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One of Those Days

So, you ever have one of those days? Wait, what am I saying here, of course you haven’t. You are all probably perfect people, who glide gracefully through life, never so much as falling off a bike or pouring bleach in your own coffee. For sure.

Well, I am not a perfect person, and I have had one of Those Days. I knew it would be thus as soon as I got up and discovered that I’d made a stupid spelling mistake in one of the blog posts I wrote last night (Yes, I did spell check, but it was a name I thought I knew how to spell so I let it go. Yes, I am stupid.) and that, not one, but two people had left snarky comments about it. GOD.

I should really just have gone back to bed right there. My experience with Those Days (and trust me, I’ve had a lot of experience with Those Days) is that once the first mistake has been made, others will follow, as surely as Neighbours follows the one o’clock news. And so it was. I followed up my stupid spelling mistake with one of my trademark “writing about something that’s already been covered” tricks. (Yes, I did check. No, I did not see the earlier article. Yes, I do hate myself a little bit right now, oh yes I do!) Needless to say, this was noticed and commented upon almost instantly. Go me!

Could the day get any worse? Why yes – yes it could! One headline typo, one completely missing headline, one garbled mess of a post (What was I trying to say? Who knows!) and one distorted mess of an image later, I was about fit to be tied. Luckily, all of these mistakes were ones that I noticed, and managed to correct, almost instantly, but even so. What was I thinking? (Answer: nothing. Obviously. My mind was a vacuum, a gaping void). What is WRONG with me? Also: Typepad? Was a b*****d. And I missed Neighbours. Gah.

I know: it was just one of Those Days. An off-day, if you will. And I should point out that I’m not normally like this. (Hi, potential clients who are reading this! Wanna employ a blogger?!) Most days I manage to only screw up once or maybe twice, not all the live-long day. The problem with this, though? Well, as a blogger, you’re not allowed to have off days. You’re not allowed to make mistakes. At all. Ever. I mean, I know we all have days like these. I know we all make mistakes. When your job involves writing on the Internet, though, you can guarantee that no mistake will go un-noticed. For every mistake you make, there’s a snarky commenter just waiting to pounce on it gleefully. And in my case? There’s two.

I can’t think of many other jobs where there’s so much pressure to be absolutely perfect at all times. Where the slightest typo or spelling error will be met with instant, public humiliation. And don’t get me wrong: I hold my hands up to the mistakes I make. I know I shouldn’t make them. I should be perfect, and I should be perfect at all times. It’s just that… sometimes I’m not. (Well, OK, a lot of the time I’m not.)

The people who leave the snarky comments, though? Perfect. All of them. I mean, they must be, or they wouldn’t feel such an overwhelming need to point out other people’s mistakes. I always have to sit on my hands when I get these comments, to stop myself typing back something along the lines of, “Thanks for the comment. By the way, what’s the address of your blog? You know, the one where you’ve never made a single mistake, ever?” Of course, the problem with that is that they’re allowed to make mistakes. They’re not writers. Writers are not allowed to make mistakes. Not even the odd typo. If you’re a writer, and you make a spelling error, God help you. You will never get away with it. At best, you’ll get a bitchy email along the lines of “Haha, you call yourself a writer, but you made a typo on your blawg!” At worst, you’ll get two.

What do people get out of this kind of thing, I wonder? I notice lots of mistakes on people’s blogs – “there/their” confusion and “should of” rather than “should have” being the two that instantly spring to mind. When I see these mistakes, though, it never occurs to me to point them out. I don’t think I’ve ever felt the need to haul out the ol’ riding boots and get up onto my high horse about it. For one, I’m scared of heights, and for two, what would I gain from it? I’d just make myself look spiteful and petty. Do these people know they look spiteful and petty, or do they think they think they’re successfully pulling off the “helpful” thing? Who knows…

Anyway. One of Those Days. Grow a thicker skin, learn to proofread better, get on with it. (Oh – and wine helps, I find…) Conclusion: I have one hell of a strange job. But I like it.

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  • That's what sub editos are for, dahlink!

    No eone actually writes their own stuff tehse days

    If I mkae a sitake I leave it in, then they know its really from me!

    October 26, 2006
  • I think it must be a measure of success – nobody ever points out my mistakes. Wail…

    Or, wait! Maybe not wail.

    October 27, 2006
  • Ne'er mind the peons. The likelihood is that they're the insanely jealous girls (or guys) who wish they had beautiful red hair, a dog with a blog and could write for a living! 😉

    October 27, 2006
  • My mistakes go unnoticed, too! Think maybe that's worse (hellooo, anybody out there??)

    I can kind of understand where they're coming from as spelling mistakes make me cringe, too… but there's no need to point them out and make someone miserable (or not if they're otherwise competent anyway!)A lot of these pedants will be jealous. xx

    October 27, 2006
  • Diddums and Diane – either you are both perfect people, or I'm just particularly awful. Maybe both! I do seem to attract controversy, though – must be that sign on my forehead…

    OE – hee! And yes, it's at times like this that I really miss the subs desk!

    October 27, 2006
  • No please!

    I've made terrible errors in the past that have remained for days with nobody noticing. One tiny typo in a name and six people think I'm no longer fit to write a blog.

    Breathe through the pain. Tomorrow's another day! x

    October 27, 2006
  • God I hate those days, they suck majorly…

    I agree with Diane, there's no need to so baltantly rejoice in finding and pointing out someone's spelling mistake, it smacks of shadenfreude (or something…) if you ask me.

    And,besides, what one earth must they be doing with their day if they're waiting aorund to pounce on someone's (accidental) spelling error? 😉

    Jen xx

    October 27, 2006
  • No, I'm not perfect, just unnoticed! 😉

    Having said that, of course I had my first big correction on T'nista today- at least she was very polite! 🙂 xx

    October 28, 2006
  • My latest typo was in 'the joys or summer'. And as I type quickly, I've been beginning a lot of sentences without capitals – I hit the shift key and then drop it too quickly. And then there are all the double spaces… Sigh.

    October 29, 2006
  • I've always been such a pedantic so and so but after 16 years of making my own mistakes while correcting other people's (ooh easy there with that apostrophe), I have finally discovered the right attitude and that's f*** it.

    That's unless someone uses a ton of exclamation marks (dogs' dicks, even, sorry Rubin) then I have to run for cover or at least have a lie down.

    I remember having a word with someone about their spelling of a road name on an evening paper, when we were right on deadline. She told me to f*** off. Back then I marched her to the editor's office. Today I look back and think good for you.

    Anyway sorry to ramble, I love the way you write, what's a few typos amid the gold?

    Take care


    November 1, 2006
  • Oh, God, the multiple exclamation marks – they're one of my absolute pet hates too! (Those and the aforementioned "should of/should have" confusion) Why do people do it? WHY?

    November 2, 2006