The Final Countdown*

Well, folks, there’s just thirteen days to go until what everyone keeps referring to as "The Big Day", and because I am crazy I have decided to try and document my final fortnight of wedding preparation, so that one day when I’m old and even more crazy I’ll be able to look back and say, "Hey, I really spent a lot of time thinking obsessively about the wedding, didn’t I?"

So, without further ado, let the record show that today was spent shopping for a new hairdryer after mine blew up at the weekend. No, that has absolutely nothing to do with the wedding, but it was very annoying because, seriously, that sucker cost me £25 and I could totally have bought yet another pair of shoes for that, GOD. The old hairdryer really did explode, though. It was very dramatic, with a bang and a flash of light, the smell of burning filling the room, and me squealing in terror like a little girl. £25. SO not how I wanted to spend my money this month.

Anyway, after that we went round to see Terry’s mum, who presented us with a wedding gift of lovely, snuggly new dressing gowns, and the balance of the universe was restored. Um, that was pretty much it on the "wedding planning" front today. I did make some lists, mind you, because I’m all about the lists and can’t really be trusted to go anywhere without first of all writing down all of the many items I’ll need to take with me. Because we’re leaving for our honeymoon the day after the wedding, and will be spending the night of the wedding at the venue and the night before it at my parents’ house (well, I will be at my parents’ house. Terry will be here, and will probably spend the evening making as much mess as possible), this list-making of mine is particularly important because OH MY GOD, how will I remember everything? (Answer: by making lots of lists, obviously. Note to self: remember lists)

Oh, I also ordered books from Amazon. And I made an appointment to go and see the optician so that he can check my eyes and hand over the new contact lenses he’s had for THREE MONTHS now and which I haven’t had time to go and collect – thanks, Projects of Doom!

So, that was today. Only 12 more to go…

* Do you all have the song by Europe stuck in your heads now? Because I do.

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