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It’s a sad fact of my life that when I’m actually, you know, doing stuff, I don’t have the time to write about it, and I usually forget to photograph it, too. I will never be one of those people who whips out their camera in a restaurant to photograph their food, for instance, partly because I can’t imagine anything more boring than photos of food, but also because I’m too busy eating it. And talking. And talking while eating. Oh, and WINE.

What was I saying?

Oh, yeah: when I actually do interesting things, I don’t really take photos of them, and I don’t always blog about them either, because there is just so much to say, and I get all overwhelmed. Also, I don’t ever post photos of my friends on the Internets, because I am all about respecting people’s privacy and not exposing them to strange comments about their hair or whatever. And then, when absolutely nothing of interest happens, I document it exhaustively, and refuse to shut up about it. Life isn’t fair, is it?

This is all my long-winded way of saying that while we had a fabulous weekend with Stephanie, Nick and Dylan, instead of blogging about that, today I’m just going to show you a bunch of photos of that time Terry and I went for a walk with the dog last week. Back in the summer. The summer of ’12: how we will always remember it, and talk about it, oh wonderful summer it was!  Also, I wore clothes. Go me!


tall grass

tall grass

red hair


a prince

This frog is following us. We came across one just like it in Edinburgh last weekend – it actually jumped onto my foot as I was walking along, minding my own business – and then exactly the same thing happened with this one, just a few days later, out in the country near our house. So now I’m convinced that it’s the SAME FROG, and it’s actually a prince, and it has some kind of message for me that I just haven’t been able to decode yet. Just to be on the safe side, I’ve been working under the assumption that the message is “BUY DRESSES”. But it might also be “BUY SHOES”: you just never really know with frogs. I mean, we all know what happens when you kiss a frog, but but what if you (accidentally) kick a frog? What if you do it twice?

Forever Amber

tunnel vision

And this week the forecast is for snow. Awesome.


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  1. Ah, Summer, how I miss it already.

    The frog is definitely on at you about shoes. And even if it’s not, it couldn’t possibly hurt to buy a new pair or two.

  2. We’re in this together, sister. The not blogging, that is, which would actually mean we’re out of this together… (I don’t ever post pictures of friends for the very same reason, but sometimes it seems like everyone else has a bevy of camera hungry friends?)

    Also, very pretty pictures! Love the one with the grass so much taller than you 🙂

    1. I know! My friends would never speak to me again if I turned up with a camera every time I saw them, and then put the photos on the Internets! (I don’t blame them, either – I would HATE it if someone did that to me!)

  3. I used to Live Journal a lot and it was the same….I’d witter on about buying things or moan about stuff but as soon as I did something interesting all I’d ever give it would be 1 sentence!!

    Loving the Rubin pic! Love your check capris too….alas my love of cakes means I don’t suit that sort of thing!! LOL!

    1. I’ve always been the same…and the more I blog, the more things there seem to be that I can’t/won’t write about, so I just drivel on about nonsense most of the time!

  4. Here’s hoping that Charlie finds another pretty girl soon. His Kingdom won’t rule itself you know! Love
    the pictures.

  5. That second photo of you looks like taken straight out of an edition of Vogue. You’re so gorgeous (she says, in a completely non-stalkerish way, honest). I love the fact that you always post pictures of yourself, you’ve got great style and Terry takes pretty darn good pictures, too 🙂

  6. Hmmm. “that time Terry and I went for a walk with the dog last week. Back in the summer. The summer of ’11: how we will always remember it, and talk about it, oh wonderful summer it was!”

    The summer of ’11 was 3 weeks of glorious sunshine in April last year. Last week’s attempt at bringing it even earlier in the year must surely still qualify as being in 2012!

  7. This outfit reminds me of Betty Draper from Mad Men. Of course I mean it in a good way! She’s really stylish and so are you!
    The photos are once again really beautiful! Congrats to Terry for taking them, and to you for being his pretty model!
    Rubin is adorable, especially in the 2nd pic! He’s so photogenic! It must run in the family! My dog doesn’t like having her photo taken.
    As for the frog, my first reaction would be to scream, and run, but the shoes sound like a good excuse! hehe 🙂

  8. Have to say again that I absolutely adore those capris, you look soo good in these pics (well, you always do, but still). And Rubin is awesome, as always 😉

    The weather has retreated here too, we still have sun (until Thursday :S) but only about 5 degrees in the sun, and down to 0 and biting cold in the evening/night. It’s actually very unusual for Norway to have colder nights than days, we usually have the same weather throughout the 24 hour period, but now waking up at night is icy cold.

    Still getting the most out of the sun with trips outside, though I can’t use my open shoes anymore.. We’re having our Easter holiday, so my boyfriend is home the whole week!

    Hope you won’t get snow, meteorologists are often wrong! And happy Easter!

  9. This post made me laugh, mostly the part about photographing food. I don’t do it very often cause i am busy eating too.
    Anyway i really like your outfit ,it suits you and you look pretty.

    Nice blog xx

  10. The frog jumped on your foot? On. Your. Foot? Oh boy, I’m going to have nightmares about that now. Did I mention I have a frog phobia? Love the photo of Rubin though, he looks so happy. And you look gorgeous. But the frog jumped on your foot? They really do that? Just randomly jump out onto the feet of innocent passersby? Is this a Scottish thing? Because marauding foot-jumping frogs may make me change my mind about wanting to visit Scotland one day. *shudder*

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