Summer turns to high

Thanks for all of your lovely comments on my last post, everyone! We’re still really excited, and only the tiniest bit freaked out at the prospect of packing up and leaving this little house behind us forever, for a fresh start somewhere new. No, I’m being serious: I know you probably all clicked onto this post today thinking, “Oh GOD, here we go…”, but, for now at least, excitement seems to be the dominant emotion, which is… a little bit odd, to be completely honest.

I mean, if you’d told me a couple of weeks ago that I’d be moving house at the start of August, I’d honestly have expected to be a nervous wreck by now. I’d have expected to be running around stressing about all the stuff we have to do in order to move, fretting over whether the sale will fall through, worrying in case we’ve made a huge mistake with our choice of house, freaking out over how I’ll keep the business running while we’re moving, getting all emotional at the thought of leaving this place… You name it, I’d be worrying about it. Then I’d be worrying some more.

Actually, though? Actually, I’m feeling kind of… chilled? I guess? This feeling is REALLY unusual for me, so I’m kind of struggling to identify what it might be. Is this how the rest of you feel most of the time? Is this what being NORMAL is like? OMG, AM I NORMAL? And if so, HOW DID IT HAPPEN? How did I go from being, well, ME, to being this strangely calm person who thinks about all of the packing and organising and uncertainty ahead of her, and just thinks… “Meh. I’m sure it’ll be fine…”? So. Weird. I can only assume The Panic is coming, people. It’s in the post, it has to be. And when it arrives, it’s going to be EPIC. Already I’m starting to freak out about how un-freaked-out I am, for instance. Whew! I feel more “myself” again already.

Anyway, for now I’m enjoying this brief moment of calm before the storm, and up until this week, when the heavens decided to open up, I’d also been very much enjoying the beautiful weather we came home to. These photos were taken on Sunday, on a day that was warm enough to be comfortable for me, but breezy enough to be comfortable for Rubin, so we headed to a local park for a wander, then invited Terry’s brother and his fiancée round for dinner. The plan had been to eat outside, and enjoy the last of the sun, but unfortunately the sun had decided it had had enough by then, and packed its bags, so we ate indoors instead. Oh well: it was a nice summer while it lasted, and I’ve totally started a new ‘garden’ Pinboard on which I can pin some expensive garden furniture for next year. You know, to go with the fairy lights, and the massive water features? And the LIVE GOATS which I will keep in a little shed?

I can’t wait.

red hair in the sun

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  • What a lovely dress, she is looking so cute and pretty in this dress like a doll! It quite suits her. Such a dress up is perfect for summers!

    July 24, 2013
  • You found more gold flats! (Priorities, I got ’em.)

    July 24, 2013
  • You look beautiful and definitely relaxed. Ever since we accepted the offer on our house I’ve turned to Yoga, aromatherapy, hypnotherapy and anything else going in an attempt to stay calm, and I’m usually unflappable. Maybe you just go to the opposite end of the spectrum in these circumstances. Good luck with it all. Xx

    July 24, 2013
  • Chickens! I have this whole strange fantasy in my head where I have a garden with chickens in it who cluck around my feet, and I spend my days (all of them sunny, of course) fetching warm eggs to put in gingham lined baskets. I’m probably skipping. I have no idea why this has ended up being my predominant house-buying fantasy – if you’d asked me a few months ago chickens wouldn’t have even been on the list!

    July 24, 2013
  • I adore this dress, its beautiful. And your hair looks amazing.

    Fashion and Happy Things

    July 24, 2013
  • I really want a pygmy goat. Mostly to save me from having to mow the lawn. But as our lawn is about 4m square I think I am over-estimating the amount of food it will provide for a pygmy goat. And understating my own laziness. xx

    July 24, 2013
  • Nobody told me there would be goats. Now I’m even more excited.

    p.s. gorgeous summer dress!

    July 24, 2013
  • Huge congrats on your news…moving is stressful but just think about that moment after you’ve unpacked the last box and rearranged the last book on your bookcase and it’s all worth it 🙂 I’m just after stumbling upon your very lovely blog and have been trailing through your archives and loving all your posts and jotting down places to go and sights to see in Scotland (I’m Edinburgh based!). Looking forward to lots more lovely posts from you xx

    July 25, 2013
  • Love the photos, Red. That’s one big smile! I’m really pleased things are falling into place for you both. A new den for Rubin – woo!

    July 25, 2013
  • I can really understand you because I found myself in a similar situation in June. I applied to return to my undegraduate university for a postgraduate course, and also to a backup in case I failed to get in. Well, my grades fell JUST SHORT of my entrance requirements for my first choice (seriously. One point. Lame). And while on the moment I was stunned and a bit shocked, the next I was like: well, moving to London, then. And I have been taking care of that since, while frantically worrying where my self-sabotaging self has been. 😉

    Glasses up to you!

    July 25, 2013
  • Stunning photo shoot. I love the embroidery on the dress and that detail shot showing both the dog and shoes is very cute and magazine layout-like somehow.

    July 25, 2013
  • Your photos are shot and edited (at least I hope they’re edited, otherwise I need the camera that gives ready-made, slightly vintage-looking photos!) so beautifully, not to mention you’re gorgeous too 🙂

    July 26, 2013