Of all of the lipsticks and glosses I own, the one I’ve been wearing most often recently is a Lacura Beauty lipstick, which is available at Aldi for a massive £1.99.

Aldi offered to send me this a few weeks ago, and because I’ve previously tried – and been really impressed with – some of their skincare products, I was happy to agree.

I was sent shade 403, which is a shimmery, pinkish-red shade with a semi-sheer finish:

I like this colour because it’s pretty natural on me, and because it’s a very low-maintenance  lipstick- the type you can put on in a hurry without having to spend ages lining your lips, applying, and then meticulously re-applying to get the perfect outline. This makes it perfect for days when I don’t have a lot of time, or just don’t want to look too made-up, but still want to add a little colour to my lips. (My natural lips are super-pale, so going without lip colour altogether is an easy way to guarantee a few “OMG, are you ill?” questions…) I also like the fact that I can just pop it in my handbag and use it for touch-ups as required: I know technically you can do this with ANY lipstick, but I’ve never been a fan of standing in public bathrooms trying to re-do my Ruby Woo, or some other colour which requires a very precise application – with this, it’s one swipe and you’re done.

This is available at Aldi, and as I mentioned above, it’s only £1.99 per tube, which is pretty cheap by anyone’s standards. You will have to visit the store in person to buy it, I’m afraid, as you can’t shop online, but hey, at least you’ll have the chance to look at some more colours!

  1. Wow that lipstick is amazing! The colour is simply stunning and it looks absolutely gorgeous on you. I’ll definitely be popping down to Aldi to pick one up when I next go shopping 🙂 x

  2. This lippy looks fab on you! And your hair looks gorgeous in that photo – so glossy and bouncy looking!

    I love this make-up range – Lacura concealer is amazing, better than Touche Eclat and less that quarter of the price!

  3. I wish you updated more! You’re such a lovely woman and I like seeing what kind of products you recommend for paley girls!

  4. Wow that lipstick is lovely!

    I love the Lacura Blush compact. I’m also very fair skinned and the colour I got in Aldi suits me perfectly. Plus it was only about £2!

    Got to love a bargain!

  5. Not really about the topic of this post, but what Illamasqua shade would you recommend for me? I have extremely light skin with pink undertones. For reference, MUFE 15 and Bobbi Brown alabaster are too dark.

    1. Hi Heidi,
      I don’t actually use Illamasqua, I’m afraid, so I can’t offer advice on that: the one shade I tried was too dark, and the only other one I’ve used is the pure white one, which I sometimes mix with other colours to dial them down a little.

  6. What concealers do you use for under the eye? I, too, am very fair skinned and have an obsession with making my undereyes look better due to darkness and lines (im only in my 20s!). Your under eyes look great so i was curious, because its difficult for me to find shades that match my fair skin, and cover well.

    1. i second that. porcelain bisque is extremely pale and even lighter than bobbi brown foundation in alabaster.

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