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An Outfit for £23

stripe bodycon dress with white blazer and sneakers

classic white sneakers

So, fellow UK residents – what about that bank holiday weekend, huh?

It was amazing. Definitely the sunniest bank holiday in MY living memory, so, to celebrate, I decided to spend Bank Holiday Sunday in the public bathroom at Hopetoun House. Yay!

And, I mean, OK, yeah, we DID visit the rest of the house – OK, the grounds. OK, the restaurant – too, but the second I’d finished placing my lunch order, Max was like, “You know what? Now seems like a good time for a giant poop! I think Ima make that happen!” And then the second I finished changing him – like, the LITERAL SECOND I finished changing him (On one of those horrible fold-down changing tables in the kind of public bathroom where you have to stand there mopping up poop while your poor fellow diners squeeze past to wash their hands*) and picked him up again, Max was like, “You know what? Now seems like a good time for ANOTHER ONE!” And off we went again. I honestly thought I was going to be in there forever, just endlessly changing and re-changing the baby, while life went on around me, and my lunch got cold on the table.

(*I seriously think someone should write a kind of tourist guide to the UK, but, instead of listing things like restaurants and tourist attractions, it would just tell you where all of the best baby change facilities are. There could be some kind of star system, say, so you’d be like, “Oh, you’re off to X restaurant? I’m so jealous – their baby change room has a Michelin Star, apparently!”)

Thankfully, though, all things must pass, and that was the case here too, so I finally emerged, blinking, into the sun, where Terry asked my mum to take a quick family photo of the three of us, using our fancypants DSLR camera. And here it is:


“And then we can re-take the same photo, in the same place, every year!” said Terry, optimistically. I think Max’s expression says it all, here:


Well, maybe not EXACTLY the same photo, then. Maybe this one, instead:

family photo

(In my mum’s defence, I will just add here that she has an almost-identical camera of her own, and she DOES know how to use it…)

Anyway! This photo brings me – AT LAST – to the ACTUAL point of this post, which was SUPPOSED to be my £23 outfit. Because yes, people, this outfit is all new, and all of it together* cost me just £23, from Primark.

(*OK, ALMOST all of it: the blazer is about 600 years old* now, so it totally doesn’t count. The rest of the outfit is new, though, and the rest of it cost £23, so my point stands.)

(*6 years old. Which is, like, REALLY old in blazer years, trust me. They age like dogs, you know?)

It’d been absolutely ages since I’d been into Primark, but we had to go to the bank last week, and Primark is opposite the bank, so, before I knew what had happened, I was standing in the middle of a heaving throng of people, clutching a bag full of slogan t-shirts, and knowing perfectly well that I was about to walk around doing that thing where you’re like, “Oh, that’s only £3! I might as well just get it! In fact, I’ll just get two! And maybe this other colour, too!” and then you get to the checkout, and they’re like, “That’ll be £500, please!”

Even Terry was impressed.

“I bet you could get a whole outfit for, like, £20 or something,” he said, as he followed me resignedly around the store. Well, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. I got the dress for £6 (And yes, it’s actually pretty decent quality, too), the sneakers for the same amount, sunglasses for £3, and the bag was the most expensive item, coming in at a whopping £8. So, OK, I didn’t quite manage to do it for £20, but almost. (Oh yeah, and the ever-present hair ties on my wrist were something like £0.50 for 5,000. I’ve just accepted that they’re going to appear in every outfit photo now because, the truth is, when I’m not having my photo taken, I almost always have my hair tied back, to stop Max trying to pull it out with his tiny – and yet surprisingly small – fists.)

CONCLUSION: It IS possible to buy an entire outfit – or most of one – for £23. It’s just NOT possible to go for a day out and not have to change at least one poopy nappy, but, more likely, TWO.

Or not if you’re me, anyway.

Oh, and I tried all day to get a photo of Max smiling in his little outfit (Which you can find here) and I totally failed, so here’s one from when we got home, instead:


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  • Erin


    I’m impressed with the outfit! I didn’t think you would count the shoes or sunnies in the cost! The dress is incredibly chic for $6!

    May 9, 2018
  • The outfit sure looks way more expensive.

    May 9, 2018
  • Frida Bifolchetti


    I say yes to the list of the best baby facilities in restaurant and shops! ? you are right, most are just awful, a lot of places don’t even have baby facilities.. But some times you can find really good ones, and THIS makes a mom really happy ?
    Lovely happy faces, and super nice outfit! 23 sounds good for brand new things to wear!

    May 9, 2018
  • I am soo getting that bag, I love it! In fact I just love the whole outfit, I really need a trip to Primark….

    May 9, 2018
  • Aww cute photos of your family!
    The outfit is awesome too! Really good picks
    Debs @

    May 9, 2018
  • Anne M


    Amazing value, that dress is coming my way!

    May 9, 2018
  • M


    This is such a cute outfit and perfect for this season! I’m sure you could get a white blazer at like H&M for a decent price too, if someone really wanted to recreate the look

    May 9, 2018
  • Andrea


    Wow – that’s super shopping! I bought the same bag a few weeks ago hoping to tempt the sun out ? also the yellow pompom tassel it came with is an accent colour I use in summer – extra win.

    May 12, 2018
  • God bless Primark and all who shop in her! I really tried to keep remembering to take the bobbles off my wrist when taking outfit photos, but in the end I just had to admit defeat because they are ALWAYS THERE. There is more than one of us now though so we can officially call it a ‘trend’….! On a separate note, Dan tried to get me to pose in front of those pastel houses when we were in Queensferry but there were humans around so I got embarrassed and refused. #bloggerfail

    May 12, 2018