Garnier summer body review

Fake Tan on Trial: Garnier Summer Body reviewed

Another week, another self-tanning moisturiser in a yellow tub to try out. This one is Garnier Summer Body lotion, and like Johnson’s Holiday Skin before it, the idea is that you use it just like any other body lotion, and it builds up a natural looking, even tan.

But does it work?

Well, yes and no. I personally wasn’t very impressed with this one. While it has its good points (which we’ll talk about later), for me it was just too subtle, even on my lily-white skin. I’m used to using Johnson’s every two or three days at the most, but I’d need to use Summer Body every day if I wanted to maintain that sun-kissed look. That said, its very subtlety might be a big bonus for some people, so here’s my Garnier summer body review…

I used:

Garnier Summer Body, 250ml. Unlike the Jonson’s I tried earlier, which comes in two different “Strengths” (one for fair skin, one for darker skin), this is a “one shade suits all” lotion. Perhaps if it was available in a darker mix, I’d have got on with it better.

Appearance and Consistency:

Also white and gloopy, like Johnson’s but this has a slightly runnier consistency, which makes it easier to apply.


Fruity. There’s no denying, Garnier Summer Body smells a helluva lot nicer than most fake tans, which tend to have that slight smell of feet about them. This one doesn’t, but the smell is pretty strong, and, although it’s pleasant, you may grow to hate it if you’re using it every day.


Because of that slightly thinner consistency, I found this very easy to use. Like the Johnson’s lotion, though, it goes on clear, so you won’t know if you’ve missed a bit.

How fast does it absorb?

Pretty fast. It was touch-dry within about twenty minutes, although still a little “tacky”, which made me wary about slipping into my skinny jeans too soon after application.

Garnier summer body review[ Garnier Summer Body review ]

Developing time:

Because the tan is so light after the first application, it’s hard to say.  I didn’t notice much  of a difference  until I’d applied it two or three times.


A pale, golden tan, which was almost too subtle to notice at first, and this was my main complaint about it – it may be its biggest draw, however, for those of you who are desperate to avoid the footballer’s wife/Jodie Marsh look. And who could blame you? I found that while it did take the glare off my luminous white skin, it didn’t really make me look “tanned” and I’d have preferred something a little darker, which I didn’t have to apply so often.

Does it streak?

Not much, no. Again, because the colour is so light, even if it does streak, it won’t be too noticeable, and a couple of extra applications should cover it up.

Does it transfer?

Not that I noticed.

Moisturising properties:

This is something I missed out on my review of Johnson’s Holiday Skin because, while I like it as fake tan, as a moisturiser, it’s not very good. I did notice that Garnier Summer Body left my legs feeling very smooth and silky, though, so top marks for that.

Marks out of ten:


Lovely to use, but not much cop as a fake tan – or not on my skin, anyway. Remember, your experience  may be different!

Have you ever tried Garnier Summer body? I’d love to know what you thought of it!


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  • Sara


    I have Really pale skin and light blonde hair. Im kinda worried about fake tanning- would it look to unnatural?
    This sounds good though! I might get some

    July 10, 2007
  • Hi Sara,
    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you! I have very pale skin too, and I think a light tan actually looks fine – just as long as you don’t try and go too dark. Obviously fake tans look different on different skin tones and types, but if you do want to try one, I think this could be a good one to go for as it builds up very gradually, and won’t dramatically change the colour of your skin!
    Hope this helps!

    July 17, 2007
  • Sarah


    Garnier Summer Body goes come in a darker shade. I use it frequently and its really good.
    Hope this helps! Sarah

    August 12, 2008


    where can I buy in NYC (America) the “summerbody” moisturising lotion sun-kissed look, with camomile extract? I could not find it easily over here in NYC???
    I really want to use only this one!
    thanks in advance,
    Revital Azulay.

    November 30, 2008


    Where can I find in NYC (USA) THE “SUMMERBODY” moisturising lotion sun-kissed look, with camomile extract please?
    I want to use only this one!
    thanks in advance,
    Revital Azulay

    November 30, 2008
  • Allison reed


    I have very pale skin which is the best tan lotion I can use I tried Palmers garnier Avon tan products none of these worked for me

    August 7, 2017