Things I’ve Done Since I Last Blogged

So, yeah, I’m still alive, only not really because it’s all workworkwork at the moment and there’s really not much time for “being alive” when there’s so much work to be got through, is there? Actually, I’m so lazy busy that this update, on the subject of Things I’ve Done Since I Last Posted, is going to be written in a handy list format. Sorry. Here it is:

  • Worked. Well, duh.
  • Rode my bike without falling off. I’ve only done this once, though, so it could have been a fluke. Don’t all congratulate me at once.
  • Learned how to bend it like Beckham with the football Terry bought with some of his birthday money. He taught me how to “spin” the ball and how to kick it up high, and now we will be like a catalogue family, who go to the park on Sunday mornings to kick a ball around with the dog, and then come home and eat croissants while drinking freshly brewed coffee and reading the papers. Yay!
  • Contacted some wedding photographers to get quotes, and then totally failed to follow up on said quotes.
  • Seriously considered becoming a wedding photographer, because GOD. £1700 for one day’s work. And you get to look at all the different wedding dresses.
  • Waved goodbye to Terry’s mum, Keith and Maria, who are all off to Greece today. Felt sad, and also: jealous. Hate the part of the summer when everyone else goes off on holiday and I stay here, hate it.
  • Went to the library and got trashy novels. Thought about how my novel would be much better than these trashy pieces of trashy-ness, but, whoops, didn’t actually bother to get on with writing the thing, or even to open the file in which it lives
  • Ate a lot of crisps. WHY?
  • Thought a lot about how my main ambition in life is to laze around reading books all the time, and also traveling. Wondered if this is, in fact, a really embarrassing ambition to have? Thought about writing a blog post about this but didn’t actually bother, so please just imagine what I might have written, and comment on it accordingly.
  • Noticed that I seem to have forgotten how to write properly. When I look back at things I’ve written, I keep finding all of these really stupid, glaring mistakes, that seriously make me want to horsewhip myself. WHY? Why am I doing this? Am I losing it?
  • Had three – count them – THREE migraines, all in one day.
  • Did I mention I ate quite a lot of crisps?

I think that’s pretty much it. I also thought a lot about this amazing opportunity I might have to do regular copywriting for this company who contacted me, but it kind of all depends on them liking me, and that hardly ever happens with me and people, so I’m actually pretty freaked out about it. If it did work out (and God knows, I’ve been trying not to even let myself think that it even might), it would mean that I would have both significantly more money with which to buy shoes AND significantly more time in which to lie around lazing books. Gulp. But I’m not going to even think about it, so lalalalala. Now I’m going to watch Big Brother and eat apple pie. Talk amongst yourselves…

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I also write books
  • Horsewhipping for typos is a bit extreme. I recommend decaff and a spellchecker.

    Relax, have a crisp.

    June 28, 2006
  • Stephen


    Wow – you’ve went all ‘Bridget’ on us… ;+)

    Also – I’d *pay money* to see you kick a ball… ;+)

    What’s wrong with crisps? I eat loads myself. *looks at belly* Oh….

    June 28, 2006