maternity outfit for autumn: navy pinstripe trousers with trench coat

autumn outfit idea: trench coat and navy

autumn maternity style: pinstripe trousers and short trench coat

25 week baby bump

autumn maternity style(*This post may not contain actual unicorns. Sorry.)

Ever since I started looking at maternity clothes, I’ve been hearing people talk about the existence of under-the-bump trousers that don’t fall down all the time.

And, I mean, I’d heard the stories, I’d seen the wide-eyed amazement of the people who told them… I just didn’t believe them. For months now, I’ve assumed that comfortable under-the-bump trousers were a bit like unicorns: as in, it would be awesome if they were real, but LOL, like anyone’s going to actually believe in THAT!

Well, readers, last week these pinstripe maternity trousers came into my life, and now I’m a believer. Because not only do they have an under-the-bump band, they have a comfortable under-the-bump band. One that doesn’t fall down every time you take a couple of steps in them, unlike SOME maternity trousers I could mention. (*Cough* TopshopLeighJeans *Cough*) It’s a miracle, people! They’re unicorn trousers! And it’s the greatest tragedy of my life that they don’t make them in more than one colour.*

(*It really isn’t.)

Not that I don’t love the colour they DO come in, mind you. Next describe these as “workwear” trousers, and yup, I think they’d be perfect for the office, if that’s what you need them for. They’re such a comfortable, stretchy fabric, though, that I also think they’ll work well worn more casually with flats or sneakers – which is how I’m planning to wear them next, naturally.

So, it’s a thumbs up for the unicorn trousers, but can I also just take a quick moment to say how excited I am to publish these photos? As you might have seen from my Instagram Stories last week, I’m currently working with Nikon, who’ve allowed me to borrow their D7500 DSLR camera, with the aim of getting one of our own, as our existing DSLR is a few years old now. This was our first time experimenting with it, and we were both kind of blown away with how great it is: these were taken with the 85MM F/1.8G lens beloved by fashion bloggers, and it made our photography process a whole lot easier. I’ll be talking more about that soon, though: for now, let’s just glory in the existence of the unicorn trousers, and marvel at the fact that I managed to get through this entire blog post without complaining about autumn.

Oh no… wait…


Pinstripe maternity trousers c/o Next

Betty London trench

Gap Maternity top

Office ‘On to Point’ shoes

Philip Lim 3.1 mini Pashli satchel*



  1. The pictures are great, but it might also be because you and your Bump are gorgeous… I particularly love how you pull up your sleeves. I try to do that all the time, but it never looks as good as when you do it!

  2. I just found your blog yesterday via Pinterest, and I just want to tell you how much I love it! I’m in the process of starting one of my own and yours is so inspiring! And your writing style is just so interesting and funny! Great job!

  3. I knew something looked different about these pictures! You guys are doing great with a DSLR. Fingers crossed that you can get your own soon.

  4. Lovely outlook! You’re so cool. I wish I’d found these wonderful clothes when I were pregnant. Kisses from the very south of Spain.

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