black turtleneck bodycon midi dress

3.1 Philip Lim red Pashli bag

black bodycon midi dress with Christian Louboutin Pigalle pumps

winter sun on red hair

(Yes, I am dancing in that last one. You should be, too.)

So, I can’t seem to stop wearing turtlenecks. I suspect that’s probably a bit strange of me, but I just realised this is my third outfit in a row featuring one, and quite a few of the outfits I have planned revolve around the good ol’ turtleneck, too. In fact, two more of the things arrived in the mail this week: two! And I’ll obviously have to wear them ASAP, so that’s two more posts to add to the, “OMG, is this woman ever going to wear anything else?!” list.

What can I say, though: I enjoy a good turtleneck. Not as much as the turtleneck fetishists out there, who get in contact with me occasionally (Thank for helping make life awkward, guys!), of course, but enough that I feel I have to mention it, before someone else does. It’s a bit like those times when I develop one of my legendary ‘Second Heads’, and feel the need to announce it to everyone I meet, just so they don’t think I’m totally oblivious to my disfigurement.

I’m always aware of the Second Heads, and I’m aware of what I’m going to call The Turtleneck Thing, too: it’s just that … I don’t really care about it. I mean, they have a vaguely retro feel to them, which I (obviously) like, and they’re also warm, which is very important, because, without wanting to get all ‘Game of Thrones’ on you, winter is coming, people.

Seriously, up until the start of the week, all anyone could talk about was how mild it was, and wasn’t it amazing to think that it was almost December, and it was still SO WARM? I even mentioned it myself, and I hardly ever think it’s warm, so that’s saying quite a lot, really.

Yesterday, however, that all abruptly changed, and now all anyone can talk about is how COLD it is, and isn’t it COLD? I guess it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, given that it IS December, after all, but, well, British people, huh? We just can’t get enough of talking about the weather. But what else can you talk about, when winter is coming?

black midi dress with high heels

P.S. Yes, I was wearing a coat, no I wasn’t freezing.

WEARING: ASOS dress (2013) | Christian Louboutin ‘Pigalle’ pumps (2012) | 3.1 Philip Lim ‘Pashli’ bag* | House of Harlow ‘Chelsea’ sunglasses | Michael Kors watch* | Accessorize tights

  1. Don’t worry Amber, we are doing the whole weather thing here in Australia too. “Isn’t it hot? Isn’t it humid? Isn’t that thunderstorm every afternoon due to the humidity thing just plain crazy? Isn’t this such summer weather? Can you believe this summer weather in summer?!”

  2. There are turtle-neck fetishists..?! There really is a fetish for everything… My style second head is definitely check patterns at the moment, which I am also self-consciously mentioning at the start of pretty much all of my posts at the moment… While I’ve always obsessed over particular things in my wardrobe at particular times, something about trying to interest the world in photos of yourself in clothes makes you feel like you shouldn’t!

    1. Oh God, yes, there are whole communities of them! I think there are fetishists for literally everything – I just know about the turtleneck ones because I wear turtlenecks a lot, so they get in touch. I don’ care what people are into, but I think it’s really inappropriate of them to try and involve me in it – it actually made me consider not posting some outfits when it first started happening, but then I realised it doesn’t really matter what you wear 0 someone, somewhere, will have a fetish for it!

  3. Another inspirational outfit Amber, you look great in this. The shoes, in particular, are stunning. For me the latest thing is tights. Tights, tights, tights. However many pairs I have, in however many colours, I don’t have the right pair for today’s outfit. I’m glad you say you are warm though, cos in this post, you don’t seem to be wearing any … tights?

  4. The bag’s lovely, the shoes are exceptional, and turtlenecks are the only sane response to British winters. (Because, as we all know, keeping the “tubes” warm is how Britain became an empire–wool vests next to the skin as children made many, many people settle hot climates as adults.)

  5. I’m not a turtle neck fan or anything that comes up past my collarbone really, but wow I’m intrigued about turtle neck fetishists!! I feel like I should google but I’m pretty sure I won’t want to know or need to know what it’s all about! It’s true what The Doors sang, People are Strange. I once had a facebook email of some guy asking about my lipgloss, fair enough, then he asked if he could be my sub. Needless to say I ignored him. Unfortunately for him he never got to know where my lovely lipgloss was from.

  6. I’m loving the nude fishnets, they look great, give your legs a little coverage (because isn’t it cold?) but still look like you have flesh on show, which is always nicer for pencil skirts and heels.

  7. I’ve discovered several new things on your blog. Things I’d never thought they’d flatter me or existed before. Had I known Pashli bag, I wouldn’t have bought Modalu Pippa. The latter weighs a ton on its own and I can only carry the absolute necessities with me. Is your Pashli bag light?

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