Oh no, wait: you already knew that, didn’t you? Let’s start again…

So, as you might know, I had my mid-pregnancy anomaly scan this week, and the first – and most important – piece of information to come from that is that everything looks perfect (and also very cute, although I might be just a tad biased there…) with the baby, which is developing exactly as it should be in there, much to our relief!

I’m going to save all of the scan talk for this week’s pregnancy diary, though, because let’s be honest: you all just totally scrolled down to see the big reveal, didn’t you? (Don’t worry, I’d do exactly the same…) Well, here it is…

his and hers shoes: red high heels and black boots

Gender reveal: it's a boy! Three pairs of shoes: his, hers and baby

gender reveal: blue baby shoes

It's a boy! Gender reveal with blue baby shoesIt’s a boy!

…which means that (most of) the old wives got it totally wrong, but it looks like there might be something in my mother-in-law’s “butt theory” after all: hmmm.

This was, of course, exactly what I was expecting, but it was still really exciting to have it confirmed, and we were both fairly emotional, needless to say. Since then, I’ve had to work reeaaaallly hard to restrain myself from rushing out and buying a ton of cute little baby-boy clothes, because OMG, can you even imagine how much fun that’s going to be?! I couldn’t resit these little shoes, though: we’re not really into gender-specific colours, so won’t be doing the whole “blue-for-a-boy” thing on the regular, but… they were just too cute. (And hey: only £7! If only adult shoes were this cheap…) (Let’s just skim over the fact that, while I was looking at them, I also almost bought up the entire baby section: I mean, I didn’t, luckily, but… there’s still time.) (No, he will probably never wear them. I don’t care, though, because, cute!) (I can’t really understand why everything HAS to be dinosaur themed in the world of baby clothes, though? Like, what’s with that? Why are babies obsessed with dinosaurs? And why can’t I stop adding parentheses to this post?)

So, that’s our news: and, as I said, knowing what we’re having was obviously secondary to knowing that he was healthy, but it has also made it all feel a lot more real to me now that I can think of the baby as a “him” rather than than an “it”.

And now we get all the fun of picking a name…

(Actually, we’ve had a baby boy name picked out since long before we started even  thinking about having a baby, and we’re pretty sure we’ll use that: we do have a few other contenders, though, so you never know! I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until he’s here for that one, though…)

(P.S. Yes, I know that the correct term is “sex” not “gender”, but “sex reveal” would’ve made this sound like a totally different post altogether, somehow, so please excuse the lapse in terminology…)

baby boy gender reveal with blue sneakers

Gender reveal idea: we're having a baby boy!
  1. Congratulations Amber and Terry! xx And what a lovely way to tell the world with those photos. My little brother and sister have just had baby boys (two months apart!) and they’re both adorable. Enjoy your news and happy shopping! 😊

  2. How exciting, so you’ve got a wriggling boisterous person. You’ll need a lot of running shoes lol
    Wonderful news, congratulations.

  3. Congratulations! Also, I weirdly had this feeling you would have a boy, can’t explain it, maybe because you already own all the pretty full skirts and dresses 🙂

  4. Congratulations on your little boy! And you’re right, those shoes are very very cute. Though I disagree with you on the dinosaur front: I love dinosaurs so much I wish adult clothing had more of them.
    Would you consider doing the “names we like but won’t be using” tag? It’d be interesting to see what kind of names you like!
    Once again, congrats on everything. After everything that’s happened, you two certainly deserved some good news! *

    *I’m talking about the baby being healthy now, not being a boy

  5. So excited, Amber!! I’ve been keeping up with your pregnancy posts and loving them just as much as your usual content, especially your Old Wives’ Tales one – what a brilliant intro for a gender reveal 😀 I know you said a lot of people thought you would be having a girl, but somehow I was picturing you with a boy – psychic? Maybe I’ve taken on your mother-in-law’s abilities?!
    Looking forward to reading more 🙂

  6. Congratulations again to you both! Lovely news. Great to hear that this little boy of yours is growing nicely 🙂 Regarding clothing, check out Mothercare’s Myleene Klass range. A little more expensive than others but oh so cool and I don’t remember seeing any dinosaurs around 😉

  7. Congratulations guys! Boys are awesome – although I am biased!

    I think it used to be that girls’ clothes were much more fun to buy but now there are so many fabulous non-gender-specific brands out there my bank balance is taking a major hit! With the twins we dressed them in whatever we were given, but this time I’m being a bit picker and buying up lots of rainbow bright unisex clothes and Scandi stuff. Loving Duns, Frugi, Maxomorra and actually John Lewis! Also Little Bird at Mothercare – it’s exactly the kind of cords-and-fair-isle style that I was dressed in as a child.

    Can’t wait to see how you dress your boy! Loving the teeny cons – so cute!!

  8. Congratulations! I liked knowing what I was having (I know everyone doesn’t) because then it felt like preparing for a real person instead of a generic baby. I love that last photo. So cute.

    1. Absolutely. Hope you are keeping OK. I really liked finding out the gender of our kids as it helped make it more real for us, as it’s now he instead of it. Also helped narrow down the names a bit too!

    2. I think you need to work harder to convince your Khaleesi of why he should have a strong Greek name. Perhaps a heroic mission facing probable death? Terry Junior or TJ has a good ring to it…

  9. Aw that is so lovely! Great news, and can’t wait to hear what you call him! Keep well, and look after your precious cargo. xxxx

  10. A cute gender/sex reveal! We have a baby son, and it is so amazing. I mean, I’m sure having a daughter would be great too, but I love having a little boy. Ironically, we were not going to do the whole gendered clothing but a lot of times we do (insert a facepalm here). Mostly because of gifts people got us. Which, I like blue, so I’m not hugely bothered by it. The things that do confuse me as far as baby clothing goes are 1) trucks and cars on ALL the clothing. 2) Or sport items. We don’t even watch sports. In comparison, I find the dino trend (or maybe baby clothes always has a lot of dinos, I don’t know), refreshing by comparison, lol.

    Anyway, congratulations again! So exciting! Hope that you are feeling better now that you are in your 2nd trimester too.

  11. OMG! So happy for you all! Needless to say, I’m so courious to see how your will escape from the usual “TEE+pants” outfit for a baby boy… I think it’s easier to dress up a little girl…. So I wish you a lot of fun!

  12. Have two boys and nothing makes me happier than dressing them up. You get gorgeous boy and girl clothes these days. Congrats. They are loads of fun boys.

  13. Congratulations! Baby boys are awesome. And so are baby girls. And babies in general. But it’s so much fun to find out and to pick stuff with a little more specific person in mind. 🙂

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