firms, and they’re less likely to have someone in-house who’s able to do their copywriting for them.

PR companies

Just think of all those press releases that need to be written…


As distinct from web developers, we’re talking here about people who own large, community-based websites, and need content for them. A lot of content.

You get the picture. These are all potential clients for your writing business, and, having identified them as potential clients, your next task is to work out how best to reach them. That’s what we’ll be talking about next…


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