Is it because I lied when I was seventeen?

nautical summer outfit

straw hat and stripesbreton top, white pants and heels

[Trousers and top: Zara | Hat: Topshop | Shoes: Christian Louboutin | Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs*]

It’s become a running joke in our house that the second I try to take outfit photos, the heavens will open up and it will start to pour with rain. Doesn’t matter how good the forecast is, or how blue the sky has been up until then: I step out the door, it instantly starts to rain. It’s as if I have a little personal rain-cloud hovering permanently above my head, or some mad rain-making skillz. And seriously, if I’m going to suddenly acquire a talent at this late stage in life, rain-making is probably the LAST thing I’d want it to be…

That’s why this outfit was actually a little bit less unsuitable for the weather than it looks. It may have been raining when these photos were taken, you see, but it had been sunny all morning (So sunny, in fact, that I’d actually been planning to wear a sun-dress. I changed my mind at the last minute, which I guess is a good thing, or these photos would’ve looked REALLY bizarre…), the sky was blue when we left the house… then two-minutes later, the rain came down, and it came down BAD. It cleared right up again about ten minutes after the photos were taken, obviously. I mean, OF COURSE it did. But until that happened, the straw hat that was supposed to shield me from the sun certainly came in handy protecting me from (some of) the rain instead. Don’t you just love it when it (sort of) works out?

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  • My daughter would love that bag – but not at that price!

    June 4, 2013
  • It’s a great, simple outfit though isn’t it and I really like your hair like this, it’s so glossy! I take my pictures in the afternoon/early evening after work so yes, sometimes look inappropriately dressed for the weather in a skirt and sandals but holding a brolly or in trousers and sleeves wearing sunglasses sweating it out because when I got dressed that morning it was chilly! Good old UK weather, never fails to make fools of us all.

    June 4, 2013
  • Amber i love the stripes!

    June 4, 2013
  • Fi


    You look fab, love the hat! I have that power too, all I have to do is step outside with the clean washing to hang on the line and it will rain. Sometimes I only have to THINK about hanging out the washing to make it rain. It’s a rare talent I feel. x

    June 4, 2013
  • Clouds or no, you look fantastic even so. It has been raining like nuts here too- and I live in a desert!

    June 4, 2013
  • Gorgeous post. love the stripes and that Marc Jacobs bag is just amazing… bag envy! 🙂

    June 5, 2013
  • Oh, blogger problems! I hear ya though! There is nothing worse than rain happening on photoshootdays. Doom!

    The photos look lovely though! I have a total girl crush on your hair! I have hair of a similar length but it always looks shabby and meh!

    Corinne x

    June 5, 2013
  • I have this top and wear it a whole lot, so it’s nice to get some outfit inspiration – although I’m pretty sure that me plus pale coloured trousers would be a recipe for disaster…

    I would also just like to say, since I’m sure you get search notifications, that I just searched your blog for ‘nude heels’ and then realised that made me sound like a very creepy person. In my defence, I am eyeing up some new shoes and was wondering whether to get them in my trusty black or not-so-trusty nude (but that means I get bonus points for ‘I’ve not already got ten of these’, right?) and was looking for some outfit inspiration. Not sure if there’s a less rude way to search for that!

    June 8, 2013
      • Ha, I am sure you do! Fortunately I’ve been reading for a couple of years – it’s how I know you are the first place to look for styling nude pumps 😉

        June 9, 2013
  • LOL about the rain history. Love the outfit, you should wear more it.

    June 16, 2013