don't say any of these things to a redhead...

No One Loves a Red Haired Baby

Hey peeps. Tonight I’d like to talk about how hideously disfigured I am. No, this is not a digging-for-compliments exercise or even a self-indulgent entry focusing on the fascinating subject of how insecure I am about the way I look – I’m way too old for all that jazz. No, I actually am hideously disfigured, and do you know how I know? Why, because the good ladies over at the forums told me so, of course. Repeatedly.

Actually, let’s be fair: they weren’t talking about me in particular, and I’m sure if they were to meet me they’d all be quick to assure me that, of course, my hair is perfectly lovely, and not at all the shade of red – sorry, “ginger” – that so offends their eyes. Yes, folks, we’re talking about hair, here. Specifically, red hair – or “ginger” hair as they like to call it. Why, hair just like mine in fact! Isn’t it awful? Don’t you just pray that your children, should you have them, are never cursed with this particular disfigurement? Lots of people do (pray, that is), and who can blame them?

The discussion I’m talking about was actually pretty tame compared to some of the ones I’ve seen, and some of the comments I’ve heard. Comments like, “Oh, don’t worry, she might grow out if it! It might turn blonde!” (Said to my mother when I was a babe in arms) and, “Tell me, Amber, do you ever worry that your children might inherit It?” (No, do you ever worry yours will inherit your complete lack of intellect?)

The thread in question starts off with … well, with a question. A “very serious” and deeply distressing question. Our protagonist is worried that she might one day have a red haired baby. I know! I mean, aren’t we all! She’s been lucky so far: neither she nor her partner have the dreaded Curse, but – and here’s the kicker – his mum (who hopefully never reads does, and so did her gran. I mean, you can see their dilemma, can’t you? They could have a redhaired baby! In fact, no, let’s not mince our words here, let’s say what we mean: their child could be an ugly-ass ginger!

Now, personally I’d just get sterilised and adopt, no question. That’s certainly what I’m going to do, because, God, I’m ginger, and so was my gran! And my Great-Gran! I mean, any child of mine would surely be doomed, and I may as well be honest: when I tell people I don’t want children, what I actually mean is “I couldn’t be so cruel as to bring another redhead into the world.

(Y’all get that I’m being sarcastic here, don’t you? OK, just checking…)

It gets worse, though. Rather than simply suggesting sterliistaion, the women on the handbag forums set about very earnestly working out what the odds might be of this poor girl having “a ginger”. They come to the conclusion that it’s probably around 4:1. The original poster decides she can live with that. What she would have done had the odds been higher is anyone’s guess.

It doesn’t end there, though. Once everyone has shared their relief that our protagonist probably isn’t at as much risk as she might have thought, someone comes up with the idea – and this is a stroke of pure genius, people – that in order to avoid having a baby with red hair, you could first of all have GENETIC TESTING to determine whether you carry the mutant gene. If you do, then presumably your way is clear – you don’t breed.

God, I wish someone had come up with this sooner. OK, I wouldn’t be here, but on the bright side, neither would any of the other “ginger mingers”. We could have a world totally absent of redheads! Oooh! Oooh! I know what we could do! We could make it so that only people who have the type of colouring we deem to be “attractive” – people with blue eyes and blonde hair, say – were allowed to breed, so we had a whole society of aesthetically pleasing people! Now, I know I’ve heard something like that before… Where was it? Never mind, I’m sure it’ll come to me…

(Right after this point was made, by the way? Someone else – someone who actually has red hair herself – posted asking if this type of testing can actually happen, because, and I quote: “I’d never forgive myself if I passed my red hair onto one of my kids.” I swear I’m not making this up.)

Now, I’m not a scientist. (I’ll wait while you stop reeling in shock at that one, shall I?), so I have no idea whether it’s possible for the miracle that is modern science to identify the “redhead gene” and thus rid the world of redheads. (We will be sure to slam the door on the way out.) The fact that supposedly intelligent women are even discussing this kind of idiocy on a public forum, though, leaves me gasping in horror at the depths of stupidity that some people will plumb.

The truly sad thing about all of this? This is about the fifth or sixth time I’ve seen this type of thread come up on a discussion forum, or even, as I’ve said, in normal conversation. Something I learned from a very early age is that people really don’t like redheads, and they’re not ashamed to say so, in the way that most people would probably think twice about voicing the same sentiment about any other sector of society.

For the record, I love my red hair, and always have – yes, even when people at school called me “traffic lights”. I wouldn’t change it, not even when it brings out the very worst, most prejudiced part of some people. And, you know, as a wise man once said: I can dye my oh-so-ugly red hair. These people will always be stupid.

I think I’m going to start up a new clothing line. It will consist mainly of t-shirts, and they’ll all say “RED AND PROUD”, or maybe “I’D RATHER BE RED THAN dead A F*****G MORON”. Stop me and buy one.

Pass the message on, people: the redheads will inherit the earth. And they’re angry.

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  • You're gorgeous = they hate you = end of.

    September 21, 2006
  • Aggghhh. I really want to join that board just so I can say a few things to those women. How incredibly stupid they must be to say things like that. As a "ginger" (and, really? saying ginger instead of redhead almost sounds like an insult) I never got teased for my hair coloring. I never had a problem with my hair color. I've had guys (Adam especially!) tell me that they love my hair color and think that redheads are so much more appealing then other hair colors. It is a matter of choice, of course, but like someone mentioned (I think it was you?) on that board – turning a preference into an insult doesn't really do much to make the things said all right. Ugh. Stupid, stupid, stupid women. I hope they have tons of redheaded babies.

    September 22, 2006
    • Jill


      God I don’t!! They would probably tie them up in the basement or something. There is no telling how they would treat redheaded children!! You are GORGEOUS girl!! I love red hair. My mom wanted me to have red hair (I disappointed her by being brunette). Now she’s praying for redheaded grandbabies (we aren’t there yet, but I hope she gets her wish). I just got married & am donating my long locks next weekend. I found your website because I am looking for the perfect shade of RED for my hair!! My husband loves redheads too (good thing since I will be one next week)!! BTW, I think these women should be sterilized b/c of their STUPIDITY, not the possibility of blessing their offspring with gorgeous red locks.

      November 14, 2008
  • Some of my best friends are red-heads 🙂

    (That's a joke by the way)

    I could go on about this but I think OE's comment about sums it up.

    On a more serious note, my nephew moved schools after being picked on so much, not wholly but partly because he had red hair. His other 'offending' feature was that he wears glasses.

    I've said to you before that I'm wary of sounding like a stalker but you are absolutely stunning.

    **** the lot of them.

    September 22, 2006
  • Leigh


    the one thing I've learned recently is that people will always find a way to single others out. it could be your weight, the way you dress, or your appearance.

    it's like a pathological need to project their own insecurities.

    September 22, 2006
  • Ditto to that, Leigh. Y

    Your hair is beautiful, Amber…(I had died red hair for 18 months or so, so you won't get me saying it's ugly!)

    PS: this is why I stick to the books section of Handbag, LOL! x

    September 22, 2006
  • Totally true: when my now-husband and I announced our engagement, my stepmother took me aside and said "but don't you worry about having ginger children?" (husband is ginger). Her Mum then got involved and I had to spend an hour listening to them debate genetics, before eventually being told – like I should be grateful – "you probably won't have ginger kids as you have brown hair". They seemed relieved.

    It was like that was the most important thing about marrying him. Love him? Who cares! See yourself with him forever? Doesn't matter! The focus is hair colour, always first and foremost.

    The only downside to having red hair is that the husband burns like a crisp and looks like a lobster, but he doesn't go brown, just redder.

    Love the blog, Amber, even if you are "a ginger" 🙂

    September 22, 2006
  • I was VERY interested to find your post. I linked to it via my blog because it's something I'd been thinking about over the last couple of days and your post inspired me to write about it. Hope you don't mind!

    September 22, 2006
  • Oooh, for some reason typepad hasn't been sending me comment alerts today, so I've only just noticed that people were replying to this! Thanks to OE and Linda for the lovely compliments, by the way: my hair is actually the one part of my appearance I wouldn't change. I love being a redhead and I wouldn't change it, not even given the nastier comments it can inspire!

    Leigh, your comment is something I meant to say in my post, and on Handbag, come to think of it. I think children will always find something to tease other children about. Sure, I got comments about my red hair (It didn't bother me. I just thought the commenters were idiots, and still do), but my best friend was called "fat" (she wasn't) and other kids were teased for their names, their clothes, their families, their accents…

    I think a better alternative to the genetic testing to identify the redhead gene would be testing to try and eliminate the "stupid" gene. Oh, if only!

    P.S. Roland, of course I don't mind, thanks for the link 🙂

    September 22, 2006
  • Erik


    Now I can easily see why in the 18th and 19th centuries so many British Isles people crammed onto rat infested ships to a totally unknown place with no family, jobs or any kind of support (that and abject poverty and religious and political oppression).

    Hey, British people. Feel honored that there are so many redheads that inhabit your islands. They're alot prettier because of it.

    September 22, 2006
  • Erik, I'm guessing you're from America- where there's only nice people and no poverty and oppression, right…? 😉

    September 22, 2006
  • Erik


    Diane, that was not necessary. A sidenote citation of historical reasons of why millions of Europeans migrated to North America in the 1700's and 1800's (remember reading about that potato famine in history class?) was in no way indicating that my opinion is in 2006 (or any time) North America was somehow poverty and oppression free or that the absence of "ginger" hang-ups means all people here are nice.

    Didn't know typing this disclaimer would be needed.

    September 22, 2006
  • I mean, seriously….just what do these planet people think they're on??

    Jes*s bloody hell, how ignorant can you be?? *fuming*

    Arggggh…I'm going to have restrain myself here.Yep.Lots.Of.Restraining.Needed.

    September 22, 2006
  • You know what. The more I read that thread, the more seriously p*d off I'm getting.

    As an honorary red head (I was born with bright ginger hair apparently :D), I am so so disgusted at their comments.

    As for the genetic testing-I.Beg.Your.Pardon? *shakes head in utter dispair*.

    Oh and: How soon can you start making those t-shirts??

    September 22, 2006
  • Erik, you *weren't* giving a historical sidenote, you were implying that Brits are nasty and so people went to America. I assumed you were teasing, and teased right back (see the winking smiley). Won't happen again!


    September 23, 2006
  • Well, you know my opinion on your hair, Red 😉
    They're just jealous of you having me call you by a cute pet name that I just happened to come up with based on your hair colour, they're wishing their hair colour was as cute and striking so I'd give them a pet name too.

    That said with the discussion of history going on here, I'm beginning to think my usual ramblings are going to lower the tone. 😉

    September 24, 2006
  • Stephen


    My God. I (without TMI) *still* fantasize about your hair now and again. And the rest of you of course, but your hair is still in there.

    Amber, you're stunning, and your hair is definitely part of that stunning package. Thankfully, I think you know how lucky you are to have hair like you do.

    September 26, 2006
  • I just stumbled upon this post, oh, almost two months after you wrote it, but I felt I had to comment. My hair's not as bright of a red as your hair, but I've also been surprised at some of the redhead comments I've heard. I was born with red hair (which then turned blonde, then brown, now back to red again). My grandmother pulled me aside the other day and exclaimed,"Oh! Hayley! Your hair's turning red again! I'm so sorry…" Um, excuse me?

    Also, I heard from a friend who is taking a genetics class that because of the recessive nature of the "redhead gene," there won't be any redheads born after 2080. That makes me sad, and someone should start a petition for some redhead breeding program 😉

    November 8, 2006
    • sasha


      well there might be a chance there hun. My moms is a red head i am a red head and so is my daughter. I think were safe in saying one of her children will have red hair.

      November 21, 2010
  • Mary Grubb


    I do not have red hair,but my brother,mom,grandma,great grandma and many great aunts do.So I raised around redheads all my life.When my brother's first child was on the way everyone assumed he'd have red hair,he has blonde.My grandma gave up the redheaded great grandchild dream because I am a blonde and my husband has black hair.We have 3 other children they are 2 blondes and a brown haired.When I got pregnant with my last child ( a boy we found out)I pictured him looking identical to his daddy.As the final pushes of labor came and out squirted this little wet naked baby boy the nurse immediatly said AWWW he has and my husband looked at each other in complete and total shock of this little orange headed baby on my chest.We called my grandma when he was only 2 minutes old and told her Bryce is here and he has redhair,she threw a hillbilly fit dropped the phone and ran around her house screaming OH THANK YOU JESUS(her nieghbors called the police thinking she was bieng attacked)
    When he was 2 weeks old family came from many states to celebrate not just the birth of Bryce but to celebrate another redhead in our family.It is a very specail thing to us.I thank god everyday that I had a redhead,he is beatiful in every way even his redhead temper.Celebrate the RED,it is amazing

    January 18, 2007
  • David


    Just stumbled across this post whilst looking for a dress for my gorgeous redhead wife for Valentine's day – well actually trying to decide which colour would be better red or black. Anyway, thats not the point. Many, many men have the intelligence to see beyond the stupidity that defines most bigots and positively seek out redheads (like me lol). My wife is stunning and so are you. I don't care what colour hair my children will have – in fact if I have daughters and they grow up to be as beautiful as my wife then good luck to their future husbands too!

    January 31, 2007
  • Lawman


    red haired people are the fairest in all the world. As black can be beautiful so can fair. It celebrates north european/celtic ancestry which is something to be proud of (as any distinguishing feature that authenticates where ever a person originates from). Anti red haired people are closet facists and bigots or just bitter jealous types.

    March 14, 2007
  • kelly


    hey, im pleased i found this post! i came online looking for answers why people are so mean to redheads, after overhearing a bad convo recently. i think its so horrible that people think its ok to say these things to people. i was at a party in the weekend and (born with ginger hair but it has now gone quite dark) and these guys were having this huge conversation about how 'gingers should be shot and not allowed to breed' my mouth dropped open, i was so shocked! especially since i was sitting right there, how rude is that? how can anyone think its ok to say that about someone. it did make me think maybe i shouldnt have kids. i dont want them to be teased. but to be honest i have never been teased, but i guess theres always going to be assholes in the world, and im just going to try and avoid those people.

    April 2, 2007
  • lauren white



    April 7, 2007
  • mrs kcc (sex_red_hea


    Hello, im a natural red head, have pale skin, freckles in the summer etc and am proud of it! i was picked on at school because of my hair colour and then because i wore glasses, since leaving school i gained more confidence in myself. ive had no problems getting bf's, im married now and we plan on having a baby soon-and yes ill be happy if he/she has my hair colouring! most bf's were attracted to me because of my hair! im known as 'the red head' wherever i go, and thats a compliment!

    April 23, 2007
  • Katie-Scarlett


    The reason for the English prejudice against red hair stems from a combination of two reasons:

    1. Victorians were terribly sexually repressed, and since many 'ladies of the night' at the time chose to dye their hair red (because it was so striking) women with red hair automatically adopted bad reputation.

    2. Irish prejudice. Lots of nasty, smelly Irish immigrants coming over stealing English jobs after the Irish famine (see Fred Engels, Marx's sidekick). Irish = Celtic = many red heads = hate 'gingers'.

    And so today, we have this thread of unconscious hatred running through the English. It's a daily battle to fend of the advances of Frenches, Italians etc.

    Go figure.

    May 19, 2007
  • Danny


    Hi,im deeply upset by the comments which have been made to you by these idiots of people at should not have to defend yourselve from these insecure,bullying,sad people.

    Stay as beautiful in your heart as the colour of your hair.

    May 27, 2007
  • My son has ginger hair, and has recently had his first experience of being bullied about it. He was upset and confused, and I was very cross with the little tykes who'd picked on him.
    Threads like the one you mention don't help.

    June 5, 2007
  • JasieJoy


    I'm a "ginger" and I would NEVER trade it!! I only got teased by people always saying I must be very fiery and stubborn (I was always very quiet and shy hehe) but people assumed I was that way because of my hair.

    I'm from a family of 7 kids and have two siblings who have strawberry blonde (light red) hair and they only complain we have is that we only turn two colors in the Summer, white and bright red afterwards! But it's still ok. I wouldn't trade it. That comment about how redheads will all be gone by 2080 makes me sad!!

    My husband and I are trying to start our family now and I hope and hope all the time I will get at least a few redhead kids! I love them! I think red hair in georgeous, and I love yours!!

    June 12, 2007


    I have 'ginger' hair myself and I am a mother to 3 'ginger' children. I tell my children to say to the name callers at school 'don't be gingerist'. Seems to work.

    June 21, 2007
  • RavenWannabeGinger


    Perhaps because I've never had any red haired friends (not a choice, I don't try to avoid red haired people, I don't suffer from Ginger phobia), no one in my family has red hair and I'm raven I've never noticed that red hair was despised by so many. I'm truly shocked!

    My best friend in grammar school hated red hair and I thought she was weird and very rude for stating so loudly at a bus stop where a girl with the most beautiful,long, red hair was also waiting for the bus.

    Red is my favorite hair color and I do have a bit of an obsession with it but because of my south East Asian origin and dark olive complexion, it's sadly the only color I can't wear in its natural shades so I get plum and eggplant streaks but it's not quite the same; It doesn't have the wow factor IMO.

    I'm adopted and my husband is a pretty typical blond/blue eyed Dane and there are some cherry blonds and cherry blondes in his family so I was hoping that at least one of our children would have red hair. The closest my oldest son comes is auburn which can turn a dark shade of cherry blond/very light auburn in the summer, my other two sons have brown hair with some subtle auburn streaks.

    To my torture I have a cherry blonde neighbor who isn't very attractive except for her gorgeous hair which she sadly chooses to wear very short but she has a daughter with beautiful long red hair and a son with copper hair.

    June 27, 2007
  • Meredith


    I'm naturally a redhead, from the US, and didn't know until recently how truly psychotic and evil some Europeans are. There must be a genetic link between Nazism and these barbaric English genes that have enslaved and stolen land from millions somewhere in the past. I've always wanted to travel to Europe, since I have English and Welsh ancestors, but now I'm glad I never visited. Thank God that English culture has declined into ashes and will likely remain there in the future. You and the Nazis. Crazy, sick, evil people.

    July 11, 2007
  • redwitch.


    i am a red head and suffer all sorts of name-calling in school but i have never wanted any other hair colour i never feel jealous or ashamed as i know most of them are just jealous bi***** anyway. i have always wondered about why people call me carrot-top i thought carrot tops were green. i have long dark aurburn hair mid- back and green eyes and have always faced predjudice for it. when i was a new born 13 years ago my mother who has brown hair took me to see my nan and her exact words were…"oh what a shame it is a girl" and later when my mum took me out of my one piece rain coat…"and with red hair aswell, you must be so very disappointed".even now she hates me for it.THANKS NAN. sorry for the rant but nice to know it is not just me. STAY RED AND PROUD!!!

    July 15, 2007
  • redwitch.


    i also think you are very pretty and have a beautiful hair colour… i visited before this site and i was absolutely furious. you tell them from me "to get a goddamn life"

    July 16, 2007
  • I was quite amused to find this, since most of the time people just ignore it as childish fun!(although I never really saw the fun in people hating me) yet it is the same as racism!! I finished school 2 years ago and the last two years have been the best! throughout highschool I've had tons of abuse, even complete strangers in the school would come up to me a punch me for nothing… or sorry should I say because of that disease of mine *sarcasm* thankfully I had a few good friends who I could just go hang out with and they helped me ignore the horrible people. but even at college there are a few people who will just hand out verble abuse here and there… and yet I still have long red hair, it's really strange though 'cos no one just ignores red hair it's not normal (apparently!) it's either hated or loved! I just wished I knew more people who loved it!

    July 17, 2007
  • Gareth



    I'm a proud redhead living in South Africa and i have to admit i was shocked to find all the hate speech going on about redheads. I've never been teased about having red hair before, and neither have my family (my gran and two cousins are "ginger"). To those who hope we dont pass on our "disease" to our kids: it's sorry excuses for people like yourselves that should be "bred out"! Oh, and about this whole "Gingervitis" load of rubbish: don't you feel intelligent quoting a five year old figment of someones imagination? (Cartman from South Park – "Ginger Kids" episode).

    July 23, 2007
  • Crystal


    I don't see the problem with red hair…what is it with people in England? They just don't like anything different I guess.

    People just like being bigoted, and it goes all the way to the top so you can't even get help just because you're not the same as everyone else…oh god…how horrible, you're different! Oh no! You must be evil.

    I 'm from America and we like redheads we have nothing against them as they are people too [duh!]…heck, there are people who are envious of redheads, because they [non reds] dye their hair red and it just doesn't stay nice like natural ones do.

    July 28, 2007
  • Crystal


    p.s. only 1% of the population has red hair…don't let it get "bred out". Hey, you could always move to Ireland.

    July 28, 2007
  • Kim Howard


    I have ginger hair and admit to praying my son wouldn't get it (he's brunette) phew…
    I was bullied mercilessly at school for my hair colour and it was always 10 times worse for ginger boys…I don't care what people think of me, if they had been bullied like I had they would feel the same way.

    August 11, 2007
  • Erin Go Bragh


    Just found this post, and I love it. I'm American, and my family has always worshiped the fact that I'm a red-head. It's funny because my grandmother (Irish immigrent and redhead) was really upset when she had twin daughters with red hair. It took her parish priest to explain to her that in this country, people wouldn't hassel her girls. In this country, he explained, people really like it. And he has been absolutely right — I can't tell you how many little old women used to ooh and ahh over my hair, and try to extract promises from me to marry red headed men. You never blend in, you're never lost in the crowd, you never have to act out to get attention. It's only in the last two years that I even realized that people in Europe honestly don't like it — I always thought it was kind of a joke. Then my Irish cousins came and teased me, very good naturedly, about it, but from the way they looked at me when they did it, I could tell they were really worried I'd take it the wrong way and be upset. With that one look I realized that while they were joking, some others actually believed this stuff and took it seriously. They were worried their cousin may not have a sense of humor about it, but of course it never occured to me to take such criticism seriously. I'd tell all redheads to come to the States — you'll have a good time and all the male attention you could ask for.

    September 2, 2007
  • redwitch.


    HEY, i found out that in france i get a lot of funny looks i don't know wether it is due to me being a tourist or a red head but what the hell is wrong with them and why just FRANCE?

    September 4, 2007
  • Miriam


    I just read an article in the Miami Herald about this issue and I thought it was so funny. I love red hair. I was born in Cuba and married an American of English and Scottish ancestry. Although our son was born with very dark hair, it later turned red and then white blond. Alas, it is now brown. I was overjoyed during the red phase and amused during the white-blond period because people kept asking me if he was adopted.
    I had a student last year with the most beautiful, long red hair and freckles all over. When I remarked on it, she smiled and said she loved her hair. She said she loved her freckles too.

    September 6, 2007
  • My sister and I are mixed, and my sister was born w/ a head of bright orange curls. Imagine everyone's surprise! It later turned auburn, a beautiful color. To this day, she will not color it.
    My hair, when I was born, was black, as I got older, little hints of red started showing up in my hair.
    Well I recently had a baby, and guess what? Yup, red hair, which WE were not expecting. My husband is also a brunette.
    And you know what? It looks great, from the moment he was born people have commented on his beautiful hair.
    Redheads are gorgeous, they are noticed the absolute moment they walk into a room. Their tresses alone cause them to demand attention.
    Why would there be so many red hair dyes if it's such an awful color?

    September 12, 2007
  • Hello Amber,
    That is absolutely terrible to hear. You are a beautiful redhead and should not even care about what they say. If you are looking for some great redhead statement shirts, please take a look at our website where the beauty and sarcasm of redheads is apparent. Also, they are all created by a redhead. Check it out.

    September 19, 2007
  • Hanna


    Hi Amber
    I am a redhead, no i will not say ginger because that word fucking pisses me off, and i was searching online about this prejudice against redheads when i came across this site. I haven no idea what it says, but i have been feeling particularly angry lately about this whole thing, so i just wanted to say thanks. I learned about this "prejudice" against us redheads when i told a friend that i was planning on going to London. She asked me if i was scared and said "why? should i be" and she proceeded to fill me in on this thing hatin' on redheads deal over in the UK. I had no idea, and frankly i didn't know it happened all over the place as well. SO. skip to the end…Thanks!! Oh and that redhead clothing line? YES. DO IT. I WILl HELP!!!

    September 21, 2007
  • Bryan


    I stumbled across this site while trying to research redheads. You see, my 1 month old daughter has red hair. My wife and I were astounded because we are both brown haired people. Granted, my grandmother has red hair, I have a few cousins with red hair, and both my father and I have red beards (when we grow them out). So the "red" gene is in there somewhere.

    I was trying to find out if babies who are born with red hair keep it. I've heard that most babies are born blonde and later turn dark. I hope that our child will keep her red hair. She's named after my grandmother (a redhead), so it seems appropriate. Does anyone know if red headed babies generally keep their red hair?

    And also, screw those who hate red hair. We all have beautiful and unique qualities that make like fun and enjoyable. Who wants a world where we all look the same?


    October 11, 2007
  • Amber Purdy


    I am also an Amber with red hair. I actually did some research when I was younger about the genetics involving red hair….because I WANT to have a daughter that HAS red hair. So, here's the actual information about it. Red hair is caused by a double "mutation" on a certain gene. Both parents have to carry the recessive gene for red hair in order to produce a red haired child. Even then, there's only a 50% chance of having a baby with red hair. So, the woman's precious child isn't likely to end up a red head. Why anyone would say red hair is a bad thing is beyond me? Only about 3% of people in the entire world are born red-heads. I'd say that makes us pretty damned special! Just a note to those "red hair haters"…Clairol reports that the colors that sell best for them are those in the red family. So, do these people really hate red hair, or are they just jealous?

    October 23, 2007
  • Anonymous


    I'm not a redhead, but I have the most beautiful son with red hair. He is so perfect.

    I couldn't imagine anything more beautiful compared to the way his hair shines like amber gold in the sunlight.

    To me, red hair is the most beautiful hair colour, and rare.

    November 10, 2007
  • Stephanie


    This always makes me laugh. It's the same everywhere, just depends on the personalities involved. Older folks love my long copper red hair. Women of all ages tend to think it's beautiful. HOWEVER, men in my age range have passed on dating me (even before seeing me) because I have red hair. In school, I was constantly teased and harassed about my hair. My favorite insult was "fire-crotch." At eleven years old, this is an ego-blowing remark. Just two years ago (I am 30 now) a man at a sporting event yelled that same remark to me. Everyone got quiet and just stared at me. I felt like that eleven year old once again that did not understand what was so amusing? It's my hair? If someone were to make that remark to me today, I would probably end up in jail for assault. I don't think I could take it at this point and I don't think that I would. I've learned to own it and I can't imagine who I would be without it. When and if I ever settle down it will be with someone who thinks my hair is just as amazing as the rest of me.

    December 4, 2007
  • A random redhead


    I just don’t understand it. I get comments occasionally about my red hair (and glasses). It’s actually dyed, and not bright red, because I was born with red hair and it faded during my teens. I avoided most abuse at school by not showering after sports (nice). My classmates criticised others for their hair colour, then told me my own hair colour was not really ginger, so it was quite nice. I maintain my identity as a redhead because it feels like a political position in this country. Please do not be put off visiting if you are from elsewhere. Not all British people are shits. I want ginger haired children. My partner has red sideburns so there’s a chance. I know they’d get abuse but it is so beautiful. I adore red-haired men (so sexy) and the most beautiful girl I ever saw had red hair. It’s a myth about the gene dying out btw, same as us having bad tempers.

    December 31, 2007
  • A random redhead


    I just don’t understand it. I get comments occasionally about my red hair (and glasses). It’s actually dyed, and not bright red, because I was born with red hair and it faded during my teens. I avoided most abuse at school by not showering after sports (nice). My classmates criticised others for their hair colour, then told me my own hair colour was not really ginger, so it was quite nice. I maintain my identity as a redhead because it feels like a political position in this country. Please do not be put off visiting if you are from elsewhere. Not all British people are shits. I want ginger haired children. My partner has red sideburns so there’s a chance. I know they’d get abuse but it is so beautiful. I adore red-haired men (so sexy) and the most beautiful girl I ever saw had red hair. It’s a myth about the gene dying out btw, same as us having bad tempers.

    December 31, 2007
  • Brandie


    Read your post and had to drop a comment. I find all of this very disturbing because I’ve never had that problem. I have red hair and it’s always been my favorite feature. Everyone loves it and I get compliments regularly. I have 2 girls and I was very disappointed when they didn’t have my red hair. I think red hair is beautiful, and I enjoy being unique.

    January 8, 2008
  • Hi Amber, I've done everything I can to find an email on your site to ask you if you'll help out with an article about ginger hair! I run a young people's journalism project and magazine and I've a lad doing an article on it. I found you while researching ginger actually :~)He'd liekt o interview you for your thoughts! Please get in touch if you can, we're running out of time!:)

    Thanks, Vicky

    January 23, 2008
  • Georgina


    I'm a natural red head and I was bullied all the way through school but I still wouldn't change my hair for the world! I love being different. My boyfriend also has red hair so with luck the kids will be red. There isn't much on my side of the family but his sisters and nieces and nephews are a light red more sort of auburn. I love the hair!! Stay red!! Red is good and red will rule, screw all the people that screw us!

    February 5, 2008
  • Kate Ward


    This is so incredible to me. I'm from the US and I saw the South Park episode about "Gingers". I totally thought it was a joke and that it was supposed to mock how people can find anything to decide to hate people for. I had absolutely no idea that people would have a problem with HAIRCOLOR, of all things! My cousin has red hair and porcelain skin, I am a blonde with pale skin and I have always been jealous of the way that people oohed and ahhed over her coloring growing up, while I was always just pasty. I think Julianne Moore is one of the most beautiful actresses out there today. I colored my hair auburn/red for about a year and got the most male attention I had, people seemed to think I was more fiery and mysterious… too bad it was such a pain to keep up. If you are a red haired woman and feel discriminated against, take a trip to the US, and you will attract both male attention and female envy!

    February 17, 2008
  • annie


    Remember the rasists in the u.k shouting abuse and attacking "Gingers" are the same rasists that used to attack Packies(a rasist term for people from Pakistan)For sport – They would be arrested for that today, so they pick on the only minority that they won't get arrested for – They usually have brains the size of a pee!!!

    February 29, 2008
  • Sherry


    You know, I didn't find out until recently that people in the UK tend to really dislike red hair because growing up in the States, red hair is something that's gorgeous and prized and tons of girls go through a stage in life in which they dye their hair red.

    Interesting. I wonder why it's so hated in the UK?

    March 11, 2008
  • I'm from the UK and I lurrrrrvve my red/auburn hair!! It's natural through and through! It's beautiful and i wouldn't change it for the world – apart from emphasing the fact that i'm a red head by making it even redder to stand out from the crowd even more!!

    I went through school with red hair, glasses, the occasional outburst of spots, and braces!!!! So i was called "Ginger!!", "Four eyes!" and "Train tracks!" all in one sitting!! …but it never got to me, i ended up being just as popular as the other girls in school – probably because of my bright hair colour to be honest, lol!
    While all the other red headed girls in my school were bleaching (yes BLEACHING!) their hair blonde (which looked terrible!)or dying it black, i was happy and proud to be me and to not be ashamed of who or what i was!

    I now have an amazing boyfriend who has a big thing for red heads – which is a bonus – and neither of us are worried about having red headed babies in the future – they would be beautiful individuals and rule the world… ;-)!!

    March 13, 2008
    • redandreadytosue


      I am a redhead and it's a deep and unchangeable part of me, even as the actual colour fades with time… Growing up in the UK, for every cruel taunt (and there were some corkers) I was lucky to remember more compliments. My husband says he specifically picked me out bcs of my hair!

      I believe that men who choose redheads want their woman to be gorgeous, unique and firey… these are the best sort of men out there, we are so lucky, who cares about the rest?

      HOWEVER I now believe that if someone offends my dignity (or that of any other red-haired person, particularly a child) we should sue them to high heaven, if only to protect the kids growing up out there. People are of course welcome to think what they like, love or hate red hair… but it is NEVER acceptable to bully and insult…anyone. if they do, there are laws we can invoke.

      I know that the race laws may not cover us… but can you imagine someone mocking a person with another prominent genetic difference in appearance (albino/ dwarfism/ blind/ deaf)? I know we are not disabled, but there is a parallel here… we are different and we stand out. Additionally redheads can get all sorts of references made to other bodily hair/ parts too… this can be very demeaning indeed. We MUST start invoking the laws relating to our basic human right to dignity/ freedom from hate crimes, that's what they are there for!

      Good luck to us all, let's enjoy our fabulous colouring, but also fight back intelligently when the morons strike. After a few test cases, we will have gained the respect our minority deserves and the cruel people out there on the streets will have to shut up or be seen in court.

      Parents of redheaded children (who may not be redheaded themselves) PLEASE protect your kids more effectively than many of you do. Do not assume that your child will tell you about any bullying, and watch for unhealthy teasing within the family itself.

      Redheads and parents of redheads could start by reacting to some of the offensive comments/ sketches on TV…. people make fantastic easy money by mocking us and we let them get away with it! Does anyone fancy a class-action? Is there a red haired Ali Mc Beal out there who will lead the way? Let's make 'em PAY! If we don't stick up for ourselves, who will?

      If we don't, perhaps we are more damp squids than firey redheads!

      Amber, what do you think?

      December 10, 2008
  • Alissa


    I have red hair and I LOVE it. I don't get bullied, just a bit teased. I hate reading posts people make saying how they hate redheads. We aren't like that. Some say they area waste of space, or have no soul. That is not true.

    March 29, 2008
  • Bludknut


    Its a pity im only reading that now… Im a natural born ginga ninga :p and very proud of it! Personally ive only heard good things about my hair… particularly from random strangers. We are unique and i would never dye my hair unless my life depended on it! (and maybe not even then) So are there any guys out there with the cursed gene? i wanna spread the curse, we cant die out by 2080!!! and another thing.. in southafrica most of the mannequins i see in the windows have red hair (all be it unaturally so)… Redheads of the world unite! we're only 2% of the worlds population

    April 5, 2008
  • Betsy


    You're lovely! They're both jealous and rude.

    My beautiful little 3rd baby daughter has ginger hair and I love it so much I hope it stays that way.

    May 4, 2008
  • melinda skinner


    well, im in love with gingers.
    i dont know if tis the fact that noone has it,
    but everytime i see one i go omg a ginger,
    and point it out to my friend.
    i would die for a ginger baby.
    maybe when im old enough in a few years theyll have a way to make your baby have the things you want,
    cuz id definatly have redhaired kids.

    June 2, 2008
  • gini


    i really want red head kids too…but i know i'll never get one, cos even if i do have a redhead guy to contribute, my colouring will guarantee a result of a baby with brown hair and brown eyes..i actually get really sad sometimes, especially after i see ginger babies with blue eyes, theyre just so cute!!!
    i never really understood why redheads put up with such severe jokes as well, like you said, if you applied the same logic to racist jokes or whatever people would end up against some anti-discrimination commission or the like.
    hmm..i'll keep dreaming about a red head baby

    June 6, 2008
    • Sam


      Don't give up hope. Both my parents have brown hair, one green eyes and the other brown. I am a redhead with dark brown eyes, so i'm extra freekish. I haven't found any family members who have red hair also….It's a mutation in the coloring protiens in our bodies, so it could happen. : )

      July 6, 2009
  • Ally


    Hi Amber,

    What a well written entry. It frustrates me how many people walk around thinking they are not prejudice but quite openly discriminate about redheads. As its not specified under the Act they think that makes it alright to belittle people on their hair colour. Really it's because they don't understand that "its not just a hair colour its a way of life". You can put that on one of your T-Shirt too 😀

    It took me until I was sixteen to accept that I am ginger and if other people thought it was ugly it was their problem not mine. Once I accepted my "gingerness" I became more confident and discovered that real men find red hair sexy. It's been found out that the hair colour stimulates passion and that many people dye their hair red when they are not feeling fulfilled to attract someone who will take care of their needs (if you get what I mean).

    I love my red hair now and my man loves it too. His family can't wait for us to have children as they have all got their *fingers crossed* for a ginger. I would love to have ginger children too but heard that it often skips a generation – so maybe I will have ginger grandchildren to look forward too… *fingers crossed*

    For all those people who made me hate myself, I don't wish ginger children on them as they don't deserve them!

    June 16, 2008
  • Amanda


    omg. i pray that i will pass my red hair onto my kids!!! im not joking, i hope i have a red haired kid, i cant believe that people would acyually not want a redhead? i have and always ill love my red hair, and eveybody comlements me on it..
    i want one of those t shirts !! 🙂

    June 24, 2008
  • Julie


    Oh this is crazy. I have dark brown hair, my dh has dark blond hair. I have three kids, 2 boys and a girl. My oldest boy, 5, has brown hair, my second has blonde hair, and my beautiful baby girl has red curly hair, blue eyes and beautiful fair skin (alot like yours). I was thrilled when it came in red (she was bald until about 7 months-she is a year old now). People comment on it everywhere we go (mostly just how pretty it is or where does she get it from). It never even occurred to me to think it was a bad thing, but I have had two red headed women who I didn't know ask me how I felt about it (like I might be upset). I was like, "I love it." They seemed surprised. One of them, who was by the way beautiful, went on to say it was hard to grow up different. And I thought it sounds better than being the 5 millioneth brown hair brown eyed girl like I was. People are crazy, I sure hope my daughter doesn't get too much of the "hairism" or "redism" whichever it may be :). I know everyone gets some crap from other kids about things, but grown women acting like this is normal conversation is not forgiveable to me. I think it is just that is so rare that people are either fascinated or jealous or something. I was just reading about how more women are dying their hair red, they theorized it was because it is so unique (kind of funny that if so many people dye their hair it won't be so unique anymore, but it isn't quite the same as really having red hair). You know now that I think about it there can definitely be prejudice against blondes too as far as stereotyping. I don't guess I ever felt discriminated against being brunette, but maybe just a little "plain". Oh well there are always some dumb people in the world. I hope my daughter has as much confindence about her appearance as you and the other red heads here responding.

    July 14, 2008
  • Random


    I realize this is an old entry but I had to laugh in the way I managed to stumble upon it… I was searching for information on the best way to determine what the likelihood of my incubating daughter's hair being red is.

    I'm a redhead who hated it as a child (Hello, Strawberry Shortcake comments) but am thrilled with it as an adult and have hoped with each pregnancy that if I had a daughter she would be a redhead also (I have two boys who are blonde, a daughter who is brunette and one that is yet to be determined but I'm still hopeful!).

    Pretty funny!

    July 18, 2008
  • Elizabeth


    I AM, I swear, going to make a T-Shirt this next week that says "I'd rather be a Redhead than a sodding moron." It'll be funny because it's an insult to people who don't like redheads and also funny because most Americans will be confused by the word "sodding". 😀

    July 26, 2008
  • nightwing


    I'm really sorry. I know what its like to suffer from something like that. It's not only with redheads though, it happens everywhere. Light skinned blacks are considered prettier, asians with big eyes are considered prettier, etc. I've had to deal with people making fun of me for my dark skin a lot.

    Personally, I think red hair is absolutely GORGEOUS. I love the freckles too.

    August 2, 2008
  • KaY



    I have red hair and love my colour becauese its so unique. I have noticed that the only people who make stupid comments are complete idiots (i mean shouting out insults). I go to University and no one in the campus says a word, however when i move back to essex people shout out insults. HOW SHALLOW! Also it is usually chavs that throw the insults. I have unfortunately dyed my hair to tone it down (i was getting upset with the insults) and not its very bright and want my straw-berry blonde bk 🙁 any ideas how lol.

    August 14, 2008
  • Karen


    When I was growing up I went from strawberry blonde to bright red, and on and on. In my 20’s I dyed my hair every color in the book because I hated my red hair (only other person in my whole family that was red was my grandma). Now, in my 40’s, I get so many compliments on it (nope, can’t buy THIS color in a bottle!), and it seems to be the going thing now. I have passed the ginger gene on to 3 out of 4 of my great nieces and nephews as well as a niece(no, my sons don’t have it), and I tell my sister we’re taking over the world! Woohoo! And when I get mad, I’m “letting the redhead out”. I’m proud of it – shine on, gingers!

    August 15, 2008
  • Sea


    Ever since I was a little kid (like, 4-6 years old) I wanted red hair. I know because I have it written down as a wish in lots of places, haha. But unfortunately, what with pretty much all of my family having brown/black hair and my mother being Asian with black hair, I never got it, I got the black, and so I can't even dye it!
    But, I do have, somewhere in the depths of my crazy hair, one single red hair! I think I inherited it from my dad (who started off with incredibly red hair, which turned dark brown) and am very protective of my hair. Once it got caught in the car door and I was panicking that it might get pulled out and never grow back.
    So, does this make me weird, being born and raised in the UK, and thinking that red hair is one of the prettiest, coolest hair colours ever? ;D

    August 22, 2008
  • Hi, i call myself a blonde redhead, seriously, i was born with dark ashy blonde hair and ever since i was 13 i´ve died it e-v-e-r-y shad of red there is…non of them suit me, aparently i´m too yellowish (not porcelain white just pale yellowish) and red hair makes it worse, i´ve tried back, several shades of brown, hilights low lights, pink strikes, but i always go back to red, it doesn´t matter if it doesnt suit me, i currently dye my hair blonde (cause i live in mexico, are pale have green eyes and being like that with blonde hair on top is VERY exotic) but last week i couldn´t help myself and added some red stikes (sorry if that´s not the word) at the front of my hair and LOVE IT, i´m tempted to go red again… I probably will. Even if no one likes it and i´m forced to do full make up just to put my nose out the window.

    October 4, 2008
  • emily


    you are really lucky… i love red hair.

    My hair is about as close as you can get to having red hair without actually having red hair. it's driving me insane.

    October 10, 2008
  • Jilly


    I have gorgeous red hair and I found this article by Laura Barton really interesting:

    October 15, 2008
  • i think you are highly intelligent and a brilliant writer i laughed my butt off reading this! my husband whom is a red head and seriously the hottest man i have ever seen, he hates his hair but it suits him, my mother prayed for me to be a red head and my father the pastor prayed against it like the plague! i have red genes on both sides of my family but came out med- brown with red undertones/highlights! you are a cute girl and you have a personality and your intellect seems to know no bounds, so bask in it— you're unstoppable!

    October 23, 2008
  • Kate


    I stumbled on this blog beacause I was googling red hair babies for a drawing I wanted make. I was inspired by a lovely red hair baby being held by sweet asian woman outside a church on my home from work. Any hoo I always thought it was a rare and wonderful thing to have red hair. I'm surprised there are folks who think otherwise.

    October 29, 2008
    • Hermens


      Im from Australia, but had my little boy in Edinburgh 11 months ago. When he was born he had bright red and yellow (it looked like gold) hair. Everyone who came to see him made up a different name for his hair colour from "strawberry blonde" to "auburn". I found it funny that no one could actually bring themselves to say that it was RED. Even funnier was that everyone kept looking at me with a comforting face saying "dont worry, it will change". I LOVE his red hair. We love the fact that he was born in Scotland and has red hair. Neither my husband nor I have red hair so we think it is really special. And when we go back to Aus, I think it is going to be quite special too. Aussies dont really make a fuss about red heads (not where Im from anyway). Kids will always find something to tease you about whether you're fat, thin, short, tall. Focus on developing your kids resilience to bullying and make them proud of their hair.

      January 4, 2009
  • Anna


    NOOO!!! I am a blond, and I have wanted to be a redhead all my life!! Why would anyone NOT want red hair? I mean, it's so different! (and I like different. A lot.) And about the blond hair and blue eyes only Arian race thing– not another Hitler generation! And why exactly are these considered the prettiest of all?? Why? I think red hair and blue eyes would be the prettiest, because it's the most colorful!! XD

    February 7, 2009
  • Shannon


    I’m fifteen and I’ve been dreaming about the future and having kids and stuff. I’m sure that I want to and it would be so amazing to have a red haired child. I have blonde hair and blue eyes, but I would love to have red hair or red highlights or something. There is so nothing wrong with having red hair and I agree, those people are idiots. I consider you extremely lucky. Everyone has brown or blonde hair, you’re obviously unique which I’m sure you’ve heard tons of times.

    February 22, 2009
  • The problem is that "Red and Proud" spells out RAP. Whilst GAP may work, I'm not sure that one will catch on!

    (p.s I know I am missing the point of the post, but I kind of couldn't resist being silly!)

    <abbr>Lauren´s last blog post..I’m just going Kinnearing</abbr>

    March 12, 2009
  • Arielle


    I'm – well, dumbfounded – to read this and to know that people with this attitude actually exist!

    I think it may be a cultural phenomenon though (perhaps related to the historical interactions between the English and the Irish?). I live in the southern United States and get nothing but compliments for my three-month-old daughter's red hair. In fact, the prevalent attitude I've witnessed around here is that red-headed women are considered particularly attractive.

    March 13, 2009
  • raq


    good lord i just stumbled upon this post while randomly googling for redheads, and i simply cannot believe why anyone would hate redheads!!! those people are such morons! i have deep brown hair and deep brown eyes as most south-east asians have, and it is SO BORING. how i wish i was born with red hair!!! treasure your gorgeous locks (: your hair is seriously amazing!!

    April 5, 2009
  • Hoshi


    Pshaw. Red hair? Not pretty? Crazy.
    And blondes with blue eyes are a dime a dozen. (Wow, I come cheap.) It’s a nice look, but it’s certainly not very original.
    I live close to a college campus where every year, exchange students from Japan come to live for a month or so. Guess what color they all dye their hair? Red.
    Beautiful hair, Amber! Keep it!

    April 10, 2009
  • Just wanted to say that the comments you found on the forum discussion do not surprise me at all. Having read a few other threads, the typical poster's opinion is almost enough to make your eyes pop out of your head.

    Carry on loving your hair – it's beautiful.

    April 28, 2009
  • Maayan


    I'm a natural redhead and am the only one in my family. (I got it from grandpa but no one else was so lucky). Also I live in Israel where it is a less common thing then in the UK and US. So I am basically used to being the only redhead in the room, to the extent that if there is another one, I feel like they stole my place! I never knew there was such hatred directed at "gingers", although I have been called to in the street, mostly when I was younger. But Most of the reactions I've gotten have always been really positive. I always just assumed that the people who made nasty comments were obnoxious by nature and that was simply the most obvious thing for them to point out. Also some people just think of it as a "conversation starter" (a degrading and annoying one at that, but people are morons). In any case, thanks for alerting me to the situation. It's comforting that you're out there fighting the good fight! I also love my hair and hope very much that my kids will inherit it!

    May 9, 2009
  • Monica


    I was born ginger and am now light brown, but sometimes I dye my hair red because… I'd LOVE to be still ginger!!! RED AND PROUD!!! Being Italian, I don't understand why there's this crazy discrimination against ginger people in the UK….

    May 27, 2009
  • Myra


    Amber, I love red hair, and yours in particular. My dad had red hair, and I always wanted to have it too, so am a bit jealous. His hair colour did fade as he aged, but even in his 60s it was a beautiful strawberry blond. I love that you are different and have never been tempted to dye it – bet Terry loves it too. Your hair is a healthy, shining beautiful crown. Incidentally, the woman who writes she is worried that her child may be red-haired could have a 4/1 chance of having a red-haired baby if both she and her husband have a red hair gene. It is a recessive gene, which means that both your mother and father have a red haired gene and a dark hair gene. They are both dark haired because dark hair is a dominant gene, but they each passed the red hair gene to you – aren't you glad. Red hair rules!!! I don't get the bullying, but bullies pick on the most salient feature to do their nastiest and yours is red hair. What would they do if everyone was the same?? Oh, by the way there are only about 8% of the world's population who are blond/e – and they are dying out (blond/e hair is also a recessive gene) so most of the blonde hair you see comes out of a bottle. lol

    July 17, 2009
  • I'm not a redhead but I love that color hair, so much that I'd dye mine that color at least for a little while, except that I don't think it'd go well with my complexion. And that I have to keep it really short for the military, so it'd just color my scalp. But it's stupid that people hate red hair. We're all human beings, scientifically there is absolutely no distinction between "races" of any sort—black, white, Latino, Asian, etc.—and any two people on the planet have roughly the same .02% difference in genes across the globe, whether siblings or a white dude and a Chinese girl.

    Although red hair is a mutation that affects the production of melanin, so it's not the original, created shade of brown. But there are two types of melanin, one for brown and the other for red, and redheads have a mutation that causes the red type to be expressed twice and the brown type not very much.

    September 8, 2009
  • Karen


    My hair is the world's most boring dark blond/brown, and I've actually dyed it red to be prettier and more interesting. I'm surprised you encounter so much hatred for your red hair. My God-daughter is also a red-head, and it's seriously the prettiest color hair you can imagine. More strawberry-blonde-red than brown-auburn-red, but so shiny & silky. She gets compliments on it ALL the time, and neither of her parents has red hair (her mom's blonde, and her dad's brunette). Go figure.

    March 9, 2010
  • lovinred


    I personally HOPE my duaghter turns out a red head! I think red hair is one of the most beautiful hair colors! My daughter was bron blonde but it starting to turn red. I’m thrilled. there is lots of red in my family on both sides (lots of irish and scottish roots). even as a child when i played house i always dreamed of having a little girl with red hair and freckles. (i have the freckles and some red in my hair… but i could use some more!)

    November 26, 2010
  • Morgan


    Hi, totally stumbled across this on google. The hatred’s been getting me down recently, so was looking for some commentary on it. Your blog post is refreshing. Nice to remember that yeah, it’s them that are idiots and there’s nothing wrong with my hair.

    In my experience though, the hatred’s getting worse. Someone was making jokes about burning ‘gingers’ the other day. Like it was funny. Always wanted red hair for my kids, not so sure anymore. It’s one thing to stand up to it myself, another to watch any redheaded kids I have be targeted by that kind of vitriol.

    December 1, 2010
  • Brittney Rose


    I just kinda Stumbled apon this because someone was talking about how they hate red heads and apparently alot do? But i just want to say your hair is gorgeous! I purposely dye my hair dif. colors of red because i love red hair! my moms side of the family has red tints in their hair i was kinda born a mut with brown hair with natural blonde and red highlights. Everyone said it was beautiful but i didnt like it as much so i started dying it and well now i dye my hair red all the time. I dont think i could ever go back to my natural hair color after realizing how the ed makes my skin look so beautiful. So who ever is hating on you should shut up because i so wish i could pass it on to my kids unfortunately i was born with dark brown hair and my Hunny is mexican so not a chance ill have a red headed baby 🙁 you are so lucky!

    January 26, 2011
  • Ami


    I’ve just read your post about red hair and stupid people hating it… And I keep asking myself why do they hate red hair? I really think natural red hair is gorgeous 🙂 And even if it’s not natural, still think is a lovely color
    To be honest I’ve never stumbled on that kind of opinion about red hair… back here it’s very popular
    But as someone was saying in an early comment people always find something to make other people feel bad (usually those who are jealous on…)
    I had a similar issue when I was a little girl; it was aimed at my height and shoe size… I’m a tall girl and of course my feet are matching 😀

    February 11, 2011
  • Jesso1000


    thats quite sad that they feel like that about red hair.
    i think red haired children look just as beautiful as any other child.
    it shouldnt matter what their child looks like they should love them no matter what

    February 16, 2011
  • D. Johnson


    I love redheads. It makes me really sad to think the gene might die out. Maybe some ginger-loving scientist will be able to save it. Along with cures for cancer and baldness it would be a great service to the world. It hurts me to be reminded that some of the men I tried to date were wounded by the words and actions of ignorant people. You are not only a red head, but beautiful and intelligent as well. I am currently trying to sort out sexual preference vs. racism/prejudice. Why are there support groups and parades for people who get turned on by the same gender as their own while I feel societal pressure to treat everyone equally regardless of coloration? My heart rebels against this. I’m not going to hate, deny anyone a job, apartment, or friendship, but shouldn’t I be allowed to choose who I take to bed? I have recently been trying to “come out” as a red head loving/blonde loving, freckle fetish heterosexual. I have discovered I LIKE being happy!

    July 12, 2011
  • Anny


    Hi Amber!
    Just read yor post and I felt really shocked!!! Some people appear to be really narrow-minded and stupid. You are very beautiful and so is your hair. This colour is one of the things that make you special and I see no reason to claim it’s ugly and undesirable. I’m saying this not only because of some weird ladies’ assumptions but also ’cause I love red hair so much that even dyed mine! And I feel kinda sorry I wasn’t born with the colour I have now!

    July 24, 2011
  • Syncretic


    You and your red hair are amazing and beautiful.
    Stand proud!

    August 9, 2011
  • Just letting you know that I just did a shoot where I played a pregnant redhead mum to 40 redhead children. And a red setter dog. It was one of the best days of my life. I don’t think anyone can know true happiness until they are surrounded by 40 of the cutest redhead kids you’ve ever seen – with a crew of support people with sunscreen at the ready!

    By the way, trying not to be weird, but I am stealing your baby bath photo for inspiration for a puppet. Hope that’s ok. I have no idea where all my baby bath photos are and I needed a shot of an unhappy red-head kid crying.

    October 18, 2011
  • Things like this make me want to hide in my room and never come out again because I’ve lost faith in humanity. I swear, someday we are going to destroy ourselves because we can’t get over stupid little differences.

    October 30, 2011
  • It was interesting to read this, because for as long as I can remember, I’ve gotten compliments on my red hair. People would always tell me it’s “the most beautiful hair color” they’ve ever seen. I’m actually starting to get nervous, because it IS getting lighter as I age–no offense to blondes, but I don’t want to be one! Having (naturally) red hair is so rare, it’s just one more trait that makes me (and all redheads) unique!

    December 22, 2011
  • Roaring Ruby Red


    Well, I love red hair so much that I dye my naturally blonde hair a vivid red. It rocks.

    April 5, 2012
  • markus30


    I am a guy, just turned 30, I have red hair and it has ruined my life. Been singled out from day 1 from everywhere. Been disliked or hated by 90% of society for the way I look. I denied this for a very long time, tried to fit in, laugh along, act like I was a normal person. By now I have given up as it’s just too painful being rejected your whole life. I live alone, I make some money online enough to pay rent and stuff and I don’t go out much anymore. I hate my life.

    October 14, 2012
    • I’m so sorry to hear that Markus. It’s great to tell people to feel comfortable in their own skin (or hair!!) and to be proud of who they are… but it sounds like this is really affecting your life 🙁
      Have you considered dying your hair? Maybe a few months of being a brunette would give you the courage to deal with some of the other issues that are affecting your happiness. I’m guessing that you’ll find out that it’s not all to do with your hair. I think you should be proud of your red hair, but it’s you and only you that knows how badly this is affecting your self esteem.
      Good luck with everything!
      Caroline x

      January 16, 2013
    • Lara S.


      I feel your pain. I lead a very quite life because I’ve had it with the rejection my hair color brings. Like you, I tried to laugh it off and ignore it, but it became apparent after many years why I wasn’t fitting in. I stay away from bars, nightclubs, and trendy stores because those are gathering places for the beautiful people, and I don’t fit in. I can’t understand why people want our hair color.

      March 12, 2016
  • Oh, wow… this is really cruel! I have always found children (and grown-ups) with red hair incredible cute (and lucky!). It’s such a wonderful color! 🙂

    April 26, 2013
  • I wish I had a hair like yours…
    It looks beautiful.
    Some people are totally mental

    August 17, 2013
  • What dipsticks. I adore red hair, I always like to see it

    May 31, 2014
  • ant


    Red hair are just marvelous.Red hair goes along with fair skin and most guys, like me, find the combination irresistible.

    August 24, 2015
  • ant


    I said “most guys” based on personal statistics. I travel a lot for work and I meet people form many parts of the world. After work, when we convene around a couple of beers and unfortunately we have no girls in the party, needless to say, we always turn to the woman subject and, indeed, most of us agree that the fairer the skin, better if redhead, the more beatiful is the girl. The most entusiast about the lovely redhead are men from the south. God bless all the fair redhead beauties.

    August 24, 2015
  • Toko Yono


    The comments on this post are always a fascinating read. From crazy, borderline-terrifying, mass generalisations of Europeans, to people commenting on how people picking on others because of a physical difference is rubbish because you, personally, are beautiful, Amber. As if whether someone is beautiful or not is the deciding factor in this situation.

    And let’s not get started on the redhair fetishists.

    And so the world carries on turning and people keep on being people world over. Heaven help us.

    December 15, 2015
  • Lara S.


    I have mixed feelings about my red hair. People tell me it’s beautiful, but then I get treated differently, and it’s not a good different. To be honest, I’ve experienced a lot of abuse and mistreatment because of my hair color. I could go on with the sad stories, but I’ll described the two worst, which both happened when I was a senior in high school. Story #1 is about a guy I was dating that I was madly in love with. He even said we’d get engaged after I graduated, but then a few months later, he faded out of my life so that he could chase the cheap blondes and brunettes in his neighborhood. Story #2 is about a group of girls who I thought were my friends but conveniently omitted me from the Senior Week plans. It was felt that my ugly hair color would bring them down and make them all look bad while they were trying to pick up boys on the beach. I should mention that these girls were nothing much to look at; perhaps it would have been different had they really been beautiful.

    People tell me that these offenders were young and stupid and what did I expect from immature teenagers? The truth is they knew what they doing, knew how wrong it was, and carried on that way regardless. No one cares how deeply these things hurt me to this day.

    My mother is my worst enemy with her double talk. She’ll tell me how beautiful my hair is and then turn around and trumpet gleefully that the red-hair gene is going extinct. I’ve told her that’s a lie and that talking this way is hate speech. The last time she said that to me, knowing how much it aggravated me, I told her in no uncertain terms how I’d deal with her if she said it again. She never again brought it up.

    I tell friends who dye their hair red that they’re making a huge mistake, that life as a redhead can be hard. I would color my own hair if I weren’t so cheap or so lazy. It’s not a good color to have, and because of the abuse I’ve taken from it, I’m always on the defensive when people are rude to me. I truly hate it.

    March 12, 2016
  • Ian


    Lara S.
    Redheads are born, not made, and those women who dye their hair will never have the attitude that comes from a lifetime of dealing with comments from rude, ignorant and sometimes downright nasty people.
    I’ll bet that you aren’t mean, shallow and judgemental, and I am sure that you are the sort of person that any decent person would treasure as a friend.
    The people who make the nasty comments, the ring leaders, the bullies, and those that ostracize us are the minority, but sadly the crowd are likely to follow, or stand by and do nothing. Few people are brave enough to step up when others are being bullied or sidelined, they just go along with the crowd.
    In my opinion those so-called friends of yours who abandoned you are foolish, and it really is their loss, although I know from bitter experience that it feels like the very opposite to you. I do wonder if the real reason they didn’t want you around is because of their own insecurities, and they knew deep down that they didn’t measure up to you in some way?
    I see red hair as an “idiot filter”. Anybody who makes unkind remarks about me based on my outward appearance is quite simply ignorant and not worthy of my company! That probably sounds rather self important but life’s too short to waste with unpleasant people.
    Any decent person reading your post will empathize with you, I can promise you that, particularly us redheads. There are plenty of kind, decent and intelligent people out there, it’s just a case of finding them and filtering out the idiots.
    Don’t ever let anyone put you down, and save your friendship for those people that truly appreciate you, and deserve your company.

    March 14, 2016
  • Lara S.


    Hi Ian!

    After the way I was hurt in school, I never spoke to those girls again for the reason you mentioned: That anyone who has a problem with my outward appearance is unworthy of my company. I understood that then, but to know that I was shunned not for anything I had said or done, but merely because of how I looked, demolished me. Even today, many years later, it ranks as one of the most hurtful things anyone has ever done to me.

    As for the guy who dumped me, Karma has found him, as word on the grapevine is that he was in a toxic marriage in which his then-wife got so furious with him that she almost literally killed him. Next for him followed a string of equally toxic relationships, and his life is a train wreck today. I laugh when I think of the good life he could have had with me and how he threw it away because of something stupid like my hair color. As for the Senior Week girls, they are all hideous today. They were nothing much to look at back then, and time and Karma have only served to make them look worse.

    You’re right when you say that crowds are most likely to follow ringleaders and bullies, which is exactly how it’s been for me all my life, and most especially in high school. The fact that two bullies in my homeroom tormented and humiliated me constantly, and ran a never-ending smear campaign behind my back, served to bring me down in the eyes of most people in my class and certainly contributed to my being left out of Senior Week. The Senior Week girls didn’t want the most unpopular girl in the class in their midst. Many people were too afraid of the bully girls to stand up for me, which is why today I stand up for people who are bullied.

    Thank you very much for your kind words and support! Peace!

    March 15, 2016
  • Brandon Hess


    I stumbled onto this site and after reading i felt the need to say as a guy the type of women I like the most is redheads, especially redheads with blue eyes….theirs a known fact that redheads with blue eyes only make up %1 of humanity and from what I know their all women. …the odds of getting a daughter with redhair and blue eyes are the odds getting hit in the head by a meteorite. ….okay maybe not that little (meteorites fall far more than that lol) but still its rare….hell i even know what id name her….daphne! …i can already see the many scooby doo references people would say to her lol. I knew a girl in the 6th grade in johnston city, IL who was a redhead and ALL us guys wanted her…her evil rejections only made us like her more 😂 another girl I liked was kayta Boldarieva, some Ukrainian ambassadors daughter, she was a redhead with blue eyes and a heart of gold….when russia invaded Ukraine and started killing women and children she up and disappeared, profile and all, her sister said she went to the store and when she came back her sister was gone, there where signs of a struggle…shes not been seen sense. :/

    August 15, 2022
  • SandyShores


    Why do the British hate people with red hair? I never imaged the cruelty I experienced, did not know stigma was so severe before traveling. Is it because of Scott’s or Irish history? No one seems to mind either they are beaten and mocked everywhere!

    June 12, 2023
  • Kelly


    I am a natural red head and school was deeply traumatic for me.

    I do understand why someone would want to avoid their own children having the same experiences that I did though.

    Bullying from school has damaged me more than I think I’ll ever realise.

    Jokes like “a baby was born last week, want to hear the good news or the bad news?” “Ok I’ll go for the bad news first” “the baby was ginger” “oh ok and the good news?” “It died at birth”

    Kids can be so so savage!

    On a lighter note, I’ve never had a problem with getting boyfriends etc and am getting married soon!

    Just wanted to add my experience.

    April 8, 2024