The Accidental Investigator by Amber Eve

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Have you ever wished someone dead? Because Scarlett Scott really doesn’t recommend it…

Ada Valentine is perfect. Blonde, beautiful, able to whip up delicious recipes and offer handy household hints which consistently charm her thousands of online followers…

But Ada Valentine is a liar. And Scarlett Scott is the only one who can prove it.

When Ada suddenly stops posting, Scarlett’s convinced something’s wrong. She’s also convinced she might be responsible for Ada’s sudden disappearance, so when Dylan Fraser, the dour new village policeman, turns up, Scarlett knows she needs to find out what’s happened to Ada before he does.

In the world of influencer culture, however, nothing is as it seems – and when Scarlett’s search for Ada starts to turn up some troubling memories for her, she realizes she might need Dylan’s help after all. There’s just one problem: as well as being in the police force, Dylan’s also her sworn enemy.

For Scarlett and Dylan, it was hate at first sight. But can they work together to find Ada? And can enemies ever really become friends… or more?

The Accidental Investigator is the third book in the Heather Bay Romance series, and it’s available to pre-order now on Amazon. Read it for…

  • Enemies to lovers
  • Scottish Highland setting
  • Romantic mystery
  • Influencer culture
  • Enid Blyton references
  • And, of course, a sheep called Edna…


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