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Collectif Cordelia top and black capri pantsCollectof Cordelia top

Collectif Cordelia topThis outfit was inspired entirely by the wind.

I’ve always maintained that windy days are the hardest ones to dress for. If it’s cold, you can wrap up; if it’s raining, you can carry an umbrella – if it’s windy, though, you basically have to resign yourself to arriving everywhere looking like you’ve been in a fight – especially if you have long hair, and a habit of dressing like it’s 1955 all the time.

Well, as you know, I DO have long hair, AND I love a good circle skirt. Or two. Or 47. It turns out the whole, “Whoops, my skirt’s just blown right over my head!” look is only cute when Marilyn Monroe does it, though, and the “hair dragged through a hedge” look isn’t cute on ANYONE, so when I saw how blustery it was on Monday, I decided to do the “sensible” thing and wear trousers, with my hair tied back.

Mostly, though, I was just looking for an excuse to wear this top, which I bought a few weeks ago, having spotted it in the ‘New In’ section at Collectif, and realised it was basically the most perfect top EVER. Seriously, I feel like I’ve been searching for this top my entire life: it has that amazing, 60s-inspired boat neck collar, a fitted shape, a bow on the back… it took me all of two seconds to decide it must be mine. Unfortunately, it took a little longer than that for me to actually get around to buying the damn thing: only around 24 hours or so, but of course, the shopping gods like to spite me with stuff like this, so that was as long as it took for it to  totally sell out.

I’m many things, however, but I’m not a quitter (Well, not where shopping is concerned, anyway. Or coffee. Or wine. Or chocolate. Or anything else that’s bad for me. If it’s good for me, I’ll probably quit it, though…), so I kept checking back, and a couple of days later it was back in stock, and it was just like that moment in a disaster movie when you realise the world IS going to be saved after all, YAY! (Note to self: pitch this plot to Hollywood.) Anyway, this particular outfit may have been mostly inspired by the weather, but I have been wearing trousers quite a bit recently: it’s strange, because at this time of year I’m normally taking every opportunity I get to break out the dresses and circle skirts, but for some reason I’m finding myself really drawn to simpler, monochromatic looks, normally revolving around capri pants. In fact, pretty much ALWAYS revolving around capri pants, if I’m honest.

Also pictured in these photos is my new Fitbit Flex which, well, isn’t really in keeping with the rest of the outfit, but which I refuse to take off even for photos because I am OBSESSED with tracking my stats, then beating my personal best, then beating everyone else’s personal best, and so on and so forth. I’m planning to buy another strap for it soon, but until then, if you’re wondering what the black rubber band on my wrist is in all of my outfit photos, that’ll be it. Which reminds me: I need to go and do some more steps…

Collectif 'Corde;lia' retro-inspired tops

WEARING:  Collectif ‘Cordelia’ top / House of Foxy 50s capris / Paris Hilton shoes (yes, really) / Unique Vintage sunglasses (c/o) /  No idea were the belt came from

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  • New post is up, featuring the @CollectifLondon ‘Cordelia’ top: #ootd #fbloggers #bbloggers

    May 6, 2015
  • Love the outfit, the top is amazing. I love the shoes too 🙂

    May 6, 2015
  • At least the rubber band is black… I hadn’t clocked this top properly as I seem to be buying everything Collectif make that’s gingham, striped or polka dot recently, but it’s lovely! So now that’s just one more thing to go on my wish list, which at this point isn’t even worth putting together as it can be summarised as: the entire shop. Piece by piece, I’m getting there… Also, completely agree about the wind. It’s about 100mph outside at the moment on my day off, which is outrageous. Plans for an outfit shoot today have gone out the window as even with trousers, I still have a darn fringe on my head, which just gets DESTROYED by the slightest breeze, let alone practically storm conditions. Stupid British weather.

    May 6, 2015
  • Catherine


    Worse than blustery wind is blustery rain – we have that today, but this outfit looks great. Very Audrey.

    May 6, 2015
  • Madeline


    LOVE the neckline on that top, so pretty and chic!

    May 6, 2015
  • Stacey


    I like how the belt bow matches the bow on the shoes – so cute!

    I keep switching back and forth on wanting a Fitbit (or similar). My poor mom bought me one for Christmas (unknown to me), along with some band jewels to sparkle it up, because I had mentioned that I wanted one. About two weeks before Christmas, I said I decided that I didn’t want one after all because I didn’t think I’d wear it enough as I hate stuff around my wrist. Her face fell and she left the room carrying this box and is like “Well, I got you this for Christmas, but if you really don’t think you’d use it I’m going to send it back while I still have time.” So back it went. Then a couple of months ago, I decided I want one again! I’m pretty sure I’m on my own this time though.

    May 7, 2015
  • Maryam


    Outfit: on point

    May 8, 2015