Review: Revlon ColorStay Makeup in 110 (Ivory)

I mentioned Revlon’s ColorStay Makeup in my roundup of foundations for pale skin last week, but as this is the foundation I’ve been reaching for most often recently I figured a “proper” review was in order, too!

I picked this up last month, having heard lots of people raving about how good it was, and having also been impressed by the paleness of the lightest shade which is 110 – Ivory. As I mentioned in my foundation roundup, I’m not 100% happy with the shade, and while it looked like a perfect match in Walgreens, there are times when I feel it’s just a touch too dark for me, which is disappointing, because if they released this in a lighter shade it would instantly achieve Holy Grail status for me, that’s how much I like it.

There are two different versions of this: one for normal/dry skin and one for oily/combination skin. I have lots of problems with shine on the t-zone, so I went for the latter, and it’s been fantastic: in fact, I rarely need to use powder with it because it soaks up the excess oil on my forehead, and heaves a matt, but not powdery finish. So far, so good.

Coverage, meanwhile, is full and thick, so if you’re looking for something light, this probably won’t be for you. It’s not quite as easy to apply as some lighter products: I mostly use my fingers (yes, I know, it’s shocking, but it’s what I prefer!) or a foundation brush, and it does require a bit of blending, and extra attention to the areas around the nose and eyes where foundation can tend to gather. It also smells pretty bad: I’m not quite sure how to describe it, but it’s fairly strong, and a bit medicinal. You do get used it, but I was a bit put off when I first used it!

Once applied, however, this is thick enough to cover any redness, and most small blemishes, however unlike some other very thick foundations I’ve tried, it doesn’t look caked on, and it doesn’t crease around the eyes: it’s called “colorstay” for a reason and I’ve been really impressed by how well it lasts, and how fresh it still looks by the end of the day. I normally find that foundation will have started to wear off (or slide off) by the time I go to bed at night, but this does a great job of staying in place, which is another huge point in its favour.

At £11.99 per bottle, this is one of the pricier drug store brands, however, I think it’s excellent value for money: it’s one of those ” little goes a long way” foundations, so it should last a long time. Ultimately, though, I love it because it just makes my skin look better. Most foundations, I find, do a reasonably good job, but still leave my skin looking like, well, like my skin, just a little bit more even. This one, however, makes me look like I have someone else’s skin, and as the “someone else” apparently has better skin than I do, I’m good with that.

One of the small downsides of this (about the only one I can think of other than the issue I have with the colour) is that it comes in a glass bottle, which can be a bit of a pain to use. I much prefer a squeezable tube or pump dispenser (according to the comments on my other post, it does come in a squeezable tube in some places. I bought mine in Florida, and only ever saw it in the glass bottle, but if it is available in a tube, that’s good news!), but that aside, I find practically perfect in (almost) every way.

Now, let’s have some paler shades, Revlon, pretty please?

BUY: Revlon ColorStay Makeup, £11.99

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  • I’m one of the ones who loves the “active” squeeze-tube version ( If they discontinued it, I’d go straight back to the glass bottle though.

    July 26, 2010
  • cookie


    The Revlon ColorStay is my foundation of choice, and one of the rare lighter shades that can be found where I live. And I wholeheartedly agree with your review, especially about the fact a glass bottle does tend to be a bit inconvenient, and yes, please oh please, Revlon, make one a shade lighter!

    July 27, 2010
  • There’s nothing wrong with using your fingers to blend foundation. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Revlon is sill not pale enough for me I’m afraid.

    July 28, 2010
  • I have to agree: one shade lighter, please! C’mon Revlon, think of us Chinese girls!

    August 1, 2010
  • Maya


    I recently ran out of foundation and, since I idolize you + your blog, thought I’d give this a try. I’m not sure how I feel about it just yet but I did transfer it into a little screw-top container that I found at a drugstore and find it much much easier to use than the glass bottle. I also wasted less, as with the bottle I was spilling it into my palm. In any case, even if I decide I don’t like this, my other option was the Chanel Pro Lumiere Professional Finish Makeup Foundation which is $54 so if the Revlon works out, you’ll have saved me $40. So, thanks! <3

    August 3, 2010
  • Oooh, I am just in the process of ordering this off of the Boots website based on your review. Not sure it’s 100% it’s exactly the same formula as apparently it has ‘soft flex comfort technology’ but I’m hoping it’s just a slight update to the formula and the basic performance will still be the same. Fingers crossed it’s pale enough too, I think it might be as I’m not quite as pale as you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this! Will update with my thoughts if I remember! Pea x

    September 22, 2010