Forever Amber: UK influncer

Hi, I’m Amber, a Scottish lifestyle blogger and chick lit author.

These days I mostly write books under the pen name Amber Eve, but before that I wrote for newspapers, magazines, and websites — including this UK lifestyle blog, which I started in 2006, as an attempt to document my life, even though no one asked.

Forever Amber used to be a fashion blog but now it is simply a collection of some of the things I’ve written, and it’s regularly ranked as one of the most popular women’s lifestyle blogs in the UK – which is as surprising to me as it is to anyone else, really. You’ll find a selection of my most popular posts here, to give you a taste of what the site’s about, or enter your email in the box below to receive new posts direct to your inbox.

The Accidental Impostor by Amber Eve
The Accidental Actress by Amber Eve
The Accidental Investigator by Amber Eve