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Icebar Orlando

Icebar vodka


Icebar Orlando

Icebar Orlando

Because we don’t get to be freezing cold often enough here in the UK, when we were in Orlando this summer, we decided to go and be freezing cold in the Icebar, which, as the name suggests (and as you probably already know), is a bar made completely out of ice.

I say we “decided”. That makes it sound like there was actual planning involved, doesn’t it? Trust me, there wasn’t. In fact, we didn’t even know there WAS an Icebar in Orlando until it popped up in the “places near here” list on Foursquare. That explains why I’m really not dressed appropriately for the freezing cold. Well, that and the fact that I’m NEVER dressed appropriately for the freezing cold, obviously. At least I found a belt for that dress, though, hey?

As it happens, you don’t really need to worry about dressing for the cold at the Icebar, because right before you go in, they give you these big, padded, parka style jackets, plus gloves to wear. Or, if you’re very vain and/or pretentious, you can pay extra for a giant, floor-length faux-fur coat. I can’t imagine who would actually DO that, though?

Ice Queen

(These photos were all taken in really low light (and in some cases, with my iPhone), so some of them are a bit blurry. Also: VODKA. OOh, lookit my icy throne!)

OK, OK, in my feeble defence: as I said, we hadn’t actually planned to go to the Icebar that night. We were in Orlando for a dinner show, and because I am a little brat, the only way my family had been able to persuade me to go to a dinner show (because quelle horreur!) was by telling me there would be free wine. And there was free wine, people. (And actually, the dinner show was HILARIOUS, but then, now that I think about it, maybe everything is hilarious with free wine? I mean, the Icebar was certainly hilarious after it. Hmm. Look, guys, I’m going to just wait here while you all go and pour yourself a nice, big glass of wine, OK? Trust me, this post will seem all the better for it.) So, if I’m completely honest, I was already a little bit tipsy by the time I decided I absolutely HAD to have a floor-length faux-fur coat. But that’s not to say I wouldn’t have  done the same thing sober. I could be wearing a faux-fur coat right this very second, for all you know. I could also be drunk right this very second. There is literally no way to know.


Because the bar is fairly small, and also because I’m guessing they don’t want hoardes of drunken people falling around and knocking over the sculptures, they only allow a few people in at a time (don’t worry, you get to relax in the “Fire Lounge” while you wait. There is no fire in the Fire Lounge. There is vodka, though.), which is actually really good, because it means you get the opportunity to wander around and look at everything without having to push through crowds of people. You also get the opportunity to take silly photos with the various Things That Are Made of Ice:

Ice Bar

Ice Bar


(It’s the giant, woolly gloves that make this shot awesome, isn’t it?)

Ice Bar Orlando

Now, I know you’re all probably freaking out right now at the sight of my bare legs and open coat, but one thing we all noticed was that it actually wasn’t all that cold inside. I mean, sure, it was a tad nippy. And we were wearing thick coats. (And need I remind you: VODKA.) But it’s not like you’re OMGFREEZING, and you’re not in there all night (we stayed for one drink, which was more than enough time to have a good look around), so it was cool. Do you see what I did there? Cool? In the ice bar? I’ll get my coat. My… faux-fur coat…

What do you think?

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  • Sandy
    August 17, 2012

    I would’ve gone for the long length faux fur coat too….and I probably would have tried to keep it. You could’ve bargained with Terry that the polar bear suited him and he could have had that! LOL!

  • Ophelia
    August 17, 2012

    I love the bear pictures side by side. It really seems to say it all, the classy pin-up girl and the lonely sailor… 😀

    Also, the fur coat/ice throne combo suits you.

  • Hazzelnut
    August 17, 2012

    I went to the ice bar in London and absolutely loved it!!

  • Call me M
    August 17, 2012

    Aww these photos are so beautiful, especially the last one! I’d love to go to an Icebar in the future. I don’t think we have one in Greece though.

    • Amber
      August 17, 2012

      There’s one on Rhodes, I believe – good excuse for a vacation 🙂

  • Kate
    August 18, 2012

    Wow! That must have been amazing, I love the giant ice polar bear!

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Icebar Orlando