Things I Hate That Other People Love

I first posted this list of things I hate back in 2017, when I was pregnant and… just really, really grumpy, apparently.

Well, I’m no longer pregnant, so I don’t have that as an excuse. I am, however, EVEN MORE GRUMPY than I was back then, because, in the years since this post was first published, I’ve identified a few more things other people love that I hate. And I will share them with you now…

(Disclaimer: When I say “hate” I mean “I just don’t like them that much”. And when I say “please don’t send me messages telling me how “negative” I am for not just liking every damn thing in the whole world, I mean, “No, seriously: don’t.” It’s OK to not like some things. It’s even better when you find other people who share your dislike though, so please, pour yourself a drink, settle down, and tell me about all the things YOU hate that other people love. It’ll be fun, I promise.)

Things I Hate That Other People Love: A List


I sometimes feel like the only person in the world who doesn’t care about sports. Any sports. Yes, even those huge events like The Olympics, or the World Cup, where everyone’s all, “But surely you’ll be supporting your COUNTRY?!” and I’m just like, “Meh.”

I just can’t seem to make myself care whether Team GB win the gold medal or whatever: I mean, good for them and all, and I can obviously appreciate what a huge achievement it is, but … I just don’t want to watch them doing it. Or hear people talking about it. No, not even when it’s “the tennis” and the whole world is absolutely OBSESSED with who’s going to win Wimbledon. Honestly, the only thing I find more boring than tennis is golf, and the only thing I find more boring about golf is…


Bake Off. Masterchef. Whatever all the rest of them are called. I mean, I love FOOD, obviously (Maybe a little bit too much actually…), it’s just that, as with sport, I don’t want to talk it about, or watch people preparing it, or whatever else happens on those shows that take over my Twitter feed every time they’re on. Seriously, my eyes glaze over any time I’m in the company of people who want to talk about cooking, so competitive baking is just about the strangest thing I’ve ever heard of, not even joking.


Hi, my name’s Amber, and I absolutely hated Les Mis. I am never getting that time back. There are some musicals I like more than others, but, for the most part, I always just want to cringe when I’m watching something, and the characters suddenly burst into song. Like, just get on with the story! Don’t make me watch you make a literal song and dance about it, dammit!


You knew this one was coming, didn’t you? It’s everyone’s favourite season, I know, and I’m not sure you can even CALL yourself a blogger if you’re not OMGOBSESSED with it, but I… am not obsessed with Autumn. Or not unless you count being obsessed with hating it, obviously. It’s just such a cold, dark, claustrophobic season: a time when everything is dying, and you sometimes feel like you don’t see daylight for days at time, which is as depressing as all hell, really. And, I mean, sure, the colours of the leaves are pretty, but you can’t really see much of them them in the dark, can you?

(Also, I know everyone gets super-excited about being FINALLY able to curl up with a good book, a blanket and a hot chocolate, but it’s like… do you all not have to work in the autumn and winter? Because you make it sound like you’re just “snuggled up” on your sofa under a blanket all the damn time, but I still have to get up at stupid o’clock every morning, take my child to school, then put in a full day’s work, just like I do during the rest of the year. Where are you all finding the time for all this snuggling?) (No, really, where?)

(And don’t even get me started on the whole “boots and tights” and “bundling up!” thing. Seriously, DON’T EVEN.)


I just don’t like it. I like movies, sure, but I actually think I like TV shows (that I can binge-watch) more, and there aren’t many movies that I’m so desperate to see that I have to see them the second they come out, and can’t wait a few months until they’re on Netflix. Honestly, most of the time I’d much rather wait until I can see them in the comfort of my own home, where I can adjust the temperature, stretch out on the sofa, and get up and down for snacks/bathroom breaks without disturbing anyone or missing something essential.

Also, I’m maybe just particularly unlucky, but our local cinema always seems to be, a) FREEZING and, b) filled with people who talk or use their use their phones all the way through the movie, and who wants to deal with THAT?


Fun fact: when I was a child, I used to think they were called “bored” games because they were so boring, and when I say “as a child” I mean, “I still think that, tbh.” Ditto parlor games like charades or… whatever other nonsense people like to come up with in the name of forced fun. Seriously, nothing makes my heart sink faster than when I’m at some kind of social gathering and someone pipes up with “let’s all play a game!” GOD.

Terry (who LOVES this kind of thing, natch) likes to insist that I just hate games because I’m so bad at them, but the truth is that I’m bad at them because I hate them. Like sports, I just can’t make myself care about winning a board game or beating someone at charades. I just can’t do it. And you cannot make me, either.


A few weeks ago, Max’s school had an “odd socks day” (where everyone had to come in wearing odd socks, funnily enough), and it made me realize that I don’t understand people. Well, I mean, I guess I understand CHILDREN, and why that might be fun for them, but in almost every office job I’ve ever had, there’s been someone who’s insisted on having ‘themed’ days where everyone had to wear a certain colour, or a silly hat, or whatever, and I just… I just… WHY?

OK, that’s a rhetorical question, obviously. I know why. Sometimes they’d do it for charity, but other times it was just to “boost morale” – which brings me right back to my question: WHY? My morale is not boosted by wearing red for the day. I am not cheered up by the idea of sitting at my desk dressed like a Christmas elf or whatever. (And, because the items of clothing in question always seemed to be things I didn’t already own – mostly because they would unfailingly be colours that looked horrific on me – I’d really resent having to spend money on them, rather than just giving it straight to whatever charity they wanted me to donate to.)

As you can tell from those last two, I’m a lot of fun at parties. A LOT of fun. And in general, really. Still, now that I’ve got all of that off my chest, I’m keen to hear from those of you who share my “hates”. Because there’s nothing more bonding than a shared dislike of musical theatre, trust me…

7 things I hate that other people love

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  • I like the Instagram version of Autumn, sure. Pretty leaves, golden light, snuggly jumpers and stompy boots…

    Real Autumn, which is cold and damp and dark, that pretty much sucks.

    September 13, 2017
  • Well I second you in hating Autumn. Autumn sucks, and Winter is only mildly better, but I think that is only because you’ve kind of gotten used to the darkness by then. Not getting to see any daylight hours during the working week does really bad things to my soul. I only get to see those pretty colours if I happen to manage to squeeze a daylight dog walk in at the weekend, otherwise Autumn to me has always looked grey! September in particular makes me weary, but I don’t know if that’s a hangover from the whole ‘back to school’ thing when you were a kid? Oh, and tights are the devil!! A necessary evil, but evil nonetheless! I am still resisting getting them out, but that basically means I’ve had to wear trousers for two weeks as the weather is pretty grim down here in the Midlands lately. Booooo Autumn!

    September 13, 2017
  • Vanessa Diviny


    I am definitely with you on the musical front, Les Mis was torture for me. I was given a free ticket and thought how bad could it be? I will never get that time back.

    I also hear you on the sporting front. Growing up, playing netball and basketball ruled my life and I enjoyed every minute of it, but I am not interested in watching any type of sport, I just don’t care.

    I do love Autumn though, if you had to experience an Australian summer, you’d love Autumn too.

    September 13, 2017
  • Myra


    The only one I’m completely with you on is musicals – I thought I was the only person who hated Les Mis – people looked at me as if I was mad when I said it. There are some exceptations to hating musical films though eh I love the 1950s American ones that are sometimes funny or giddy, like singing in the Rain or seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Maybe it’s because the story is almost all song whereas Les Mis has a wonderful original book with a dramatic and powerful narrative so why add music. I just hated it.
    One book I hated that everyone else loved was The autobiographical “Paddy Clarke Ha ha ha”. How this erudite and talented writer could come from two totally feckless parents is beyond me and how such decisions like moving from one slum to a worse one with running waste from the whole street is a mystery, and leaving the author with an eye infection to get so bad he almost lost his sight – words fail me. I hated it and sympathise with the Dubliners who say this would never have happened.
    But I love tv cooking programmes, especially the BBC baking one, not so much the change. I like reality shows where a talent or skill is being promoted (love the painting and clay ones). I HATE celebrity reality shows which I think are self obsessed and self indulgent and reveal them usually at their worst. I don’t understand why anyone would put themselves through all that humiliation.

    September 13, 2017
  • I love autumn, but that’s because I hate summer. Autumn is a lovely respite from sun cream, sweating and sleeveless tops. I bloody love cardigans. And I love the cinema because some films need the entire experience of decent surround sound and popcorn kernels you silentely choke on.

    I hate the word entrepreneur. And hustle. I also don’t understand olives, or avocados.

    September 13, 2017
  • Tee


    The things on this list seem totally hateable to me. Personally, I don’t really ‘hate’ any of these things; in fact, they bore me and I don’t spend any time thinking about them, with the exception of Autumn, which I loath (I think people’s love for this season comes from countries other then UK; if you’d spend a day of your life in the Dark North, you’d change your mind). I do have my own list though, and some of those are extremely unpopular opinions. For one, I live in the block of flats and almost all of my neighbours have pets – mostly dogs. This is something I can’t understand. Those animals are left alone for the biggest part of the day and those of us who work from home can hear them bark and cry all day long. It’s cruel and it shouldn’t be done, yet saying you are against the dogs living indoors without a garden to run around is considered highly offensive and suddenly you’re this monster who hates animals.

    September 13, 2017
  • I love Autumn in respect to the colourful trees and the smell of bonfires. But I don’t like the shortening days or findyyiu have to wear tights and wrap up. It’s a really hot summer day I can’t abide, though I like it for opposite reasons – long days especially in Scotland and no heavy clothes. But explain this to most people sand they’ll say you’re just baaaah humbug. It’s simply a preference which I’m entitled to have.

    Not mad on musicals for the same reasons – I just want the story to move on – but I do like old fashioned ones like Myra does and Bollywood can be fun. At my old job in London I had to sit through ‘We will rock you’ TWENTY-SIX times over the space of two years because our (thankfully adult and not teenaged) students wanted to go. The first time was fun, the next I’d seen it and then each time after that was purgatory.

    Agree to a certain extent about the sports. I love keep fit but don’t care who wins what. My other half is a Celtic fan and while I’m not football mad I can live with it. My younger brother, however, was considered weird because he’s a man who absolutely hates it!

    Most things I hate are to do with bad behaviour or intolerance. I just don’t understand why others would be offended with my different likes and likewise why I would with theirs. It all seems a bit like daft – why do we all need to love and loathe the same things?

    September 13, 2017
  • Anita


    I do love musicals, although I’ve never actually seen Les Mis (crazy, I know). But all the ones I have seen, I love (Grease can bring me out of any downer). I’m not particularly bothered about the cinema as I think it’s crazy expensive for what it is (here in London you can see an actual live theatre show for about the same price as a cinema ticket, as long as you don’t want to sit in the fancy seats in the theatre, and that’s insane in my mind). I’m totally with you on cooking shows though, I’ve never seen the appeal of Bake Off (why would I want to see cake when I can’t actually eat it? Don’t dictators use that as a torture method?!)

    Anyway, what I actually wanted to do was list a few things which I hate which I ALREADY KNOW you love, so that will make your next post easier!!!!
    – High heels. Yes, I hate them. I have never found (and don’t think I ever will find) a pair which don’t make me weep with pain after a few minutes. I have wide flat feet and no brand makes a wide enough fit (trust me, I have tried them all) plus the burning from the heel itself. The annoying thing is that I can see they make a lot of outfits look better, and as a result I rarely wear…
    – A line or full skirts. These definitely look better with heels, they look pretty dumpy with flats (IMHO) so I don’t wear them either. Luckily I like the look of pencil skirts with flats, so I’m not devoid of wearing ALL skirts!
    – Cleaning. I hate it, but I live in a 1 bedroom flat so getting a cleaner seems a total extravagance. So therefore the compromise (well it’s not really a compromise) is that my flat is grubby and dusty most of the time. Great…
    – Staying in. I have to do it once or twice a week or I’d never get any sleep and would be knackered, but it’s not for me. Booooooooooring. There’s a whole world out there!

    So there we go, hopefully that’s a starting point for your next post!

    September 13, 2017
  • Laura


    I hate:
    – phone calls
    – talking to strangers
    – worst of all: talking to strangers ON THE PHONE
    – all kinds of mandatory socializing
    – but especially if it’s in the form of a “fun game” or “exciting activity” – f*ck off, seriously
    – also bees
    – and the noises people make while eating
    – so people and bees, basically
    – almost forgot liquorice, yuck

    September 13, 2017
    • Oh my gosh, I forgot how much I hate drinking games! Especially ones that involve doing maths or thinking on the spot, when half cut, then everyone falling about laughing at you because you GOT IT WRONG AND ARE SOOOO STUPID!! The annoying thing is, they’re meant to be social, but they actually do the opposite – I always get told off for talking and not paying attention to the game and all I really want to do is chat to my mate. Hate it with a passion!

      September 13, 2017
    • Party games – awful! I’m having a nice time chatting over here, thanks. They’re fine for kids’ parties when you need to oversee them all socialising and no one getting left out. But I’m an adult thanks and can manage my own mingling.

      September 13, 2017
  • Jackie


    Where I live our Autumn is similar to your summer. It’s a break from sweltering temps where it’s so hot they warn you not to walk your dog on pavement or they can burn their paws. It’s sunny, cooler, less humidity and the leaves are gorgeous and fun to crunch through now that you can finally be outside without melting. In what you described I’d dislike it too.

    One thing I do not understand are morning talk radio DJs. Maybe it’s an American phenomenon but here very radio station has 2-3 people that banter about their lives or entertainment gossip for five minutes between every song. It’s early, I don’t know you, and really I’d just like some good music for my drive so why do they all insist on this? But people call in to talk to them and they keep them on the air so clearly I’m the only one who feels this way. I love podcast and intelligent talk radio, it’s this mindless banter that drives me to find any other channel.

    September 13, 2017
  • I’m in the same boat with cooking shows. I tried watching GBBO and it just bored me to tears. I think, for me, it’s because you can’t really tell how well someone did — it’s not like you can taste it, so what’s the point?

    I do love sports though. Modern tribalism, I guess? Though I do dislike the idea I should support a country because it’s where I happened to be born. Yeah, I’m gonna cheer Roger Federer over Andy Murray despite being a Brit… and apparently this is a really controversial thing to do. Also love autumn but, as someone else said, it’s more a rebound feeling because I despise summer to the very depths of my soul. That’s definitely an unpopular opinion though; there are people I can’t have a conversation with without them mentioning my “weird” weather preferences.

    As for anti-things: I’ve never liked the taste of alcohol (and when I refuse, people look at me like they want to ask if I’m an alcoholic/pregnant but aren’t quite impolite enough to do so…), any kind of conventional “partying”, holidays (they stress me out so much, which I think is the opposite of their point).

    September 13, 2017
  • I’m with you on hating sports but I do love autumn. However, I live on the east coast of the USA and I think my autumn is different from yours. Autumn here is cool, full of gorgeous color, lots of blue skies, and nice, crisp days. It is a wonderful relief from summer which is one of my hates. I hate the heat, I hate the humidity, I hate sweating. If I could spend the summer sitting by a large body of water I might not mind but otherwise I hate it.

    -I also hate amusement parks. Too many people, lots of bad food, and why would I pay to be terrified on a roller coaster?
    -I hate mushrooms. They are slimy and the texture is weird.
    -I hate party games. Do not ask me to play charades, guess random things, or do any activity that puts me on the spot.
    -I really don’t like alcohol which seems to drive people a bit nuts. It’s as if my not drinking is a judgment on them for their choices. Which it isn’t. I just don’t care about the taste.
    -mice. In the house. Enough said.

    Also, I thought I was possibly the only person in the world who didn’t really enjoy going to the movies. It is kind of nice to know there is someone else out there who would rather watch the movie in the comfort of their own living room.

    September 13, 2017
  • Erin


    FALL. I don’t hate it, I just hate the end of summer, which is amplified by the millions of women going nuts for PUMPKIN SPICE (which isn’t even pumpkin, it’s cinnamon and nutmeg, STAHP with the pumpkin spice people!), sweater-weather, pretty leaves, etc. Call me crazy, but I like my plants alive, not the sweet smell of death.

    September 13, 2017
    • Laura


      Haha, I actually love the sweet smell of death in the autumn. ?

      September 13, 2017
      • Erin


        I just realized this comment is from 2017 (I think?) which is insane, but I still hate fall. Do I still hate the smell? Mhh. It’s less of a hate for the smell itself these days and more of an existential dread at what’s to come after the smell is gone…The smell of winter is coming, maybe?

        December 8, 2022
  • Alison


    I love almost all those things but wouldn’t life be boring if we all liked (loved) the same things. Imagine the queues for one thing.

    Top of the list I hate is the word ‘panty/panties’. I can’t bear it. I also hate chewing gum (people chewing it and the failure to dispose of it properly) and bad table manners, especially when people eat too loudly, slurp and smack their lips. Oh, and the sanctamommies, they can just eff the eff off with themselves frankly.

    September 13, 2017
  • I hate the Bachelor and the Bachelorette and basically all of those shows that all ” real” bloggers love. I hate sports on TV but love them in real life. and wait for it I hate COFFEE.

    September 13, 2017
  • Aitchmw


    I’ve also always hated Autumn with a passion. Everyone thinks I’m mad, my family all love Autumn, to me the year is dying, the days are getting shorter and you know you’ll soon wake up in the dark and get home in the dark and it’s colder but not cold enough for the central heating. Depressing.
    I love Spring and totally adore Summer even our UK ones lol – learning to live in hope of warm and sunny days is character building lol.
    I do wonder whether it is to do with what time of the year you’re born in? I’m an April baby whereas my Family are all Autumn and 1 Winter babies.

    September 13, 2017
  • Theresa


    I heart musicals, and Fall. Granted it might be nicer in Kentucky than in Scotland. Here Fall is one of our least wet seasons usually, and the colors are much brighter than Spring even. I do not, however, go cocoa bananas over it. I indulge in the nice things about it but I also don’t blow up social media with pictures of my boots (or anything else tbh).
    -I hate sports also. And reality tv shows, except a select few of the cooking shows that aren’t obnoxious.
    -I hate mushrooms, totally agree with Jennifer. And broccoli.
    -I HATE nude colored shoes, which is probably sacrilege to mention here, but I think they are the color of band-aids and I can’t ever see them as anything else. Every pair I see I’m like, just make them blush, camel or taupe and they will be lovely. Not this weird in-between sad color that is just not flesh colored. And if they ARE truly flesh colored it’s worse, because then you look like those freaky mannequins with heel-feet. Which I also hate…

    September 13, 2017
  • Justina


    I wonder if a genuine love of Autumn/Fall depends on where you live. I live in Vermont in the US and I have always loved fall. Or rather, I love September into the beginning of October. Partly because my birthday is in September, but I also love that the air is crisp (I don’t like cold, but I do like crisp) and I finally don’t look silly for wearing layers (I am always cold), the leaves are absolutely stunning and make my commute much nicer, apple picking (or other people giving me homemade apple products), and corn mazes. Also, it is still pretty light in VT through a big chunk of the fall. I do hate the end of fall, where it is just damp and dark all the time.

    September 13, 2017
  • D


    I loathe reality tv…it is anything but…

    And please make those housewives go away!

    September 13, 2017
  • Sorry…I can no longer read your blog now you’ve expressed all these opinions on things I love…
    😀 But seriously, even though I do love quite a few of the things you’ve mentioned, I know the feeling of hating (or strongly disliking) things that other people love. Top of my list is nights out with drinking – I just don’t get what’s so fun about drinking until you can’t remember anything. Why would you want to spend all that money to forget everything?! And I just don’t find loud music and lots of people all that much fun.
    I’m definitely with you on sports though. I’ve tried to be interested but it just doesn’t happen. I get why these are awesome achievements, but they’re just not keeping my attention unfortunately!

    September 13, 2017
  • JHP


    I also can’t stand sports. I teach and when I am required to attend an American football game I bring a book to read in the stands. I truly dislike Christmas and everything leading up to Christmas. Not really a religious disagreement, I don’t mind the religious aspect of it. But I hate recieving and giving gifts, hate the terrible Christmas music on the radio, hate the tv specials and most of the movies, and truly hate how everyone thinks you must be jolly and enjoy the “magic” of Christmas. But I am a musician and I do enjoy musicals. Musicals are the modern day version of opera, and I respect the way the form has developed through the years to reflect the changing styles of music. I did play in a production LesMis (Percussion) and that is a beast. There are basically no breaks for the musicians and the whole show morphs from one scene to the next. Quite impressive arranging from a compositional standpoint. But I do believe strongly that some musicals are aimed towards different likes of the general public and some more towards the musicians/actors themselves. I hate “The Music Man” and that is a musical based in old time Iowa-where I live. It’s practically sacrilegious to live here and hate it.

    September 13, 2017
  • Flip flops… I really hate them – this is very specific but as I’m about to go on holiday it’s at the forefront of my mind. They look ugly and they pretty much always give me blisters, plus the sound they make is damn irritating! I also see a few too many dirty pairs of feet in London thanks to them. Shudder. Also, totally with you about autumn and musicals – I watched Wicked and it was one of the worst experiences of my life. I cringed literally from start to finish.

    September 13, 2017
  • Jennarose


    My list of things I strongly dislike/hate;

    1. Mashed potatoes because of the texture.
    2. Croutons for the same reason.
    3. The word aint and the word funner. I know they are in the dictionary now but to me they will never be a words.
    4. Summer. I live in Northern California and summers are 100+F until October. I love fall but it’s more like your summer.
    5. Any type of large party or where there are large groups of people. I get really anxious and stressed out just imagining being surrounded by people. I get people claustrophobic.
    6. Movie theaters but my husband likes to go so I will go with him every once in awhile. I freeze every single time and have to wear layers even if it’s the middle of summer to see a movie. Plus I have to deal with the general public which is a huge thumbs down.

    September 13, 2017
  • Jaynie


    Les mis is one of my literal favourite things (the musical and the book), but as a long term fan of some musicals I’ve always found they’re all really divisive. It’s just a format that works for some people and not for others, I think. (Personally I have trouble with musicals that aren’t sung through unless there’s some in-story reason for breaking into song. If it’s all sung, to me it’s in the same category as an epic poem or something, just a stylistic choice, but if they’re mostly talking until suddenly there’s a jazz routine I get thrown out of the story a bit. Which I gather is what all musicals are like for some people. And other people like some musicals but hate sung-through ones. Different strokes as they say.).

    I don’t get dance, though. Not as a thing to watch or as a thing to do, and most especially why people are so personally offended if you don’t like dancing? I promise if you I say I don’t enjoy dancing, I dont secretly mean “I love dancing but I am too self conscious to start on my own and need to be badgered into it.”

    Also, rituals and ceremonies creep me out a bit. Graduations, weddings, christening, whatever. I understand that they’re meaningful to a lot of people and that’s obviously grand, and I will happily support my loved ones in these things. I just wish people could understand that not everyone finds the same things meaningful! (This is especially tricky as a woman. “What do you mean you couldnt possibly care less about weddings??? You’re supposed to centre your entire existence around them!!!” Don’t get me started on if you actually like older children much better than newborn babies…)

    September 13, 2017
  • AcrticGlimmer


    I hate spring!

    It’s all harsh light that shines too low, mud and melting snow, never knowing if it’s still tights weather or not, having to have lots of layers for the warm day and the cold night and – geez – overly excited people!

    Later on its pollen, even more harsh light and even more overly excited people.

    Also I hate picnics. Always uncomfortable, bees flying all over, wind blowing everything everywhere and bad sitting positions.

    I love winter, though. And winter sports, even though I’m with you on hating watching sports and talking about sports.

    Thank you, this helped!

    September 13, 2017
  • May


    As a lover of the cinema, musicals and big sporting events, I came here to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now. Just kidding, I just needed to make that joke. As for things everyone else loves that I don’t like:
    -Beef. Might not seem that big for others, but I’m from Argentina. Not liking beef basically makes you a social pariah
    -Summer. It’s disgustingly humid and hot here, to the point where all you can do is lay naked on the floor in a bid to stay cool
    -Rugs and carpets. I hate them. Hardwood floors all day everyday
    -Coffee. It’s just too bitter for me. I can only ever drink lattes and I still add a ton of sugar to them
    -90% of YA fiction books. I’ve read a few but most of them are just so bad
    -Talking on the phone (text, call, apps, etc). I hate it with a passion

    September 13, 2017
  • Miss Kitty


    List of things I hate:
    * Adrenaline inducing anything, particularly bungee jumping, sky diving, or anything of the sort. And I hate people who tell me ‘You should have a go, you would love it!’ No, thank you, I don’t have to through myself off a bridge to know I would really, REALLY hate it.
    * Parties – loud ones with too many people I don’t know and loud music thumping so you can’t hear what anyone is saying. And everyone seems to be drunk (I don’t drink – except wine). I love small intimate gatherings of people I know fairly well. Big parties? Pass.
    * Rom-coms. I know they’re no meant to be true to real life exactly, but I cringe whenever I watch some ‘heroine’ making a complete twat of herself over some bloke who is totally not worth it. Or vice versa. Give me a good documentary any day.
    * People who sit next to me wearing far too much perfume. Please go away, before I completely asphyxiate.
    * Aniseed flavour lollies. My grandma always used to hand them out to us, and I hated them. Also licorice.
    * Pork. Maybe I have some Jewish heritage I didn’t know about? But I cannot stand the smell of pork cooking, it makes me gag. I can eat bacon, as long as I don’t cook it, and it’s fairly mild flavour. Pork chops? Eww!
    * Snorkelling or caving. Kind of belongs under the adrenalin category I suppose. The very thought of going under the water or down into small dark spaces gives me the shivers! Guess I’m not very adventurous – I prefer to stay on terra firma, with a nice glass of Chardonnay, thanks very much.

    And I’ll stop before I make myself sound like a complete killjoy!

    September 14, 2017
  • Kirsten Murphy


    The only reason I like Autumn is then the whole of Scotland can give up on waiting on Summer arriving!

    September 14, 2017
  • Ellen


    Well, it changes day by day but today what I hate is; work, chipped nail varnish, not having enough time to do the things that are important to me and pointless chit chat with people I once met/happen to be in the same room with. I desperately hate animal cruelty and parents who ignore their crying kids. Love the cinema and films but totally with you on the sport front. It’s dull!

    September 14, 2017
  • Ellen


    Oh and white pumps/ trainers on the middle aged. Yuck!!

    September 14, 2017
  • Justine


    I am with you, Amber, 100% on your pet hates. I can add a long list for me.
    Asparagus and raspberries, they both make me sick, others love them don’t they!
    School dinners put me off custard and rice pudding for ever.
    Public transport, to be avoided whenever possible, I always seem to get near someone who SMELLS foul.
    All radio, if a shop is blaring radio or “music” I walk straight out.
    All TV, unless it is what we chose to record, and can watch when we want to watch it.
    Beer, white wine,parties and BBQs.
    Bonfires, and anyone smoking near me or smelling of stale smoke.
    Small children who scream in supermarkets, or run around putting their dirty fingers on everything, their mothers totally oblivious to them.
    I sound antisocial, but I’m not really, I like a civilized life.

    September 14, 2017
  • I don’t really like autumn tbh, I see it as the gateway to winter which I really hate. I dislike being cold, snow, ice, scrapping the car, condensation on the windows that needs mopping up Not being able to get washing dry in the house. I guess it’s all just an inconvenience to me things associated with autumn and winter whereas I love spring which is the promise of summer to come! Sunshine, warm weather, drying washing on the line, running in just a skort & tee or vest, seeing the spring flowers starting to bloom. Taking the kids out to the splash park rather than trying to entertain them in the house in winter (read: stop them destroying the place).

    I also hate coffee (I’ve never tasted it, the smell alone makes me want to vom) and swearing, particularly people that swear copiously in front of their children (or my children!!) It just sounds so aggressive to me, every other word being an eff or a jeff as we say.

    I get the rage when people bite their nails, by that I mean every single nail, a proper trimming session with their teeth. Gross. Get scissors or a file!!

    Phew. On the opposite side I do love sport, am a devoted Leeds United fan, watch / play / take my kids to play golf although I’m not overly fussed on rugby. I do also like cricket. And Formula 1. And the athletics, Olympics etc. Figure skating, gymnastics… Christ, I’ll watch it all, ha ha! 🙂

    September 15, 2017
  • Hannah


    Hi Amber,

    FYI I think your ‘ALL’ Section on your website isn’t updating since you changed up your website recently.

    I have it book marked so I can quickly check if you have any new posts to read and It’s only got up to 13th Sept which is this post.

    I figured you were just taking a break but then seen on your instagram you have uploaded posts but they aren’t appearing on there like normal 🙁


    September 19, 2017
      • Hannah


        Thanks Amber I’ll try another browser and see if I have any luck 🙂

        At least I’ve got a few posts to catch up on this morning with my coffee!

        September 20, 2017
  • I am with the other North American East Coasters, Fall/Autumn in Ontario (especially October) is lovely. Not hot and humid. I just want to be able to wear a jacket. Or you know not sweat all day. Obviously by November I am over it. It is kindof like how snow in December is pretty. Snow in February is annoying.

    I get the no sports thing. I would never turn on sports. Nor cooking shows. I like TV over movies now. But when I was younger TV was not as good and binge worthy.

    I detest rain. I just feel so uncomfortable getting rained on. I don’t like it getting in my eyes. I would take snow over rain any day!

    September 20, 2017
  • Oh no, not Autumn! I can definitely say that I get more reading done in the cooler months than the warmer ones. During the Spring and Summer, we’re outdoors and on the go. When Autumn hits, we’re indoors most of the time. Also, I love the colorfulness of the leaves. Plus, it’s the start of the holiday season with Halloween and Thanksgiving.

    The cooler temps are much welcomed compared to our extreme Southern Summer heat wave. I enjoy being in the kitchen more as I don’t have to worry about overheating the house with all of cooking and baking. Also, I don’t dislike all sports, but MMA and boxing are two that I absolutely HATE! The idea of paying people to beat the crap out of each other has never been appealing to me. I mean most of us are taught at an early age that fighting is never the answer, but yet we encourage it as a form of paid entertainment amongst adults. SMH.

    September 22, 2017
  • Loops


    I also HATE musicals. My heart sank so badly when I realised every single line was going to be sung in Les Mis, like there was not one normal spoken bit of dialogue.

    April 9, 2018
  • Well, at last I’ve come across someone who is not interested in sport! I honestly thought I was the only one. It’s not that I’m not an active person, but just that I’m the most uncompetitive person on the planet, and couldn’t care less who wins a game. I also agree with you about food programs. Just about everyone I know watches Bake Off and MasterChef, and other programs like these, but I can’t get interested in them.
    My other really, really pet hate though is the telephone. I’m an introvert and find telephone calls very stressful indeed, and always try to avoid them. Again, I thought I was the only one, but just realise that someone else has posted a comment about this very thing. It’s so good to realise that I’m not a complete oddity after all. Join the club!
    By the way, I’m just starting a blog ( Not quite up and running yet, but thanks for your inspiring book ‘My Blogging Secrets’. I loved it.

    August 23, 2018
  • Totally with you on the Autumn thing, don’t get the hype.
    Give me Summer and warmth any day!

    Olivia |

    January 26, 2020
  • I missed the 2012 Olympics as I was in hospital very sick for most of the year. People ask why I’ve never watched it on YouTube. I don’t understand why I would. And tennis is the worst.

    Here’s one that gets me lynched regularly. I have zero interest in Harry Potter. Zero. When people call themselves a Hufflepuff in their Twitter bio I do not know or care what it means. And I hate that the world insists I actually don’t like reading or my life is missing something because I haven’t read a single JK Rowling novel.

    April 26, 2020
  • Nicole


    I hate receiving gifts and all kinds of freebies/swag from work or sport events. I already own everything I need and don’t have much extra storage space. My MIL starts asking for my Christmas list in early Nov and it stresses me out because I literally would rather receive nothing but that makes me sound ungrateful. My husband has complained (jokingly) that it makes him look bad when people ask what he bought me for birthday/anniversary presents and he says “she didn’t want anything” 😂

    December 2, 2022
  • Nancy


    1. Other musical beside Les Mis to hate…
    The Phantom of the Opera. Big pass
    on that. Couldn’t wait for it to end..
    2. People wearing slippers as outside
    shoes…. Really ??
    3. I’m afraid this will be unpopular but
    here goes…..
    workout pants/yoga pants/black
    tights; no matter the occasion.
    Can people not wear REAL pants,
    slacks or jeans anymore. You know,
    Real pants with a zipper and fly ?
    When did we get so lazy ?
    4. All the Christmas hype, especially
    starting so damn early in the season
    Ugh !!!

    December 2, 2022
  • Paula Shackleford


    Agreed with you on musicals, cinema, and DEFINITELY autumn! Also can take or leave most sports.

    December 2, 2022
  • Nancy


    Just a tip that has worked for us…..
    Also don’t want to exchange gifts, but family members don’t want to agree. You have to WANT SOMETHING.
    Compromise…. We now suggest a bottle of wine or perhaps something edible (a specialty that the giver makes).
    Result …. No useless crap that you don’t want. Win win situation.
    They satisfy their need to give, you get something perishable that won’t take permanent space

    December 2, 2022
  • Zsuzsanna


    Hi Amber,

    1. Taking a brisk walk (preferably up and then down a hill) because it is so good for you. Nope. I would walk to a destination with the purpose of, I don’t know, buying something, but to walk for the sake of walking? Not really.

    2. Pigs in blankets and sausage rolls. It amazes me to this day how people can eat things that are visually so disturbing.

    3. Indeed board games, and anything strategical. Playing cards and chess included. Most people I have met so far play chess because they think it makes them look very-very intelligent bordering on genius. And God forbid I tell them that no, I did not like Queen Gambit.

    4. Going out for a meal. I simply cannot enjoy a meal when there are waiters monitoring my speed of eating, hoping that I will finish as soon as possible so that they can give the table to someone else. I also don’t trust meals that are not prepared in my eyesight, probably due to a television program about hygiene in restaurant kitchens.

    5. Sunbathing or dangling around in a hammock. Booooring.

    6. What is that horrific tv program that I should find funny, but I just don’t? Have I Got News for You? My husband loves it. Me? The unfunniness of it upsets me so much that I leave the room within 5 minutes and even start doubting how I could ever marry Husby.

    7. Leggings and Crocs. Never ever. It is beyond me how they could ever become ‘fashionable’.

    8. Taking a nap. Why? So that I have to be super quiet not to disturb someone’s ‘siesta’ and putting up with them being grumpy because they have just woken up in the middle of the afternoon, or endlessly listening to ‘It was nice. I needed that.’ Good for you. I tried it once and was disoriented for the rest of the day.

    9. TIK TOK VIDEOS. Yep, the ‘funny’ ones.

    10. Reels on Facebook where skinny fit, six-packed, perfectly manicured and coiffured women make and later munch on super-healthy brownies that still have at least thousand calories in them. And no, chia pudding is not for me. It is like millions of baby toads jellied in oat? almond? rice? milk

    June 20, 2023