“Sophie Kinsella has a successor!”

“A hilarious Scottish Bridget Jones…”

… are things people who don’t know me have said about me — or about my writing, rather.

People who do know me, on the other hand, are more likely to say things like, “Why do these things always happen to you, Amber?” or “What’s that on your face?” And that’s why, when asked to introduce myself, I normally just mumble a bit then say I write things for a living. Which is true.

So, hi: I’m Amber, and I write things. These days I mostly write books about slightly awkward people who keep getting themselves into ridiculous situations (Don’t ask me where my inspiration comes from, I beg you…), but before that I wrote for newspapers, magazines, and websites, including this blog, which I started in 2006, as an attempt to document my life, even though no one asked.

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forever amber

Some more about me...

I am Not A People Person. I love inanimate objects a little too much. I once lived next door to an international man of mystery. I have an unfortunate habit of flooding my own house. I am never knowingly seen without a hair elastic on one wrist. I grew up ugly. As a child, I was obsessed with horses and Enid Blyton stories. I hate birthdays, New Year’s Eve, and cold weather. I am terrified of crabs. I was born and raised in Scotland, but my heart belongs to Florida and/or California; please don’t make me choose which. I quit my job in PR when my husband was diagnosed with kidney failure and had to get a transplant. I’ve been blogging ever since. I’ve been keeping diaries since I was 11-years-old. I’m so pale that if I don’t wear makeup, everyone assumes I’m dying. I’m an only child. I was not named after my red hair. I once declined an invitation to my own party. I love Taylor Swift. I gave birth by elective c-section following one miscarriage, one ectopic pregnancy, and a lifetime’s worth of tokophobia. I don’t have a favourite book, song or movie, and get anxious when asked to choose one. “Why does it always happen to YOU, Amber?” is the thing people say to me most often. I love sad songs and books about mysterious old houses, and I’m really bad at writing lists of facts about myself…

My books

I wrote my first “book” when I was 10 years old. It was called Ponies Galore, and, when it was done, I gave it to my friend Rhona, who never gave it back. I expect she still reads it from time to time. OK, not really.

It took me much longer to complete my second book (Which is actually my 5th full-length novel, the others having been ghostwritten for other people….), but it was finally released in August 2022, and you can find it here, along with the various sequels, which allow me to spend my days imagining what it would be like to fake-date a movie star, say, or solve mysteries with a devastatingly handsome (and yet inexplicably grumpy) cop.

Well, someone has to, right?

The Accidental Impostor, by Amber Eve

Want to work together?

ForeverAmber.co.uk launched in 2006, and has a loyal, highly-engaged following, many of whom have been reading the site for well over a decade. The site regularly tops the HIBS100 lifestyle blog chart, and has been featured in She magazine, Company, Modern Gardens, Office Shoes Magazine, Essentials, BOE Magazine, on the Vanessa Feltz radio show, and in the Easyjet in-flight magazine, amongst others.

The site primarily focuses on parenting, style, beauty, travel, and other lifestyle topics, and I’ve worked with brands like Jet2Holidays, Citroen, Universal Orlando, Boden, Ralph Lauren, Jo Malone, Brabantia and more.

If you’d like to find out how your brand could feature on Forever Amber, click here to read more about my brand collaborations, here to see some of my previous work, or here to get in touch.

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