Christmas! New Year! Shopping!

I had planned to write a couple of posts here over the holiday – one about Christmas, one a kind of "year in review" type thing maybe. Then I ate too much, slept too much and thought, "screw that, I’m going to go shopping, instead." So I did.

I didn’t actually buy much during the shopping, mind you, because The Others were there, and it was just too difficult to get into most of the stores, never mind buy anything in them. God, I hate the sales. I did almost buy a maternity dress (No, I am not pregnant: I am just stupid, and didn’t realise it was a maternity dress until I got into the changing room.) at one point, but luckily my new policy of trying stuff on before buying it managed to avert that particular crisis. Other than that, it’s been a lazy holiday, most of which has passed in a food-driven daze.

Most Dramatic Moment : When the plate bearing dips (which was sitting on one of those stands with tea lights under it) dramatically exploded during Christmas dinner.

Biggest ‘D’oh!’ Moment: When my dad tried to pick up the pieces of said plate, forgetting they were BURNING HOT and ran to the kitchen with them, screaming all the way. I’m just amazed it wasn’t me that did that…

Person Who Are the Most Food: Me

Person Who Continues to Eat Chocolate for Breakfast on a Daily Basis: Me

And also for lunch: Me

Person Who Peed on the Washing Machine Most Times: Rubin

And that was Christmas. I mostly got clothes and money, which was very welcome because at the rate I’m eating chocolate, I’ll need to buy a whole new wardrobe pretty soon. Next up, of course, we have New Year to get through. Regular readers will remember that I hate New Year with a fiery passion, but it was only when Terry described it this week as "forced enjoyment" that I realised why this is. (I think he was quoting Russel Brand when he said that, by the way. Just in case anyone was thinking that Terry suddenly became hugely insightful or something.) I think "forced enjoyment " sums up New Year pretty well: it sucks because everyone has such high expectations of it. Not only is it forced enjoyment, but it’s also slightly competitive enjoyment, with everyone desperate to have THE BEST! TIME! EVER! and spending the evening quietly convinced that everyone else they know is at some fabulous, secret party, having that mythical New Year that everyone talks about, but no one ever seems to experience.

Or maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, I’m off to eat some chocolate and maybe think about doing some more shopping.

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  • I had the perfect visual of your dad screaming all the way into the kitchen, thankyou for a good giggle!

    Mmmm chocolate for breakfast. I miss our Aussie chocolate, though. 😉

    December 30, 2007
  • Erik (Sorrento)


    Chocolate is the best food for any meal. Before I read the peeing culprit was Rubin, i thought, "my god, how drunk did somebody get?"

    December 30, 2007
  • No, not just you. I dislike New Year's as well. And I'm a big fan of holidays that are all about drinking.

    But you are right, you spend a ton of money to have a GREAT TIME! And the best time is sitting on your couch, in your PJs, drinking wine and watching TV with your friends.

    December 31, 2007
  • You're right about the whole "forced enjoyment" thing. Had another one of those not-really-that-enjoyable NYEs m'self. It was fine… but I can't help feeling that if we'd stayed at home, ordered too much take away chinese, opened a few bottles of champagne and watched Star Wars, it would have been even more enjoyable.

    Maybe I'll do that tonight to make up for it… 😉

    January 1, 2008