summer outfits inspiration

Summer Outfits Inspiration

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Summer is by far my favourite season to dress for. I know that might be a slightly controversial thing to admit here on the internet, where everyone’s obsessed with autumn and being “bundled up”, but guys? I am not a “bundle”. I do not want to put on a cute dress and then layer a sweater, a cardigan AND a coat over the top of it. And, for me, the biggest joy of summer outfits is their absolute simplicity. I love that I can just throw on that dress, find some sandals, and be ready to go. I love not having to wear tights, or take tons of layers with me everywhere. So, if you’re in any way similar, here’s some summer outfit inspiration for you, consisting of some of my favourite, simple summer outfits…

Summer Outfits Inspiration

summer outfits inspiration

The Skirt and Swimsuit Combo

One of my favourite summer outfit hacks is to wear a swimsuit as a top/bodysuit. No, it’s not exactly convenient when it comes to bathroom breaks, but given that I’d mostly be wearing something like this to the pool, where I’d immediately remove the skirt, it’s not too much of an issue. This particular skirt is in a lightweight jersey fabric and it just pulls on and off, so it’s really easy to wear, and doesn’t get too creased when its folded up inside my beach bag. I’m wearing it here with my gold Birkenstock Madrid sandals which I wear with literally everything, but for pool days I’d generally just throw on a pair of swimsuits. 

skirt and swimsuit outfit

The White Dress

As a pale-skinned redhead, I grew up believing I should never wear white, but then one day I realized that, actually, I really LIKE wearing white, and I don’t really care what anyone thinks about it, so here we are. This dress is so simple and easy to wear, but the beauty of it is that it can look quite dressy too, if I wear it with the right accessories. If you click here, for instance, you can see how I’ve styled it as evening-wear, but for a summer vacation, I’ll generally just wear it with Birkenstocks or flip flops, and you can see that look in action here.

white summer dress

The Broderie Skirt

Broderie anglaise is such a ‘summer’ fabric, and I wear it a lot in summer, in the form of both tops and skirts. This one is sadly one of many items I threw into the ‘donate’ bag during an over-enthusiastic closet clearout, and have regretted ever since, so you get two different photos of it and there are some more here, should you decide you need to see even MORE of it…

broderie anglaise summer skirt

broderie skirt with crop top

The Floral Skirt

floral summer skirt

To be honest, I’m not generally a huge fan of florals for the most part, because my style generally leans towards plain colours rather than prints. I can’t really think about summer without thinking about floral midi skirts, though, so here’s one of a small number in my collection: once again I’m wearing it here with those damn Birkenstocks (I should probably just have called this post “What to Wear With Birkenstocks”, shouldn’t I?), but I also like a floral skirt with trainers and a denim jacket: so very basic, obviously, but also so easy to wear that I just keep on doing it regardless. 

Here are some more of my favourite summer outfits…

Green Alice and Olivia Skirt

ASOS green organza floral dress

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