Hi, I’m Amber: I’m a journalist-turned-blogger based in the UK, and my main claims to fame include a couple of unfortunate eyelash-related incidents, plus my uncanny knack of flooding my own house.

I’m also the author of My Blogging Secrets and 60 Closet Essentials – both available on Amazon –  and am regularly voted one of the top UK parenting and/ or lifestyle bloggers, which is as surprising to me as it is to anyone else, really.

I live in central Scotland with my husband, Terry, and toddler son, Max, and spend most of my time juggling a full-time blogging career with providing the voices for one of the many soft toys who live in our house. I’m a socially anxious introvert with a habit of committing random acts of stupidity, and I started this blog in the hope that there were other, equally awkward, people out there who might enjoy reading it.

This site is The Awkward Girl’s Guide to Life: a rough guide to absolutely everything I’ve learned about how to survive in a world built for extroverts and “normal” people – or The Others, as I call them. Scroll down to find out more…

UK parenting blog
me and Terry

On December 15, 2003, Terry and I got engaged on the banks of the Grand Canyon, while holidaying in Las Vegas.

Two weeks later, on boxing day of that year, Terry was diagnosed with end-stage renal failure, and told that, without immediate treatment, he had just two weeks to live. It wasn’t the best Christmas we’ve ever had, all things considered.

Unable to continue with the day job, Terry started a web design business from his dialysis chair. As for me, meanwhile, I finally took the hint that it was time to leave the office job I hated, and start building a life that didn’t make me cry in the shower every morning at the thought of going into work. Freelance writing turned into freelance blogging, and pretty soon I realised that, instead of getting paid to write for other people, I could get paid to write for myself: and so Forever Amber was born.

Terry finally had his transplant on December 15th, 2005 – two years to the day we got engaged – receiving a kidney from his brother, John, also known as “Our Hero”.

And me? I kept on blogging – the only difference being that, these days, my blog is read by over 70,000 people per month. Trippy, no?

Pregnancy & Parenthood

I used to consider myself childfree for life, but one day I decided I was tired of getting to sleep as much as I wanted and wear clothes without spit-up on them, so I had a baby. Yes, it surprised me too, to be honest.

Baby Max was born by elective c-section in December 2017, after one miscarriage, one ectopic pregnancy, and a lifetime’s worth of health anxiety and tokophobia. I wrote a pregnancy diary for every week of my pregnancy, and turned it into a book in 2019.

I firmly believe in the importance of being honest about parenthood, which is why my blog covers topics like all the things I miss about life before children, and what parents REALLY think at soft play, as well as the more traditional mummy blog topics, like the ultimate list of toddler essentials, and our favourite books to read before bedtime.

UK parenting blog

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