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Hi, I'm Amber.

When my husband, Terry, was diagnosed with kidney failure, I quit my job and started a blog. Over a decade later, that blog is now one of the top-ranking parenting & lifestyle sites in the UK, and I'm probably best known for a couple of unfortunate eyelash-related incidents, plus that one time I got locked in my own bathroom. It's funny how things work out, isn't it?

These days, my blog allows me to earn a living from home, while parenting my toddler son, Max, and is an honest account of life, motherhood and. well, eyelashes, really.

I Also Wrote A Book…


I wrote a book about crying in the shower, quitting my job, and figuring out how to make a living by writing about my life on the internet.

My Blogging Secrets is the story of how my husband’s kidney transplant changed both of our lives. It’s also a realistic guide to blogging, filled with tips and advice from a full-time blogger.

My blogging secrets
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I used to consider myself childfree for life, but one day I decided I was tired of getting to sleep as much as I wanted and wear clothes without spit-up on them, so I had a baby. Yes, it surprised me too, to be honest.  Baby Max was born by elective c-section in December 2017, after one miscarriage, one ectopic pregnancy, and a lifetime’s worth of health anxiety and tokophobia. I wrote a pregnancy diary for (almost) every week of my pregnancy, and my parenting posts cover my journey so far, as well as providing some honest advice for first-time parents.

Family travel

Travelling with a toddler might be harder than nuclear physics sometimes (Note: not really.) (Actually yes, though.), but it’s totally worth it, and our family vacations are some of my most cherished memories.  Having lived in Scotland my entire life, I’ve spent a lot of time exploring the country (And, well, visiting all of the Outlander filming locations I can find…), and my posts on Scotland cover all of our adventures here. Most of my travel posts have a family-friendly focus, but as well as advice on how to survive a long-haul flight with a toddler, and visiting Florida’s theme parks with a baby in tow, you’ll also find more general  pieces on how to pack a suitcase, what to wear to the airport and more. Enjoy!

Blogging & Social Media

I’ve been making a living from blogging for over a decade: here’s everything I’ve learned, including how to start a blog, how to grow a blog, how to make money from blogging, and what it’s really like to make a living online.