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OUTFIT | Beautifully Unpredictable

Posted on 3 min read
casual spring outfit featuring jeans, breton top and blazer
spring outfit: blue jeans and Breton top with blazer and ballet flats
I will always love Bretons and blazers

I know British people get teased a lot for our obsession with the weather, but there’s a really good reason for it: when the weather is as changeable as ours is, it makes it really hard to plan anything, whether it be outfit or activity.

I mean, seriously: I like to think my closet contains an outfit for pretty much any occasion, give or take. Like, if I was asked to officiate someone’s wedding at short notice, say, (Which, OK, hasn’t happened YET, but you never know, do you?) I’d be ON IT. Ask me to select something to wear for a day out in the good ol’ British summertime (or springtime, even), however, and that particular dilemma might roll on for days. Will it be sunny or rainy? What if it’s sunny AND rainy? What if you need your snow clothes in the morning, but sunscreen in the afternoon? (It can happen, people. It HAS happened.) WHAT IF?

Given that a day spent (mostly) outdoors is one of the hardest things for me to dress for, then, when Fat Face asked me to do exactly that a couple of weeks ago, I assumed I’d be spending the day in question freezing my ass off in the name of fashion. When I woke up to brilliant blue skies on the morning of our planned outing to the New Lanark World Heritage Site, then, I still wasn’t going to risk the assumption that it would actually be warm out, so I layered up in two different tops, heavy jeans and a blazer:

New Lanark World Heritage Site
natural red hair in the sun
New Lanark in the spring sunshine
blue jeans and stripe top
spring at New Lanark
red bag and ballet flats
New Lanark World Heritage Site
stripe top and blue jeans

In fairness, my cynicism here wasn’t without reason: we’ve visited New Lanark a few times now, and every time we’ve been there, no matter what the time of year, it’s been absolutely freezing. See that white top you can see peeking out from underneath the stripe one in the photo above? That’s the Natasha boat neck t-shirt… which I’m wearing underneath the Breton stripe t-shirt (Which I got in blue and grey, rather than blue and white, because that’s about as adventurous as it gets for me these days…), for extra warmth. Now, the Breton is not a thin top: it’s actually a really thick, stretchy fabric, so it’s reasonably warm on its own, but I wasn’t going to leave anything to chance, hence the addition of ‘Natasha’. I actually have quite a few of these white, long-sleeve t-shirts now: they rarely seem to make it into outfit photos, but that’s because they’re generally being worn under something else, thanks to the thin fabric, which adds another layer of insulation, without adding any additional bulk to the outfit.

As it happened, though, I needn’t have worried about the weather, because, as it turned out, it was so gorgeous on the day these were taken that, within minutes of reaching our destination, I’d had to remove my jacket, because I was far too warm in it. D’oh! Still, I guess that’s the beauty of layering, isn’t it – oh, and of oversized handbags, too, because you have to have something to cart around all of those extra layers in, don’t you?

visiting New Lanark World Heritage Centre

In addition to the two tops, I’m also wearing Fat Face’s Super-Skinny jeans, which are, not – thankfully – as super-skinny as the name suggests, but which were really comfortable for a day spent mostly walking around enjoying the sunshine.  This is a really typical weekend look for me (and by “weekend” I mean, “all the time,”obviously…), and one of those outfit formulas I wear all the time, because I always feel comfortable, and at least a little bit pulled together in it. The biggest challenge, of course, is adapting the look to fit our beautifully unpredictable weather, but, thanks to my friends at Fat Face, I think I’ve got that sorted now too –  so here’s to a spring/summer filled with days out, whatever the weather!

classic casual outfit featuring jeans, breton and blazer
[This post was sponsored by Fat Face] [separator type=”thin”]

Fat Face Breton stripe t-shirt*

Fat Face Natasha boat neck t-shirt*

Fat Face skinny jeans*

H&M blazer

Zara ballet flats

Phillip Lim Pashli satchel*

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  • Love the colours – so nautical. I think I have the same blazer from H&M too!

    Charmaine Ng
    Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • Myra Boyle
    March 29, 2017

    Very comfy look

  • The Other Emma
    March 29, 2017

    Love this look!

  • Laura
    March 29, 2017

    Haha you are so right about the weather! I never believed when people said these things about the British weather either, but after living here for 4 years now, I’m starting to understand the struggle… I think you did pretty well though – just by removing the blazer that outfit became the perfect warm Spring day look 🙂 I love the red flats too – they add such a lovely spot of colour!

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  • D. Johnson
    March 29, 2017

    The weather in Maine has the same unpredictability and requires layers too. While I love the outfit, especially the purse, this is another excellently timed post for me. I’ve been wrestling with the issue of homelessness lately (many aspects) so reading your prior post featuring New Lanark raised my spirits. If far sighted, wealthy, business owners can have compassion and plan, build and maintain villages for their workers once, maybe this will happen again. (sigh!) SOMETHING needs to happen.

  • Alexandra Kutuzov
    March 30, 2017

    A great classic outfit and you always look fabulous! Feels like that in Sydney at the moment, it was sweltering humid yesterday and miserable rain today. It’s been like this all month.

  • Andrea
    April 1, 2017

    Love the casual outfit Amber. I’m not at all a Jeans girl ( and my last attempt to master them without looking like a farmhand had a setback when my six year old niece shuddered when she saw them..!)..but I am inspired to try again. How do you manage to look so stunning in absolutely everything?

  • Naomi
    April 23, 2017

    I just read your post about fake instagram likes, which made me realize I wasn’t an instagram subscriber of yours yet – HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?! Then one thing led to another and I’ve been going between your instagram feed and re-reading blog posts through my lunch break! Love it!

    Who are these sunglasses by? I find I’m going through photos of your outfits, shoes, and wardrobe room – YAAAS – looking to identify brands like a spectator’s sport, but get distracted by your engaging writing. It’s not a complaint! You make for a wonderful read and it’s truly the reason why you stand out from a sea of fashion/lifestyle bloggers for me.

    Thanks for giving me something fun to do on my lunch break!

    • Amber
      April 23, 2017

      Aww, thanks, that’s so nice of you to say!

      The sunglasses were by Unique Vintage, bu they’re a few years old now, so I’m not sure they’ll still stock them 🙁

      • Amber
        April 23, 2017

        Whoops, no they weren’t – was looking at the wrong post! These were from Everything5pounds.com!

  • Airforce
    June 11, 2017

    love this look!

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OUTFIT | Beautifully Unpredictable