trench coat with white jeans

Spring Capsule # 1 : Jeans and a trenchcoat

outfit from my spring capsule wardrobe: white jeans and trench coat

stone trenchcoat and white jeans on a spring day

spring neutrals: trench coat and white jeans


Confession: I did intend this outfit to be pulled together from my spring capsule wardrobe, but I took the photos before I wrote the post, and I totally forgot to add this sweater to it: whoops!

I guess this at least illustrates why I don’t have a “proper” capsule wardrobe, huh? Let’s pretend that’s why I did it. Let’s also pretend the weather was every bit as spring-like as it looks in these photos, and that it didn’t actually start SNOWING while we were taking them. Yes, SNOWING: I kid you not. Before you go rolling your eyes at me for being out in the snow in those shoes and a thin trench coat, though, let me just sat that it was only a couple of flakes and they came – literally – out of a clear blue sky. I mean, OK, the previous day we’d had snow for almost the entire day (and not just a few flakes of it, either), but it was all gone by morning, and, I dunno, I just thought it was maybe winter’s last blast, or something? So I looked at the blue sky, threw on my trench coat and pumps, and out I went… into MORE SNOW. And then I literally died.

Anyway, I was relieved to see the daffodils had survived the cold snap (Er, can you even call it a “cold snap” when it’s cold all the time?), because at least they make it LOOK like Spring, even it doesn’t really feel like it yet. Thankfully it DID warm up later in the week, and … wait, what am I, the weatherman or something? Because I’m starting to sound like one of those people on Facebook, aren’t I? You know, the ones who post a status update telling everyone it’s raining (just in case the rest of us don’t have windows in our houses, and can’t see the rain for ourselves, I guess?), and then 50 people all comment with stuff like, “Raining here, too!”, “No rain here!” or “It was raining here earlier, but it seems to have stopped now!” And I’m just like, “What a story, tell me more!” Then I go and write a blog post doing exactly the same thing, because British people: we just can’t help ourselves, can we?

Have a great weekend, everyone!

trench coat and jeans

Zara trench coat; H&M jeans; Mango sweater; Christian Louboutin shoes


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  • You look great! Love especially the trench coat.
    It was such a great weather here in Germany the last few days. But now it’s Friday and it’s predicted that it will snow over the whole weekend. I mean – seriously? 😉


    April 22, 2016
  • You look so pretty in these neutrals! I love gold/tan sweaters like this, but I’m always afraid they are too close to my skin tone. Maybe I’ll try again, though.

    April 22, 2016
  • Elaine


    Hi Amber, thank you for your style inspiration. I discovered your blog a few months ago and by following your guidelines on this and your other blog my wardrobe has a new lease of life and is working better for me than ever before, and I’m probably one of your older readers! I’m really pleased and will continue to read whatever you write. I also think you look fabulous in pale and pastel colours. Inspired by you I have been sewing again and have made a floral fifties style dress and a skirt and have ordered some lovely cardigans in summery colours. And also found that Topshop Jamie jeans fit me so well.! Thanks so much.

    April 23, 2016
      • Elaine


        Well if there are colours that don’t suit you I hadn’t noticed, too busy marvelling at your style! I have a light to medium neutral skin tone and black is not supposed to be my colour but I refuse to not wear it, l just add a bit more red lipstick and wear it in a slightly lower neckline. I love the Bardot tops by the way. Thanks for replying.

        April 23, 2016
  • I noticed about moving to Scotland from California, that suddenly “the weather” is a legitimate conversational topic, rather than just a euphemism for idle chit-chat. Nothing idle about that snow from the clear blue sky! We had a bit here in Edinburgh the other day. Back to fashion (that other safe topic), that sweater is lovely. It would have been a shame not to wear it for some weird capsule rule. Love the trench, as well. I am in the market for a jacket, but I am quite tall, so it is proving difficult for me to find one with long enough sleeves. So few options in ‘tall’.

    May 3, 2016
  • Sasha


    I love that trench coat! xx

    May 11, 2016