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Updating My Capsule Wardrobe with Very.co.uk

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“Hey, Amber, how’s that whole capsule wardrobe thing working out for you?” I hear absolutely no one ask?

And, honestly? It’s actually going pretty well so far, all things considered.

In the couple of weeks that followed my initial big clear-out, I did return a couple of items to the wardrobe (Which is why I recommend keeping everything you’re getting rid of in a ‘holding area’ of some kind for at least a few weeks, rather than sending them straight to the charity shop, or whatever it is you’re planning to do with them. Seriously, don’t be like Last Year’s Me and just offload it all instantly, only to discover a week later that you now have literally — LITERALLY — nothing to wear…), BUT I also removed a few things, having realised I probably wasn’t going to wear them, after all.

So the amount of clothes remained fairly even, but although I think my wardrobe is probably still a bit too extensive to count as a “proper” capsule (I keep seeing people cite 30-40 items as being the “optimal” amount, but, for me, that wouldn’t really allow for seasonal clothes or occasion-wear, so I’m guessing I have closer to 50, all told — and that’s not counting shoes, outerwear, or workout clothes), I still had a few “gaps” in it, which I was keen to fill: but only with pieces I knew I’d wear constantly and not just end up regretting the second I snipped the labels off them, which is what so often happens with me and clothes.

Having a capsule wardrobe doesn’t mean never adding anything new to it, though: in fact, I think it’s important to update a few things every now and then — not just to stop you getting bored, but also to make sure your wardrobe doesn’t remain frozen in time, like some kind of time capsule, rather than simply a clothing capsule. Which was a very real risk for me, to be honest.

Fortunately, however, the people at Very.co.uk came a long with the offer of an autumn outfit update, so here’s a quick look at what I chose…

wide leg trousers wool bomber jacket01.
The Wide-Leg Trousers / Jumpsuit

Wide-leg trousers are one of those things I thought I’d never wear. In fact, I’m fairly sure that if you have a quick look through this website, you’ll find multiple posts in which I’ve solemnly declared that I’d NEVER wear wide-legged ANYTHING, and you couldn’t make me. Like, EVER.

(This is why you should never trust anything I have to say about fashion, seriously…)

The thing is, though, I’m short. I was convinced wide legs would make me look as wide as I was tall, and then I’d just end up looking like a giant square. Well, a short square. You know what I mean.

The first pair of wide-legs I tried on seemed to confirm that impression: after years of wearing skinnies or leggings, there just seemed to be SO MUCH FABRIC flapping around my legs that I felt really self-conscious in them, as if people would be pointing and laughing at the crazy lady with the clown pants.

But “They’re just trousers, Amber,” everyone assured me on Instagram. “Calm down, woman.”

And they were right. They ARE just trousers. (Or, in this case, a jumpsuit, which I’ve layered up for autumn by belting it at the waist, and then tucking a sweater into the belt, the way you would a waistband.) And, to my surprise, I kind of like them. I’m not convinced they’re quite as flattering on me as a slimmer leg would be, but they’re comfortable and versatile, and make me feel like I’m fully in my All Saints era (By which I mean the 90s girl band, not the fashion label), which is unexpected, to say the least, but doesn’t everyone say a change is as good as a rest?

(As an alternative to wide leg trousers, Very.co.uk also have a range of denim dresses on the site which are worth a look, too.)

wide leg trousers outfit


The Bomber Jacket

This is a bit of a “unicorn” fashion item — a jacket that’s warm enough for chilly autumn days, but not so thick or bulky that it becomes an outfit in itself, the way a lot of coats do. In all honesty, I’ll probably get more use out of this in spring, and even summer (THANKS, SCOTLAND), than I will during autumn/winter, but that’s purely because I’m absolute princess when it comes to the cold: and am writing this post with a hot water bottle stuffed up my jumper to prove it.

I have, however, been looking for a lightweight-but-warm jacket for what feels like forever now, and the fact that this one also comes in black and khaki makes it feel like some kind of holy grail to me, seriously.

(Yes, I really want the khaki version…)

Marc Jacobs canvas tote bag


The Sporty Sneakers

Trainers have been my staple footwear for at least a couple of years now, which I know is traumatic to those of you who started following me based on my extensive collection of high heels, but which nevertheless makes my feet very happy, because they’re just so much more comfortable and practical for my current lifestyle. My trusty Vejas have been pretty much glued to my feet ever since I got them (Er, maybe two years ago? Three?), but I’ve been starting to get more than a little bored of them lately, and wanted something a little fresher and sportier. These are the New Balance 373 in beige, and I LOVE them: they’re just so comfortable, and the beige/gold colourway goes with everything, so they’re pretty versatile too (as long as I keep them out of the mud, obviously: these are very much “city” trainers rather than “tramping through the countryside” ones). They’ve barely been off my feet since they arrived, which is always a good sign, isn’t it?

marc jacobs small canvas tote04.

The Tote Bag

Finally, The Tote Bag — which isn’t just how I’m choosing to describe it, but its actual name. This bag is TikTok famous (Love that for it), which is how it came to worm its way into my mind, to the point that I had an almost Pavlovian response to seeing it on the Very.co.uk website: the response being to hit “add to basket” before I could even ask myself whether to go for the black or the beige. (The last time this happened to me, I ended up with a pale pink Stanley Quencher — which, to be fair, is THE BEST. Sometimes I’m so basic it hurts…) (I DID go back and spend a long time debating this, by the way. My conclusion was that the black would be more practical for this time of year, but the beige would awesome for summer. So… both, then, please.)

Until this arrived, I’d been stuck in a bit of a “crossbody bag” rut, which was starting to get annoying, because the bag in question is cute but tiny, and, as the mum of a 5-year-old, I rarely go anywhere without an extensive collection of snacks, drinks, toys, and, of course, MAGNETS. Always, always magnets. Anyway, this bag is large enough to hold all of that and more, but it also has a shoulder strap, which allows it to be worn cross-body style. (Or, you know, on your shoulder. Sorry for explaining shoulder straps to you…) I have no notes, readers. You should probably expect to see this bag a lot, especially if you follow me on Instagram.


But what do these clothes look like when set to Taylor Swift songs, Amber, I hear you ask? Your wish is my command…

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  • Louise


    I do really like those Tote bags. Everything looks really comfy, which is always good

    October 24, 2023
  • Louise


    I am sure someone has already told you, but someone appears to have taken over your instagram handle.

    October 24, 2023