You know Miffy – the lovable bunny, whose adventures have charmed children the world over? (Or I assume so, anyway – I mean, it’s not like I keep track of these things or anything…)

I was a big fan of Miffy when I was a little girl, and, when I was pregnant with Max, my parents gave me a set of the books, which I’ve been reading to him. It’s been a revelation, honestly. Like, did you know Miffy was the product of an immaculate conception? Or that, for her birthday, her parents gave her, “Some very sharp scissors, that could really cut!”?


And here was I, thinking she was just a cute little bunny, who sometimes went to the zoo, or out for a picnic!

So, I’d been reading these books to Max, and, honestly, I’d been starting to wonder if Miffy really WAS as sweet and innocent as I’d always thought. Then, one morning, my suspicions were confirmed when I brought Max down to the nursery to change him before his first feed of the day, and was met with this sight:

Miffy reads to the toys

Yup, it’s just as I always suspected, folks: at night, the toys come to life. And, er, then Miffy reads them all a story, apparently?

Or DOES she? I mean, at first I thought she was just reading them an innocent little story:

Miffy at the seaside

Um, a story about HERSELF, obviously. Because that’s just SO Miffy, isn’t it?

WAS it just a story, though? Or was it perhaps, I don’t know, some kind of weird Miffy Manifesto, designed to lead the toys astray, and persuade them all to follow their leader? Their leader being MIFFY, obvs, because the very next day, I opened the nursery door and found this:

Miffy leads the way

So, yeah, this time it seems Miffy had decided to lead the toys in a revolt, and they’d all  taken to their steeds, and attempted to leave the nursery.

It was… bizarre:

bear on a vcar

There had been casualties:


(Well, I mean, I assumed at the time there had been casualties. Terry later posited the theory that the cat was secretly a defector who hadn’t wanted to follow Miffy in her cunning scheme – whatever it was – and he and the horse had feigned their own deaths, in order to escape her. I… like to think that’s what happened.)

What WAS Miffy’s plan, though, I wondered?

A few days later, I walked into the office and found her – with her accomplice, Lil’ Miff – using my computer:

Miffy at the computer

Then I caught them in the hall, just staring at the door, as if waiting for someone:

Miffy in the hallBut who could it be?

Well, this week, I finally found out:

Max and his toys


Max and his toys


Mr Maria Miffy nightlight

So, it seems that, unbeknown to me, Terry had been in touch with the people at Mr Maria, who make both the giant nightlight and the smaller one we already owned, who had kindly agreed to make my dream of owning a giant Miffy lamp come true. Er, my dream of MAX owning a giant Miffy lamp come true, that is. And, as I think you can see by his face, he’s very happy with that – as am I, of course.

Max and his Miffys

This does, of course, mean, that the toys have a new leader – an even BIGGER bunny to run the nursery and lead them all astray.

I wonder what they’ll get up to next?

  1. Do you have the one in which Miffy gets “a hammer, nails and wood” and builds a birdhouse, unsupervised? I can’t decide whether I love it or find it utterly terrifying!

  2. Max’s hair (that hair!) and smile in the last photo <3 <3 <3 Excuse me as I scoop up my melting heart

  3. I absolutely loved these stories on Instagram, and delighted to find out that Miffy was only planning a new addition to her gang, and not some bloody revolt! 🙂
    Your husband is an excellent chap. You and Max are both very lucky! (Not that you need me to tell you that of course!) x

  4. The best Miffy is when she goes to the art gallery. I love Dick Bruna’s versions of the art (the Mondrian is a particular favourite).

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