Hands up if you don’t want to talk about winter coats in July?

So, who doesn’t want to talk about winter coats right now? You all know that I have both hands in the air, don’t you? It’s kinda hard to type like this, to be honest, so I’m just going to put them back down again. Please imagine me holding them up for the duration of this post, though. (Actually, on second thoughts, maybe don’t. Because that’s kind of a weird visual, isn’t it?)

Anyway: I don’t want to talk about winter coats, you don’t want to talk about winter coats (Well, except for you right at the back there: I can see you getting ready to say that autumn is your favourite season, and that you can’t wait for the coats, the boots, and all the OMGLAYERS! Just don’t, though. Go and read this post first if you don’t know why I’m SO not in the mood right now to hear people actively wishing away the so-called summer…), but that’s too bad, because today we’re gonna talk about winter coats. Or I am, anyway. All you have to do is sit there and read it, although obviously you can post a comment at the end and then it’ll be more like us actually talking. But I’m rambling…

I’m talking about winter coats today, not JUST because the heating had to be switched on while I was writing this post, but because now is the time designated by the Powers That Be for the winter coats to start appearing in the stores. And, I mean, don’t you just HATE that? Don’t you just hate having to start thinking about buying a new winter coat in JULY, knowing that if you don’t, then it’ll get to November – you know, when you’ll actually NEED one? – and you won’t be able to buy one, because they’ll all have sold out months ago, and now the shops are full of bikinis? That you ALSO can’t wear?

I HATE that. I hate that even if we WERE having a summer right now, instead of buying ice cream and picnic baskets, and whatever it is that people who get a REAL summer buy, I’d have to be all, “Oh, sorry, I can’t join you on that picnic: I have to shop for a winter coat!” But again: RAMBLING.

The real point of this post was to say that Miss Selfridge have just released their collection of winter coats for 2015. Now, you might be thinking, “What does this have to do with me, Amber? Miss Selfridge is a store for teenagers who wear pelmet skirts and things with sequins on them, and I am a proper grown-up, who only buys proper grown-up clothes!” Well, I mean, it’s true that Miss Selfridge does stock a good selection of what could most tactfully be described as “clubwear”, and it’s also true that I’ve been shopping there since I was about 13, which is often a good sign that it’s time to move on. Other things that are true, however, include the facts that:

a) I really don’t give a crap where I’m “supposed” to be shopping: in fact, “no stone unturned” is my motto, when it comes to shopping. ONE  of my mottos, anyway.

b) Miss Selfridge make AWESOME winter coats. Seriously: last year’s collection was excellent – so excellent, in fact, that I bought one of the coats myself, and had two others on my “Why Can’t I Buy Three Winter Coats Every Year, Why?” list.  (They also do a pretty good selection of bardot tops and midi, skirts, just in case you’re wondering…)

You can imagine my joy, then – and also my frustration, actually, given that it’s JULY – when I looked at the site this morning and realised that the two coats I coveted last year have been re-released as part of the winter coats 2015 collection. Here they are:

winter coats 2015: baby blue winter coat from Miss Selfridge

Winter coats 2015: baby blue winter coat, £69

Baby blue, with a cream faux fur collar: love it.

winter coats 2015 - coat with faux fur collar

winter coats 2015: faux fur collar coat, £89

It’s the huge, faux-fur collar that does it for me. There’s just something so glamorous, and Doctor Zhivago-esque about it, don’t you think? Personally I really like the pale colour of this, because THE DRAMA, but if you’re worried about it getting dirty the first time you wear it, it also comes in a darker camel colour, which is also nice.

Finally, as most of you know, if I don’t include something green in every post I write, it alters the space-time continuum, Marty McFly never does make it back from the future, and the whole world is forever altered. I don’t want that on my conscience, so here is something green, from Dorothy Perkins:

mint waterfall coat

mint waterfall coat, £49

Also available in “blonde”, this is one of those non-fastening coats that would presumably be totally useless in the dead of winter, but which might come in handy in the early autumn. Or, you know, NOW.


  • I was all ready to say I wasn’t interested but then I saw it was Miss Selfridge and I couldn’t get onto their website fast enough. I hate nearly everything else they ever sell (seriously, who fits that stuff?) but their coats are perfection! I live for the cute petite styles as being the only coats I like and actually fit me. Last year’s choice was poor, but a couple of years ago I got my favourite coat of all time from them. Never forget.

    July 30, 2015
  • Lynette


    Middle of winter, here “downunder”. And it sure gets cold enough for a coat in July! However if it was the middle of our summer (Jan-Feb) you can be sure we would not be talking about or thinking about coats. Crazy weather you are having there.

    July 30, 2015
  • It’s winter here in Australia so I’m okay with looking at coats. However, I just checked the weather forecast and I think we’re having warmer weather than you guys in Scotland are, so, maybe you should buy a coat, or come to Australia for what would seem like summer? 🙁

    July 30, 2015
  • Alison


    This store looks like fun. Unfortunately we do not have it in Canada. I shop in the US too, but they don’t even have it there either, go figure.

    Anyway, the blue coat is beautiful.

    August 1, 2015
  • Oh, the Miss S coat is just so pretty!

    August 10, 2015