Remember that novel I was writing? Yeah, it would be good if I’d actually done that, wouldn’t it? Why, I could be sitting here with a book deal and an agent right now, but instead? Well, instead I’m sitting here with the remainders of last week’s cold, no novel and no money (Note: SEND MONEY). Way to go, Amber!

Actually, I’m not surprised at the non-completion of the novel: it’s pretty much par for the course by now. The reason I know this? Well, earlier this year I stumbled across my very first diary – what would have been my very first blog, in fact, had blogs been invented when I was 10, which they hadn’t. You should be pleased about that – trust me. Anyway,here are some extracts:

August 7th

“I have started writing a book called Jumping for Joy. It is about a girl called Elaine Shaw and a pony called Carmen.”

August 9th

“I have given up writing my book.”

December 2nd

“Nothing else exciting happened so I’ll go now to finish the book I’ve started writing. It’s called ‘A Horse of My Own’ and I think I might possibly be able to keep it up.”

March 1st

“I’m also getting on well with my new fiction book, ‘Jumping for Joy’ and I’m hoping to get it published when I’m finished.” (Amber’s note: Ha! Yeah you are!)

June 9th

Things I must remember to take on holiday with me:
1. camera and plenty films
2. diary and pen
3. book I am writing, ‘Ponies Galore’
4. extra notebook and pen (What, just in case you finish Ponies Galore and decide to dash off another one? Wait… am I having a conversation with my younger self, here?)
5. Observer’s Book of Horses
6. Riding things
7. Ted
8. Walkman and cassettes

Did you pick up on the fact that I liked horses? A lot? And that I’ve been failing to complete novels since I was TEN YEARS OLD? (Actually, I did finish one of them. I think it was ‘Jumping for Joy’. I’d give you an extract of that, but I gave it to my friend Rhona to read, and she never returned it. I like to think that Rhona re-reads it every year, just to remind herself of the antics of Elaine Shaw and her pony called Carmen, but, y’know, probably not.)

It makes me sad to think that I’ve been failing at something for such a long time. I doubt that ten-year-old Amber would be impressed with the adult version of herself. I mean, for one, I have no ponies; for two, I haven’t even written any books about ponies; and for three, George Michael turned out to be gay, people. I also didn’t grow up to be a pop star, which was the career I had in reserve, just in case the whole Olympic showjumper/latter day Patricia Leitch thing didn’t work out. Which, of course, it didn’t.

I really should go and write that book now, huh? (Or maybe just go to sleep?)

  1. You’ll get there 😉 You know, I’d love to read a novel about you writing letters to your younger self.. and in the meantime, you’re such a gifted blogger that I think it makes up a little for the incomplete novels! (ooh, you could write a novel about incomplete novel writing!)

  2. Oh how sweet!!

    I wish I'd kept the diary I had when i was 10. I think it would be good for a laugh, definitely.

    You'll finish your book Amber, take it in your stride, when it's ready, it's ready. No need to rush it 😉

    Jen xx

  3. Haha, Erin, books about not finishing books are probably the only books I could write. I mean, I wouldn’t actually finish them, obviously, but I could START them!

    Thanks, Jen – I kinda feel like I should rush it, though. So that I can start being famous and not having to work. The diaries make pretty funny reading, though – so glad I kept them, even although a lot of them make me cringe now. Well, all of them do, really…

  4. Forgive me, I am just finally getting caught up on all this stuff that wasn’t showing up on my friends page.

    Anyway, my point: I totally own that Patricia Leitch book. Currently, I believe, it is sitting in a box somewhere in Idaho, along with all of my Saddle Club books and other gems like A Horse For Mandy.

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