The Breathless speedboat ride at Disney’s Boardwalk, Florida

So, hello! I am still alive, but I’m also very, very lazy and have been spending most of my time either lolling around in the sun or finding new branches of Sephora to bother, so I somehow haven’t found the time to blog. Just imagine me eating a lot, lolling a lot and spending a lot, and you’ve pretty much got a snapshot of my holiday so far, if you’re curious. Here are a few more, though, for the very bored…

Last night we took a cruise on Breathless, which is a lovely wooden speedboat which you board at Disney’s Boardwalk (officially one of my favourite places on earth)… I’ve been looking at and admiring Breathless for years now, so my parents booked us on it as a treat for Terry and I a few months ago – thanks, parents! You basically get the use of the entire boat and a driver for an hour, and they take you onto the lagoon at Epcot to see the fireworks from the water. I was apparently quite smug about this:


The thing about that, though? The boat goes FAST. Like, really fast. And spins you round in little tight circles, so the side of the boat is almost touching the water. It was seriously better than some of the rides you get in the theme parks, and the fireworks were absolutely amazing from where we were moored…. I’ve always thought Epcot’s firework display is one of the best, but from the water it was really spectacular, and all lump-in-the-throaty. It was fab. And I was still, apparently, very smug about it all:


Today has been a “laze around the pool with a headache” day, but tomorrow we’re off to Universal Studios, which should be good because I haven’t been there for years, and Terry hasn’t been there at all, so there should be some new stuff to see. Tonight we’re planning to warm up by riding the baby roller coaster at Old Town – or at least, Terry is. I’m too much of a wuss for even the teeniest of roller coasters, so if you never hear from me again here, you’ll know I decided to give it a try. (Note: I wont, though.)

For now, Terry is hanging over my shoulder waiting to use the laptop to find somewhere to eat tonight, so I shall finish by saying that I don’t care what anyone says: I still loves me some marshmallow fluff, so there.

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  • Erik (Sorrento)


    There's someone you know who worked on those fireworks. 😉

    June 8, 2008
  • Erik – *impressed*

    June 8, 2008
  • Stephen


    Universal Studios = Men In Black ride. One of the most fun rides EVER. Terry will love it… ;+)

    June 8, 2008
  • Danielle


    You're lucky you're not in California. The Universal Studios here in Hollywood caught fire.

    June 9, 2008
  • I too hate roller coasters. Ever since my brother forced me on a scary one as a kid and I let every expletive I knew fly on the whole ride. Scarred me for life!

    June 10, 2008