Amber and Max sitting on the steps of the beach in Margate, Kent

AD | Life in Loungewear at Margate, Kent

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For the last year or so, I’ve been telling myself the pandemic hadn’t changed me: that, unlike all of the people who’d experienced life-changing revelations about themselves and their personalities in the course of the last 18 months, I’d known myself well enough back at the start of all of this to have remained exactly the same.

Then I remembered the loungewear.

Amber and Max crossing the road in front of the Old Kent Market, Margatecolourful houses on Margate seafront, Kent, England

Lockdown has made me love loungewear: and not just in a, “hmm, this is pretty comfy to lie around the house in,” kinda way, but also in an, “Actually, I think I might wear it OUT of the house now, too?” kind of way. And so it came to pass that, for our first trip out of Scotland in more than 18 months, one of the first things I added to my suitcase – and Max’s – was a couple of loungewear sets. No, seriously, look:

row of pastel houses in Margate, KentThe old lido at Margate, Kent

The Cliff Bar at Margate, KentMax puddle jumping on a rainy day

These sets are from Glamify Fashion, and are part of their new Mini Me range for mums and toddlers. I’m wearing the ‘Kelsey’ set in cream (This is currently down to £10 on sale, and there are still a few other colours available, so if you’re in the market for some luxe new loungewear, you know what to do…), and Max is in the ‘Alex’ set, which, like my outfit, is made from a really nice, thick fabric which feels much better quality than the joggers and sweatshirts I usually buy for him.

Aside from the quality, the thing I like most about these sets is the fit. Much as I’ve come to love loungewear recently, I’ve struggled a bit with the oversized look, which is everywhere right now, but which just swamps me, and makes me look like I’m wearing someone else’s clothes. These joggers, however, have a slimmer fit, and also a shorter leg than some of the other ones I’ve tried (For reference, I’m 5’4″ and normally have to cuff my joggers at the ankle because most of them are so long), which is one of the reasons I felt comfortable wearing them – gasp – outside the house, rather than purely as loungewear.

Amber and Max walking past the lido sign at Margate, Kent

The seafront at Margate, Kent

Speaking of being outside the house, these photos were taken early one morning in the seaside town of Margate, Kent, which we visited last week, while we were staying in the area. As some of you might recall, Terry’s brother Niko and his family live in Kent, and, before the pandemic, we used to try to visit at least once a year. (You can see some of my previous Kent posts here…) Thanks to Covid-19, that trip obviously didn’t happen last year, so we were really excited to be able to head south again this month, both to catch up with our family there after such a long time, and, well, just to be somewhere that isn’t Scotland for a change, basically.

This particular trip to Margate, however, wasn’t exactly planned: we’d actually visited a couple of days before, only for me to stupidly leave my Kate Spade baby bag (Which I still use to cart around an emergency change of clothes for Max, plus all of the other random stuff a toddler seems to need on a day out…) in a car park there.

Although the contents of the bag weren’t particularly valuable (Fortunately for me, I only use it for toddler stuff, and tend to carry my wallet, phone etc in the smaller bag I’m wearing here), I was still absolutely gutted to have lost it, and so convinced that I’d never see it again (Because, I mean, who WOULDN’T want to steal a nylon bag filled with baby wipes and hand sanitiser?) that I refused to even call the police station to ask about it, so you can imagine my delight when Terry did it for me, and found that, YES, some good Samaritan had, indeed, found the missing bag, and handed it in, complete with all of its contents.

So I guess a spare set of toddler clothes and that half-used lipstick I carry around with me all the time actually AREN’T as sough-after as I’d assumed? MIND. BLOWN.

fishing boats at Margate, Kent

So, back to Margate we went, on a two-hour round trip that definitely hadn’t been on the agenda for the day, but which at least got me my bag back, as well as an opportunity to take some drizzly photos on the beach before the crowds arrived. There are definitely worse ways to spend a morning…

cream loungewear set by Glamify fashion

[Wearing: loungewear set, denim jacket; shoes; ]

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  • Sharon


    You really suit that outfit.

    June 22, 2021
  • Myra Boyle


    That’s a very elegant lounge suit

    June 22, 2021
  • Barbara West


    And the photo of Max puddle-jumping is adorable! Please frame a print of it and hang it somewhere.

    June 22, 2021