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Hi, I'm Amber

and I've been being awkward on the internet for over a decade.

As a lifelong introvert and social anxiety sufferer, I definitely don’t go looking for awkward situations – and yet, somehow they manage to find me anyway.

So I write about them. Well, someone has to, right?

My aim with this site is to make people who are like me feel a little bit less alone, by writing openly about some of the issues most people don’t talk about . This blog is for the over-thinkers and the perennially anxious : for the misfits and the introverts, and for anyone else who’s ever felt like they don’t quite fit in. It’s about honest parenthood, real-life issues, and, making life a little bit less awkward, one blog post at a time. It’s the award girl’s guide to… well, everything, really: I’m glad to have you along for the ride…

I Also Wrote A Book…


I wrote a book about crying in the shower, quitting my job, and figuring out how to make a living by writing about my life on the internet.

My Blogging Secrets is the story of how my husband’s kidney transplant changed both of our lives. It’s also a realistic guide to blogging, filled with tips and advice from a full-time blogger.

My blogging secrets