Hi, I’m Amber, and I come up with blog ideas so you don’t have to. Want to steal some of them?

As a full-time lifestyle blogger, I’ve spent the last decade dreaming up blog post ideas on a daily basis: in fact, at one point I actually DID publish more than 365 blog posts in the space of a year … which is how I came to realise there are literally endless ideas for blog topics out there – you just have to know how to find them.

Sometimes that’s the problem, though, isn’t it? The “finding them” bit, I mean. As a prolific blogger, who used to update numerous blogs on a daily basis (I think my record was 10 posts per day: which seems straight-up CRAZY to me now, but at least I learned a thing or two about content writing from it…), I know it’s definitely possible to keep coming up with new ideas… but I also know how hard it is, and what’s it’s like to sit there for what feels like hours, desperately trying to think of something – ANYTHING – to write.

You don’t have to do that, though.

No, YOU really DON’T have to sit there wracking your brain for blog ideas, because I’ve done it all for you, and put 365 of my best – and most successful – blog post ideas into this ebook, so you can pick the ones you like, then get on with the important bit: actually writing them.

Spend less time planning, and more time writing

What do you get?

The idea here is super-simple, so I’m going to cut right to the chase…

This book is aimed at lifestyle bloggers, which means it contains blog ideas for a variety of different topics, namely:














blog ideasIt’s not just blog ideas, though…

… because having the right ideas at your fingertips is all well and good, but you also need to know how – and when – to use those ideas, and what to do if you need even MORE of them. So, as well as the lists of potential blog topics, this book also contains some tips on how often you should post, and how to generate some ideas of your own.

Ready to start writing some amazing content?