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Red Lipstick Reviews | NARS Jungle Red semi-matte lipstick

I’ve had a few people ask me for red lipstick recommendations for redheads lately: I’m planning a roundup post soon, but for now, here’s my current favourite red – NARS Jungle Red lipstick.

When I’m talking about makeup (and lipstick in particular) I tend to make a distinction between what I think of as “daytime looks” and “evening looks”. I’m actually not sure why I continue to do this, because it’s not like I’ve never worn a so-called “daytime” red in the evening, or vice-versa, but when I talk about “daytime” reds, I’m referring to those shades that are a little less high-maintenance, and a little more wearable for everyday use. Red, rather than RED, in other words.

Jungle Red is one of those colours. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still quite bold, but I find it a bit less dramatic than some of the other shades I own, and therefore a little easier to wear. My favourite thing about this shade is that it’s basically the perfect, true red – it’s neither too blue nor too orange, but somewhere in the middle, which makes it suitable for a most skin tones.

NARS Jungle red matte lipstick

NARS Jungle Red LipstickNARS Jungle Red Matte Lipstick

The other thing I like about this is the semi-matte formula. It’s not the least bit shiny (Which is good – I don’t get on with shiny lipsticks), but it’s not as matte as something like MAC’s Ruby Woo, either, so it doesn’t feel drying on the lips, and it’s not difficult to apply. It’s actually one of the few red lipsticks which I can apply straight from the tube (I normally use a lip brush), knowing that it won’t drag, and won’t go on too bright, either.

As far as the lasting power goes, well, this is always something I find quite difficult to judge, because I guzzle coffee all day, and I’ve yet to find many lipsticks which are a match for that: I have to re-apply pretty much all of them, and this is no different. With that said, it’s certainly not any worse than other lipsticks, but I can’t say it lasts much longer than any of them either. That, however, is something I’ve come to accept, so it’s not a huge negative for me – I just always make sure I take my lipstick with me when I’m leaving the house!

There is one downside to this product, however, and it’s the price: at £19.50, this definitely isn’t cheap: it usually takes me a long time to use up a lipstick completely, however, and as I’ve been wearing this one every day since I bought it, I guess you could argue that the cost-per-use is pretty good! Buy it here.


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  • Hah, I call Jungle Red my “neutral” red. It’s just like you described – great for everyday use but not ridiculously bright. Glad to see you liked it as much as I do.

    February 27, 2015
  • Ah, I love the Nars semi-matte reds, but k actually way prefer Heat Wave. Which although it pulls a bit orange, I find far more flattering and more red, actually, than Jungle, on my slightly warm toned complexion. I find Jungle Red a bit blue, it just doesn’t quite work with my colouring… But Heat Wave is my favourite red of all time – assuming I can only pick one… Of course, there’s loads of reds I love but I always come back to Heat Wave so do recommend it. It’s like Mac’s So Chaud but less orange than that.

    February 27, 2015
  • Thanks so much for the recommendation!! I am a “red lipstick” gal myself. I have been favoring Nivea Red Lip Balm and also Maybelline Baby Lips Red Lip Balm lately over lipstick because I hadn’t been able to find an actual lipstick that worked for me. I will definitely try the Jungle Red! Thanks again – I appreciate all you share! 🙂

    February 27, 2015
  • I absolutely love this lipstick range from Nars. I have Red Lizard and Shanghai Express (which I bought separately & didn’t realise were very similar) and I love them! x

    March 1, 2015