I’m sure I don’t need to point out to regular readers that I’ve been on a bit of a GOSH kick lately. I’ve had a lot of luck with the brand, which I think is, in many cases, a good mid-price alternative to some of the higher end brands I might otherwise be tempted by.

My last GOSH purchase was the Velvet Touch Foundation Primer, and as it was positioned right next to the makeup brushes on the stand, I was reminded of my promise to myself to start replacing my brushes, buying a new one every month. A powder brush was next on my list, so I picked up the GOSH large powder brush, and, giving the matter very little thought (I do that sometimes. I don’t recommend it.) threw it into my basket.

Once I got it home, my initial impressions were pretty good. It had only cost me £9.99, and although the bristles are synthetic, they’re soft, supple, pick up a nice amount of powder, and allow me to buff it into my skin without any issues. Fast forward a couple of weeks, however, and I was starting to feel a little less impressed. The bristles are still soft and lovely, but they’ve also started to shed. Every time I’ve used the brush for the past week, I’ve been left with a bristle or two on my face (lovely!) – it’s not shedding a huge amount, and it hasn’t become a big deal, but each time I use it, I’m reminded that, yes, it was a relatively cheap brush, and that I may want to be less of a cheapskate about it next time.

Still, this is far from the worst powder brush I’ve used either, and if you only want to spend £10, it could be worth a go – just be prepared to pick the odd bristle off your face when you use it!

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