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A Day of My Life in Pictures | April 2016

A Day of My Life in Pictures is a monthly series in which I attempt to document a random day of my life in – you guessed it – pictures.

This was my Sunday, April 10th…

sometime in the early morning


Hola! I’ve no idea what time it is here, but I know it’s earlier than I usually wake up, because one of the ways my brain likes to torture me is by waking me up early on the days I could easily sleep in. (Other ways my brain likes to torture me: giving me nightmares in which I’m being made to do my exams again, and I haven’t prepared for them; frequently suggesting that I should go for a run, then making me feel guilty when I don’t. Screw you, brain!)

(I also have no idea why I thought this photo would be a good idea, so let’s blame that one on the morning brain, too.)

coffee in bed

Luckily for me, Terry was up before me, and has very kindly brought me a mug of coffee, which I drink whilst doing a bit of internetting, and being watched intently by my small, furry stalker:

dog stalker

For reasons we’ve never been able to fathom, Rubin spends a lot of time staring at his own reflection in the mirror and/or watching us in it. I think he maybe believes we can’t see him if he watches us like this, rather than staring at us directly? No idea. It’s quite unnerving, though, although not so much that I let it stop me having another cup of coffee:

polka dot coffee mugs

I might be lazy, folks, but at least I’m hydrated.

Sad story related to this photo: days after this was taken, Terry broke my red polka dot mug. This is the second red polka dot mug of mine he’s destroyed now: in fact, the one in the photo was actually purchased as a replacement for this one, which went to the great dishwasher in the sky not long after THAT photo was taken. I’m starting to see a pattern here. I’m also having to acknowledge the obvious: Terry has something against red polka dot mugs. (Which is actually odd, because he bought me a new one, to replace this one. Maybe he just likes BUYING red polka dot mugs? I am so confused right now…)

After that, I figured I should get up…

unmade bed in all-white bedroom

… and get dressed:

in my workout gear

Don’t worry, this is not my outfit for the day, and I’m not doing that thing I usually do where I pretend I’m going to work out, either. I put on my workout clothes, because my nest task of the day was taking photos and attempting to film a short video of my closet for this post.

shoe shelves and GO Pro


I thought this would take me around 20 minutes or so: it actually ended up taking closer to two hours, because WOW, is that room hard to photograph. As I said in the resulting post, it’s too dark to get a photo without studio lights, but too small to get the lights in there without them being in all of the photos. After trying and failing to get the shots I needed, I enlisted Terry, who had the great idea of attaching the GoPro to one of the lights, and trying to film it that way: genius, huh?

editing video footage

Yeah, not so much: once we were done filming, I sat down to edit the footage, and it was all so dark and shaky that it was totally un-useable. So THAT was a good use of a few hours! I did manage to get some vaguely useable photos, so I start to put a blog post together for the next week, and then all of a sudden remember that, whoops, I’m still in my workout gear, AND I haven’t even showered yet: GAH.

(I’d like to pretend this almost never happens, but the truth is that this almost ALWAYS happens. Our neighbours all think I’m either a fitness fanatic, or the most slovenly woman in the whole world, because I can guarantee that any time they see me, I’m wearing workout gear, with no makeup, and my hair scraped back. It’s a glamorous life, for sure…)

Anyway, this afternoon we’re heading to a local cafe to see our friend Neil’s band play an acoustic set there, so I figure I should probably shower and get dressed first:

makeup brushes in acrylic container

If you’ve read any of my other posts in this series, you’ll already be familiar with my “getting ready” routine, and honestly, it really doesn’t change much from month to month. Neither does anything else in my life, now I come to think of it. I don’t know why I even write these posts, to be honest. Or what I think I’m doing with my life. I’m supposed to writing a blog post, not being plunged into a pit of existential despair, though, so I think I’m just going to file that one under “things to worry about in the dark reaches of the night”, and quickly draw your attention to the only things that have changed since my last ‘Day of Life’ posts, namely:

ETI Turbodryer 2000 Professional Salon Hair dryer (Aqua)


You know when you’re blow-drying your hair, and you suddenly realise there’s smoke coming from the direction of your head? That’s what happened to me earlier this month. My previous hairdryer was really old (fascinating story, I know), and I’d suspected it might not be with me too much longer, so I was secretly quite pleased when it dramatically went up in smoke, because AQUA HAIRDRYER. Sometimes it’s the little things that get you through the week, isn’t it?

individual false eyelashes

02. As I predicted, having eyelash extensions last month left me feeling totally dissatisfied with my own, normal lashes. I can’t afford to have the extensions done all the time, and it probably wouldn’t be good for my lashes either, so I bought these temporary ones instead, which I’ve been using every so often. They’re nowhere near as good as professional extensions, obviously, but they’re pretty good as a one-off: they’re more dramatic than mascara, but not as false looking as regular false eyelashes, so not bad for the price.

Next up, I FINALLY got dressed…

blue jeans, white blazer, high heels

nude shoes with studs

Zara jeans, blazer and top; River Island shoes; Dune bag

… and out of the house:

on the road

It was NOT a pretty day. In fact, I almost froze to death on the short walk between the car and our destination, which, as I said, was a local bar/restaurant, where we were meeting up with friends, to have some lunch and listen to some live music:

out for lunch

cocktail menu

The band were awesome, and we had a great time catching up with friends – who, of course, I didn’t take any photos of because they are imaginary I like them too much to make them live in fear of appearing on my blog…

On the way home, we popped in for a quick visit with our friends Steven & Lindsay so this photo is courtesy of their adorable daughter, Sienna, aged 1.5, and already pretty handy with an iPhone:

Sienna selfie


And after THAT we headed back home, where I’ll end this post the same way I seem to end every single one of these posts – on the couch, with a bowl of popcorn:

TV and popcorn

Oh, and a stalker:

doggie stalker

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  • Allegra


    I do love reading this series! You have a natural talent to make an ordinary day interesting through humor. ?
    Because of that good dose of it, now I read your blog with my morning coffee everyday. Thank you very much for making my mornings a little less grumpy (not a morning person at all).

    By the way, that new hairdryer is lovely. Do you know if that brand is exclusive from the UK?

    April 19, 2016
  • I totally fell for your furry stalker …

    April 19, 2016
  • Sasha


    I would definitely accept a stalker in Rubin-form in my life! Adorable!

    April 19, 2016
  • I adore that outfit. It’s very casual put together and I am very envious of that.

    And I love your day in the life pictures. And your stalker is adorable. Howl doesn’t even pretend to not be watching me, he just climbs right up next to me and stares at me.

    Fashion And Happy Things

    April 20, 2016
  • i had one of those hairdryers, I loved it so much but unfortunately it only lasted a few months until the motor burnt out 🙁
    Also, I’ve not been in that cafe for ages, everytime we go in there the service is rubbish, has it improved any?

    April 20, 2016
  • Amber I absolutely love your furry stalker! He is so adorable! And I think the mirror thing is quite common in small dogs. My friend has a Westie, and you often find him dragging his wee tartan bed in front of the mirror to just sit and stare. Maybe it’s an adorable dog vanity issue – can’t get over how adorable they are haha

    April 20, 2016
  • This is such a good blog post! Love this!

    May 22, 2016