Oh. My. God.

My wedding is booked! Is booked for one year from today! All day I’ve been walking around going, “This time next year we’ll be married! This time next year we’ll be signing the register! This time next year we’ll be having our photos taken… ” Yeah, well, you get the picture. I think Terry’s getting quite tired of the whole “this time next year” thing, so I better zip it or this time next year I’ll probably be single.

Anyway. I still can’t believe we’re actually going to do this. I mean, this is SO not the kind of thing we do. I didn’t even have a birthday party when I was kid. Now I am officially a “bride to be”. I am SO going to go out and buy all those bridal magazines I’ve always coveted.

So far I’ve already had my first “everything goes wrong at the wedding dream”, in which my mum made me wear my khussas to the reception (I love them and all, but they are technically my freaking slippers…) and my dad insisted on wearing a huge, inflatable hat. Which is totally the kind of thing my dad would do. For real.

Oh, we’re getting married here. Isn’t it pretty? Say it is pretty.


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